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    Ozeki Musoyama Retires!

    ohhhhh.... *sigh* (Eh?) (Laughing...) (Laughing...) :-P :-P :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( Knowing it could happen doesn't makes this less sad :-(
  2. rodarvus

    Gmail invites

    I have five spare gmail invitations. If there is someone interested, please PM your information to me (or reply to this thread). As with QttP, I don't use gmail much (I pay for a server + domain), but I find it very useful to have a webmail with a nice disk quota, and fast access, world wide.
  3. rodarvus

    One more sumo game! EASY!

    1. yes 2. 6 3. 12.5 seconds 4. 2 5. 2 6. yes 7. yes 8. no 9. no 10. 8
  4. rodarvus

    Ozumo Nations' Cup

    Ok, I know the brazilian team doesn't stand a chance against any of the teams above - but I had to vote for my country :-P
  5. rodarvus

    Next featured rikishi?

    Yep, Kaiho seems like a good choice :-) I've always liked his always smiling face. (and voted on him by the way :-P )
  6. rodarvus

    Salarycap Sumo Selection Stats

    I'm last in Juryo (Whatever above, it is funny...) my selections: - shimotori - kokkai - kaio - kotomitsuki - hakuho - kasugao I decided not to include the yokozuna this time (he's a sure shot, but too expensive), and instead, "bet" on a few rikishis I thought would do well. too bad none of them is going all that well (Eh?)
  7. rodarvus

    I want out

    Kotoseya, do you have any stats regarding: - The amount ot data (in GB) used for transfers per month? - The disk space required for the web pages - Space used by the MySQL databases (and possibly the growth rate of the DB, so one can plan in advance for the next few months/years) - Whether a specific version of MySQl is needed (for example, if the server is required to run MySQl 4.x) Thanks in advance (Showing respect...) Rodrigo
  8. rodarvus


    Wallpapers are just common images, set to be the background of your desktop. Just download any image you like, and use it :-) There is a *lot* of excellent quality images on this forum: Good luck, and hope you find the wallpaper you're looking for :-P
  9. rodarvus

    Day 1 lower division results

    I am reason could be that he has Japanese citizenship, like Maru and Tango, which may allow for another foreigner. I have no idea.. It is not at all hard to find brazilians which are sons of japanese, which (to my understanding), can easily receive japanese citizenship. I have a bunch of friends who have japanese citizenship, and as far as I know, the process doesn't even takes too long.
  10. rodarvus

    New Armchair Rikishi

    Welcome to the forums! Many said that already but, your avatar is *great*! I couldn't stop myself from thinking how Fat Bastard would do in a sumo bout (Enjoying a beer...)
  11. rodarvus


    Intai? ! :-P *yay* You see things from a nice perspective (Bye, bye...) B-) (Enjoying a beer...)
  12. rodarvus

    The new Basho! How excited are you?

    Kinda sums up how I feel. I hate "me too" posts, but that is exactly how I'm feeling right now (Bye, bye...) Makuuchi fights start in 10 hours from now, and I'm still wondering if I'll stay at the office to watch the live stream today, or if I'll go home and get some sleep. (and I have already worked all day long today (Laughing...)
  13. rodarvus


    Well Asashoryu had some problems beating Miyabiyama last basho, only winning at the end because of his superior balance. I suppose this is why Miya is feeling confident going into their bout this basho. That near success probably gave him some hope. And this exactly why I believe so much on Asashoryu. Even though he had a bunch of hard, spirited bouts last basho, he kept fighting with all of his will, eventually winning everyone of them. This is what sumo (and Asashoryu) is all about for me - it's not the biggest or the fastest guy who wins all the times - spirit matters. For me, what makes Asashoryu so good is not purely his speed, strength or raw ability. It's his strong will, and even his humbleness (yes!) during all of his training period. He trains like no one else, finds time to teach younger rikishis (no matter if they are from Takasago or not). To sum it all: Since the last year, Asashoryu became a "new man", and most rikishis didn't understood this yet. That's why I believe Asashoryu will defeat Miyabiyama. Because his spirit is stronger. And this victory might happen even before the bout starts. (but of course, his winning streak will end someday, and there's nothing he can do about it (Enjoying a beer...) )
  14. rodarvus


    I can't see Miyabiyama defeating Asashoryu - in fact, my guess is that this bout is going to be a real quick one, with Miyabiyama losing *quickly*. (to me it appeared that Miyabiyama was rather nervous when he gave this declaration - apparently, at least) Kakizoe, for me, is another matter. I like his fighting style - a lot, by the way. But I don't believe he is mature enough to defeat the Yokozuna. Someday this guy will be a strong Ozeki, but not now (Enjoying a beer...)
  15. rodarvus

    Day 1 & 2 Torikumi

    I can't *really* explain why, but I just had a vision of Asasekiryu defeating Chiyotaikai on the second day... spooky... (Enjoying a beer...) Or maybe this is just my subconscious acting (Laughing...)
  16. rodarvus

    Makuuchi Kimarite stats

    (kind of offtopic to this thread) This thread reminds me of something: As far as I know, Kaio is considered the "Kotenage King". But in the last six bashos, he used this kimarite only once. Did he used this kimarite more in the past (a *lot* more?), or he is considered the kotenage king due to the "quality" of his kotenages? (or maybe power would be the best way to define it)
  17. rodarvus

    Yokozuna promotion chances?

    Neither of them. Chiyotaikai will lose to Kaio on day 14 (as always), and to Asashoryu on day 15 (assuring his third zensho (Enjoying a beer...) ). Kaio will choke against Asashoryu on day 13, going to the floor two nanoseconds after the bout begins (oops, that already happened last basho (Laughing...) ) Now seriously: Though I *really* would like to see Asashoryu winning all of his 15 bouts, I would also like to see Kaio as a Yokozuna, before he retires - and this might well be his last chance at that.
  18. rodarvus

    Kokkai & Oitekaze article(4 pages)

    Altavista fails to translate this page from Japanese to English, for me, in three different computers: one running Linux, one, WinXP, and the last, Win2k :-) Still, I'm able to reach (and see it) correctly (on the original language) on all of those computers, but no luck with the translation B-) Anyone knows a pointer to an english version of this article? ;-) Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi guys, I was I was visiting Kintamayama's Sumo Homepage, and found a very interesting Poll, from about two years ago: "Who will be the next Yokozuna?" (poll #48, for those who might want to check) The results for that poll: Tochiazuma (36.8%) Chiyotaikai (20.8%) Kotomitsuki (17.9%) Kaio (13.2%) Asashoryu (4.7%) Miyabiyama (1.9%) Wakanosato (1.9%) Buyuuzan (0.9%) Takamisakari (0.9%) Jacques Custeau :-P (0.9%) It's strange to see how things changed quite quickly. One year later, Ashashoryu was promoted to Yokozuna, Next basho Tochiazuma will probably be demoted to Sekiwake (Whatever above, it is funny...) , and most polls and guesses towards who will be the next yokozuna are geared around younger rikishis. Hope the result of this poll was as interesting to someone else at it was for me :-)
  20. rodarvus

    How would YOU do it?

    Is that really so? I can't recall one injury caused by the dohyo shape. I could just as well see injuries increase with a flat dohyo as with one as it is now. (Whatever above, it is funny...) (wild guess here) watching the last bout of Tomonohana (video on, I believe he must have been hurt that day. (he was violently trown out of the dohyo) I always thought that a possible reason for injuries on the knee was the way you land on your feet, sometimes, when you are trown out of the dohyo. (think of the massive weight of some of the rikishis) Edit: comment about Tomonohana.
  21. rodarvus


    Where do I sign? (Whatever above, it is funny...) I'very interested in the Banzuke, and possibly in Kokkai's tegata, if there is such a thing. What is the best way to contact you regarding this? Please note that as I live in Brazil, shipping might be more expensive than to the US, for example. Thanks a lot, Adachinoryu!
  22. rodarvus

    New Brazilian for Tamanoi

    No, it *really* was not boring. In fact, it is great (at least for me) to learn about what looks like a sumo beya. :-D In the past, I've seen descriptions of what rikishis do during the day, while they are at their beya, but I had never seen a good description on what a training room looks like. Hoping I'm not too pedant here, but... do you or someone else has some good photos of a beya (maybe Tamanoi), so we can look at them, while reading your explanation? (W00t, w00t, w00t...)
  23. rodarvus

    Hakuhou news and picture+NSK site tables

    Not sure if this is the right thread to say this but, in two years, I expect some of the "old guys" in Ozeki to leave sumo (I don't really think Musoyama, Kaio and Chiyotaikai will be competing for so long) On the other hand, I do expect Hakuho to face a few good young rikishis, like Kokkai (which, imho has plenty of spirit to become Yokozuna, or at least a strong ozeki, as soon as he stop losing dummy bouts), Asasekiryu (the current hype-rikishi), Kakizoe (I really respect him! :-D ) and others. Don't get me wrong - I do think Hakuho is special - but it takes time to mature in a sport like sumo.
  24. rodarvus

    Le Monde du Sumo - issue #3 - april 2004

    I wish I could read french... :-) Judging by the summaries of the articles, this edition of Le Monde du Sumo looks *great* (oh, by the way, thanks for the article about Raiden - which was translated to english. It was a *great* article) (Laughing...)