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    Tamanoi Beya & COVID-19

    Let's think for a moment. What did the NSK do in 1918 when the Spanish Flu swept over the world? What about in 1957 when the Asian Flu hit? And in 1968, when the Hong Kong Flu took off? Certainly the sumo world was not entirely free of sick or infected members during those times. Too long ago. Ok, let's go way back to 2009... https://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/swine-flu-hits-japans-sumo-wrestlers/news-story/5ee360bb776108e2c3f179f17b7d3ddb
  2. Japan Sumo Association financial support for stables takes various forms. The JSA pays stablemasters a certain amount per month per rikishi (based on rikishi rank) for upkeep of the stable training room. The board of directors decided how much will be paid out, but refuses to disclose the actual sum. Support funds for stable maintenance are also paid out (amount undisclosed) based on the number of rikishi trainees. Support funds are paid to stablemasters each tournament for each rikishi. Yokozuna ¥300,000 Ozeki ¥200,000 San'yaku ¥100,000 Maegashira ¥50,000 Juryo ¥30,000 The stables also receive ¥60,000 per month for rikishi ranked makushita and below.
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    Hokutoumi pulls an Ip Man

  4. Otokonoyama

    Keiko mawashi stolen!!

    Might have been Kyokutaisei in that documentary. Yeah, obviously the canvas sort get washed. The silken shimekomi, not so much.
  5. Otokonoyama

    Corona and sumo

    Any coinfections? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/medical-community-increasingly-mindful-of-co-infection-during-coronavirus-pandemic/ar-BB11YV2Y
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    Do you eat eggs for breakfast?

    There is the full English breakfast. around in one form or another for roughly 700 years. It seems that since the Edwardian period the in ingredients have been standardized to include eggs.
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    Are Abi's days numbered?

    Occasionally some inner thigh touching may happen, supposedly...
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    Shikihide beya troubles

    I've always wondered how factual that was, but the result was and is crystal clear.
  9. Otokonoyama

    Shikihide beya troubles

    Unlike the very successful kubinage on the okamisan that happened at Taganoura-beya just last year.
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    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Thanks for your perspective. In my own experience, some of my harshest teachers have been those who made the most difference. I didn't usually like it at the time, but upon reflection found they were the ones that had the ability to draw out the best. It is my hope that the NSK doesn't PC its way into universal mediocracy.
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    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Much Ado About Nothing.
  12. Otokonoyama

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    A very impressive stable. Now a second generation at least as strong as the first, and some successful spinoff heya as well.
  13. Otokonoyama

    Nakagawa-beya closed down - next scandal

    Not the slightest bit of context. A nothingburger.
  14. Otokonoyama

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Sounds like it's been lifted straight from Mr. Han's tournament in Enter the Dragon.
  15. Otokonoyama

    Tochiozan Retirement

    Former sekiwake Tochiochan of Kasugano beya retired today, taking on the sumo elder name Kiyomigata.
  16. Otokonoyama

    July basho?

    It depends on the stand. There are some really great take-away stands, some average, and some you can't even appreciate drunk. But I'd agree that for variety of skewers and atmosphere, a proper restaurant is da bomb.
  17. Otokonoyama

    Tochiozan Retirement

    Such a warrior deserves an affectionate name to honour his service. Thanks for the hat tip.
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    July basho?

    English version: Japan Sumo Association to allow fans into Tokyo-hosted July basho
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    Makuuchi knockouts

    More knockouts
  20. Otokonoyama

    July basho?

    Japan to ease coronavirus rules and allow events up to 5,000 people
  21. Otokonoyama

    Asashoryu's ketaguri - good or bad?

    For the ashiwaza aficionado
  22. Otokonoyama

    Hello From Seattle

  23. Otokonoyama

    Retirees after Haru 2020

    Some of his bouts can be viewed on this playlist.
  24. Otokonoyama

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    You make a good point. It seems he was the best sumotori to come out of his stable, and Hakkaku (the former Hokutoumi) is the best administrator.