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  1. rodarvus


    On the other hand, today's victory against Dejima can be described in one word: solid. Dejima is by no means small, but to my eyes, Toyonoshima completely overpowered him.
  2. rodarvus

    What are your professions?

    (a week later - I should read this more often) I'm a technical project manager @ Nokia. Was software developer for years before turning into the "dark side". My life-long dream is to be a history teacher for kids though, maybe one day I'll have the guts to do it :-)
  3. rodarvus

    Interesting trivia fact

    Taiho entered Makuuchi in 1960.01, and won his 17th Yusho in 1965.07 - five years and six months later. Asashoryu entered Makuuchi in 2001.01, and if he wins this tournament, he'll have won his 17th Yusho - five years and six months later. Still 15 Yushos to go, but a very good acomplishment so far. :-S (In jonokuchi...) B-)
  4. rodarvus

    Jyun Yusho Rikishi in the Aki

    I think you're right. he seems to be the best non-injured-rikishi.
  5. rodarvus

    Baruto in makushita

    First of all, thanks Yubiquitoyama and Doitsuyama for your reviews (Enjoying a beer...) I'm curious about your comment regarding Masatsukasa. Does a 4-3 record at Ms3w sounds better than 6-1 at Ms6e? IMHO, that makes promotion from Makushita to Juryo harder than (maybe) Joijin ranks! (well, that would be the "so called" Makushita wall many rikishis have trouble surpassing)
  6. rodarvus

    Baruto in makushita

    Given the likely demotees from Juryo, and the records for rikishis above Baruto in Makushita, do you guys expect him to earn a promotion to Juryo, if he wins his next two bouts? I'm not a Juryo promotion/demotion expert but, I would say so.
  7. rodarvus

    Sumo Fan Mag

    Great magazine, great idea! I specially like the "Rikishi of Old" section. Thanks a lot for your effort, guys (In a state of confusion...)
  8. rodarvus

    Featured Heya - Dewanoumi

    I am not worthy!!! (In a state of confusion...) This gotta be one of the best posts I've read in this forum! Thanks a lot, Susanoo! (Showing respect...)
  9. rodarvus

    Happy Birthday, Kinta!

    Feliz anivers
  10. rodarvus

    Day 1 kyujo

    Awwww... sad news :-O Does anyone knows if he is seriously injured?
  11. rodarvus


    The same happened to my brother, here in Brazil, so I guess this really must be a global issue.
  12. rodarvus

    Kanji Shikona

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could guess a kanji for my shikona. Unfortunately, it is not even japanese related, so I understand it may be hard to find a good one. Thanks in advance for the effort! (You are going off-topic...)
  13. rodarvus

    Sumo in K-1 and Pride

    (I hope I don't start a flame war with this post) Royce Gracie is not, and never was a fraud. Indeed he was badly beaten by Sakuraba two years ago, in the same fashion Sakuraba was beaten *four* times after that. (and I doubt you dare calling Sakuraba a "fraud" too) In his days, Royce Gracie defeated fighters much stronger and bigger than him, like Dan Severn, Kimo and Ken Shamrock(?). I was there, I saw him fighting - this guy just *can't* be a fraud. But for us brazilians, it is as shameful to watch this nonsense bout (with Royce Gracie putting shame on his surname), as it is for the japanese (and the rest of us) to watch Akebono put shame on his (fine) previous career. (Whistling...)
  14. rodarvus

    What will Hakuho's rank be in Jan 2006?

    Voted for Hakuho being in joi-jin ranks. I feel he has more raw power than then yokozuna had while at this same stage in his career - but to my eyes Hakuho fighting style is too injure prone, and I "kind of sense" he might be in trouble in the next few bashos. (I don't *want* that to happen... I just think it is reasonably likely :-( )