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  1. Otokonoyama

    Corona and sumo

    South Korea has seen massive gains in the last few days, reportedly due to church congregations meeting with infected members. Something to keep an eye on for Japanese concerns...
  2. Otokonoyama

    Tokushoryu yusho celebrations

    The winner interviewed by Araiso-oyakata
  3. Otokonoyama

    Corona and sumo

    I think Haru is too soon given the ROI we see now, but it could be that Nagoya and Aki will be the real hard decision time.
  4. Otokonoyama

    Pics Dewanoumi Beya

    Dewanoumi stable, the home of Mitakeumi, with 16 wrestlers. Morning training. they train in and out of the ring. They guy famous for a lackadaisical attitude to training.
  5. Otokonoyama

    Wakaichiro has retired

    Sumo without American rikishi after Wakaichiro retires
  6. Otokonoyama

    Tokushoryu yusho celebrations

    Old Kindai alum snap with the b-day boy Takarafuji
  7. Otokonoyama

    Enho - predictions?

    Top 10 matches
  8. Today's NSK Twitter takes us to Takasago-beya and their 20 wrestlers at morning training... Check out their account for the rest of the photos.
  9. Otokonoyama

    Wakaichiro has retired

    Top 10 matches
  10. Otokonoyama

    Isenoumi Beya Keiko (Dec 27th 2016)

    11 rikishi train at Isenoumi stable. Some suriashi. The lower rankers train. Ikioi works out. Nishkigi instructs a junior wrestler. Butsukari geiko with Ikioi.
  11. Otokonoyama

    Wakaichiro has retired

    His final time in the raised ring.
  12. Otokonoyama

    Sansho for Hatsu 2020

    Interviews put online by the NSK:
  13. Otokonoyama

    Setsubun 2020 Edition

    At Nishinarai Daishi Temple in Adachi Ward, Tokyo.
  14. Otokonoyama

    Setsubun 2020 Edition

    An article about setsubun: https://japan-forward.com/hidden-wonders-of-japan-at-setsubun-sumo-wrestlers-celebrities-hurl-soybeans-at-adoring-crowd/
  15. Otokonoyama

    Low ranked rikishi stories

    Down to 204 kg.
  16. Otokonoyama

    Basho highlights videos - Hatsu 2020

    As Kintamayama has noted umpteen times, if you monetize your pirated videos, you will get taken down.
  17. Otokonoyama

    Rikishi Physical Exams 2020

    Asanoyama and Yutakayama getting measured up. Kiribayama and Ichinojo. The infamous blood draw. Hakuho, Shohozan and Endo.
  18. Otokonoyama

    Rikishi Physical Exams 2020

    One can jest about their own health, but not about potentially helping others with theirs.
  19. Otokonoyama

    Basho highlights videos - Hatsu 2020

    Not sure how many times Moti has to say it...don't monetize your Ozumo vids yeah.
  20. Legendary Ryogoku Kokugikan has adapted to modern needs
  21. Otokonoyama

    Rikishi Physical Exams 2020

    To cooperate with the blood donation campaign requested by the Tokyo Red Cross Blood Center, blood was donated by wrestlers at Kokugikan today. 98 wrestlers donated blood. Tamawashi, who participates every year, takes a commemorative photo with his own blood. "This is my blood," he said. This blood can be used within a few days. Kiribayama receives Valentine's Day chocolate from a student of the Interact Club of Patriotic High School who is a volunteer and collaborating for the blood donation. Kyokutaisei is donating blood. Pose of composure.
  22. Otokonoyama

    Does anybody know where they are?

    When Asashoryu was forced to retire Madorosumaru wrote a sayonara post.
  23. Otokonoyama

    44th Fuji TV Grand Sumo Tournament

  24. Otokonoyama

    Sumo myths

    This is a stitch-up of three old threads I found while searching for a particular myth. Since they were all on the same topic and well buried it was time to stir up the pot.