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  1. Yasashiyama

    Sumofan from Northern Europe!

    Do you have something written down so we can read? I tend to be the critic to papers and documents my friends make so reading up on what you have to say would be interesting. What do you read by the way? Oh and veeeeeery late welcome. (Punk rocker...)
  2. Yasashiyama

    who do you think is better?

    Welcome Mind. I'm also a Floridian. Funny how some are slowly creeping out of nowhere. Don't feel afraid to post in introduction. No one should anyways.
  3. Yasashiyama

    No Conditioning Required?!?

    Wow... Just wow. (Being unsure...) I'm going to walk away from this and pretend he did not just say that. Wow.
  4. Yasashiyama

    Takanoyama - Technical magician?

    He probably wants to make an image of himself as one of the few lightweights to reach a high rank. People like him just aren't used to the thought of becoming something different. I applaud him for wishing to have the best body he can achieve but he won't be able to move on without something new. He is both lucky and unlucky to have that kind of genes. I can't even look at my fridge without gaining 5 pounds! (Cloverleaf...) . If he does not wish to gain then I hope the best for him to prove us wrong. As for the donation it sounds like a pretty cool idea, even is it sounds like one of those Christian charities that go out into third world countries."For just pennies you can help a rikishi bulk up to win matches" Cut to a scene of Takanoyama being teased by a bunch of bullies. (I know...I'm on crack...I just go with the flow sometimes...) (Cloverleaf...)
  5. Yasashiyama

    Sharpened pencil

    I have a drawing class I'm taking at my college so I quess I know how you feel. I have to use various types of pencils. From 4H to 4B my pencils are ready to attack a piece of paper at a moments notice. It's pretty cool what you can make with just a few marks on something that used to be a tree. In fact it's almost like wood knocking on wood. It's good luck. It's art. It's peotry. (Now I have to get back to work before I completely loose my mind.)
  6. Yasashiyama

    Links of photos or something like that

    For the most part it sounds like a good idea. I hate having to look around for something that should be put in plain sight. I don't have as much time online as I used to so anything would help. The problem is that there are very few sites with any good info or photos (besides here at sumoforum (Cloverleaf...) ). Anything would help those such as myself who aren't as fortunate with NHK, satellite TV and live outside Japan.
  7. Yasashiyama


    I'm kinda torn between both sides. If I aprove of pants then I'm not supporting of a tradition. If I don't my friends will make fun of me. They already know I follow Ozumo and make sure that they don't like it. I might as well lay on the floor and die... (Blushing...) But just to be safe I think it should stay the way it is now.
  8. Yasashiyama

    Asashoryu and Astrologer

    It almost sounds like another Miss Cleo, except without a bogus phone line (or does she have one?) (Blinking...) . But for what it's worth Asashoryu has been lucky enough not to have bad luck. It would be bad if he were to have an unfortunate "accident".
  9. Yasashiyama

    Kanji Shikona

    The bono part was for Akebono but I guess I didn't notice the coincidence (Another reason why I'm dumb as bricks). U2 is the greatest band of all time but as for Sonny I'm just going to walk away from that conversation. :-D I never even thought about it that way... @#$%!!!! (Punk rocker...) I know I am a pushover but dang... And I like that name too! Is there something along the lines of that? If there isn't I guess I can stick with Yasashiyama.
  10. Yasashiyama

    Kanji Shikona

    That actually sounds pretty cool. I'll see if it isn't taken yet and try not to take an identity, otherwise I might face the wrath that is Rijicho. (Depressed...) (In a state of confusion...) I hope there isn't any lightning. Edit: I can't believe it. It's open. I hope it means what you say it is. Otherwise you might get something bad in your coffee cup tomorrow.
  11. Yasashiyama

    Kanji Shikona

    All I could think of was Bonosan, Marusan, and Shikisan... It just sounds weird. I think ya got lucky on your name. I knew someone would find it. Thanks anyways. People are always telling me that I'm a gentle giant sort of person. However I can only be pushed so far. As for the name Ralph I just made it up ( told you I'm dumb as bricks ;-) ). I'll try the last suggestion and what Fujisan said too. I'm still open for more suggestions. Thanks
  12. Yasashiyama

    Kanji Shikona

    I know there is a thread about this sort of subject somewhere in this site but there was so many that I gave up and started one here. Sorry if I didn't put it in the right place. ;-) For those of you who remember me sorry I haven't been on in quite a while. With school and work I barely even have time for the computer. (You are going off-topic...) once again. To get right to the point I've been thinking about getting a shikona but all I can get is a giant blank. This where all of you faithful sumoforum members come in. You are welcome to ask me any sort of questions so we can form a shikona out of thin air. It sounds a little risky but with my lack of knowledge about Japanese and that I'm dumb as bricks there was nothing else I could come up with. Just don't try anything slick (I know some of you older members will have a big laugh about it too. I'M ON TO YOU ALL!!! (Ranting...) )
  13. Yasashiyama

    Foreigners rankle sumo purists

    It's hard enough getting any news at all. Besides there aren't that many newspapers or websites that dedicated and educated enough to prevent a small mistake like that. To be fair I'm grateful enough that the article was posted at all.
  14. Yasashiyama

    Amateur Sumo gets IOC recognition again

    (Pulling hair...) Thanks for the good news! I hope the U.S. Sumo Association helps to represent us. (Blowing up furiously...) (Tears forming...)
  15. Yasashiyama

    How old are you?

    You're like the fifth person who was born in April and likes sumo, including myself. Maybe it is true about that most fans being born in the Spring time. (We'll at least to those above the Equator) (Blinking...)
  16. Yasashiyama

    How old are you?

    19 for me. Still young enough to make fun of old farts but old enough to scold kids. Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!.... .....I dunno...Im just bored at the moment.....*hides from the imminent beating to come*
  17. Yasashiyama

    A Path To Sumo

    Welcome to the forum Justin! I'm also new to this forum and an American. One option about looking into professional sumo is in Europe. There are some groups, like in England, who have ties with Japan (After all Europeans do participate in some world tournaments). But if you cant there is the option in U.S. sumo. It might not be professional but it's the closest thing....
  18. Yasashiyama

    Are you addicted to sumoforum?

    15-20 for me. It's like crack! Must stop.... (Applauding...)
  19. Yasashiyama

    Sumo Beginners

    I never realized something like that could happen, especially where sumo is most popular. But as I think about it now sumo is highly religous.(We'll from some of the enthusiats that I've heard from.... (Clapping wildly...) ) It's just one of those weird moments that seem to come out of nowhere. Even here in America there are some weird laws that seem to make no sense. It's just a weird, weird world out there! B-)
  20. Yasashiyama

    Sumo Beginners

    First off I wish to say hi to everyone at SumoForum.net, my name is Ralph. I'm from the island of Puerto Rico and I currently live in the U.S.. I've been interested in the sport ( or as many enthusiats I've met call the poetry ) of Sumo for quite some years. However due to the fact that there was no internet while I lived there, I never got any kind of news (except for ESPN). To get to the point, I'm new to all of this. Of course I'm not looking to go professional or anything, I just thought it would be fun to get involved in the sport. Getting into a bout would sure be interesting. Are there any amateurs or hopefuls that wish to tell something about themselves? Any comments are welcome (except if it's an insult....) The newbie, Ralph
  21. Yasashiyama

    My intro

    I'd also like to welcome you to the forum and to Florida in general when you get here. (Punk rocker...) Hope you get the chance to go to Japan sometime.
  22. Yasashiyama

    What are you Fan or Sumo?

    i second your second. (Applauding...) happy times or bust!
  23. Yasashiyama

    Sumo Beginners

    Back in 2003 there was the sumo open...it might take a while but ill see what i can do. (Applauding...) i think i know someone over at new york...
  24. Yasashiyama

    Sumo Beginners

    I have visited a couple of those sites a bit back when. I even was able to communicate with Shiroikuma! As for amateur sumo in the U.S. I have been able to get contact from them. The most popular groups are set in Texas and ( as you said ) in California. While in the excitement I even started a group in Yahoo! called FLASumo. I've also seen Manny Yarborough once on TV. I think it was on the Steve Harvey show? He basically freaked out half the country by just getting on stage! The only problem was that Steve basically kept making fun of Manny (like he does with every guest he has). It may not have been as professional as many would have hoped but it looked like fun. :-) I'm glad to at least find some at least interested in amateur sumo! ;-)