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    Haru 2010 Banzke

    Hi all ! (it's been some time...) So, if I understand correctly, it was still possible to write again all makuuchi division (erase Asashoryu, put Hakuho on the East side, and write 20 name on the West side instead of the initial 21). But was it already too late to get one more juryo rikishi promoted to makuuchi, in order to get the usual count of 42 ? This banzuke looks (to me, at least !) so strange as it is right now, so... uneven and unballanced !
  2. Nikoshoryu

    Le Monde du Sumo #31

    Hi ! Just a few days before Christmas, we are very pleased to offer you our last issue. For those who wouldn
  3. Nikoshoryu

    Le Monde du Sumo: the end is near

    Thank you very much for your comforting messages ! Your words are very touching. Now it saddens me even more to know that some of you will be sad to see us go. But, on another hand, it also (sort of) pleases me : I think it means that we didn't do that bad during these 5 years... Thank you for your support.
  4. No hidden message behind the title: the team of Le Monde du Sumo is going to put an end to its activities next month, after the publication of our issue LMDS #31. It is terribly sad to be forced to admit it, but we can
  5. Hi ! Le Petit Banzuke Illustre #30 is (at last !!) online. You'll get everything as usual (full banzuke, detailed files for sekitori rikishi, various stats, ...) on our website : I am sincerely sorry for the delay of this issue... but I hope that you'll enjoy it for the end of the Kyushu basho. salut !
  6. Hi ! Just in time, I announce you that Le Petit Banzuke Illustre #28 is now online. Inside, all the usual stuff you need for a nice Nagoya basho. It's all on our website : We hope you'll enjoy !
  7. Hi, With a little delay, I inform you that Le Petit Banzuke Illustre #27 is now available. It's all at We hope you'll enjoy. salut !
  8. Nikoshoryu

    Le Monde du Sumo #27

    Thank you Fujisan ! And sorry bout the popups : we do not have anything to do with them directly (of course, we do not try to earn any money, by any mean), and I suppose they come from the (free) counter we use. But of course I understand that they can be very annoying. That's why I've been searching for a better alternative for some time now... and still am I ! I'm very sorry for the inconvenience !
  9. Nikoshoryu

    Le Monde du Sumo #27

    Hi ! Just a quick note to let you all know that Le Monde du Sumo #27 has been online for a few days now, at We hope you'll enjoy ! salut
  10. Nikoshoryu

    Le Monde du Sumo #26

    Hi ! I am glad to inform you that Le Monde du Sumo #26 is now online Besides our usual articles about the basho, you'll also find : - Tochiazuma's danpatsu-shiki - Elections of NSK Directors board - ex-Tokitsukaze oyakata in prison and more ! You'll get this all on our website at We hope you'll enjoy. salut
  11. Nikoshoryu


    Thanks a lot ! (I completely missed this post) But I wonder if it really is the first time this happened, as yobidashi Shigetarou is reported to have said...
  12. Nikoshoryu


    A yobidashi gave chikara mizu ?? Who ? To whom ? When ? Why ? I really never heard of this before ! Really curious to know more about it... thanks in advance !
  13. Hi, The Hatsu basho starts in just a few hours now, so it was time to publish Le Petit Banzuke Illustre #25 Inside it, the complete banzuke, and detailed information about the sekitori. Also, a close-up on the retirements of Kyokutenzan, Ichinoya, Buyuzan, Dewanofuji and Kobo. And much more ! Just one click to get it : Happy Hatsu basho... and Happy New Year !
  14. Nikoshoryu

    Le Monde du Sumo #25

    Hi, This year comes to its end, and we offer you another new issue of Le Monde du Sumo. Inside it, everything that happened during the Kyushu basho, plus two special articles : - part 2 of our series dedicated to "sumo's jobs", this time about yobidashi - an interview with the manager of the Asashoryu Foundation in Mongolia You'll get it at We hope you'll enjoy.
  15. Hi ! the Kyushu basho has just started, and we are now proud to offer you our latest issue : Le Petit Banzuke Illustre #24. Inside it, everything you'll need for the basho, plus a story of the aki jungyo held in october, and about Takanowaka's and Tokitsuumi's retirements. You'll get this all in one single download at : We hope you'll enjoy... and wish you a nice Kyushu basho !