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  1. Takayasu's Filipino grandparents cheer him on for Nagoya sumo tourney
  2. Kisenosato's been on the other end. Marinating in the aura of the yokozuna. Good to see the perseverance paid off.
  3. What probably happened is that they finished the session with butsukari-geiko, and AFAIK the higher-ranked rikishi leads, taking the hits and providing resistance for the pushing, then initiating the throws for breakfall training.
  4. A tweet thread on the history of Filipinos in Japan.
  5. It seems this may be the murky area of titles and honorifics. When it can be both used as a stand alone form of address, and also appended to a name, what shall we call it?
  6. IIRC, Doreen said it's called seri-agari in Japanese. He seems fine on the dohyo, but on the stone at the shrine it is not quite as sharp. I suspect it may have something to do with that surface, and perhaps his lack of experience performing a yokozuna dohyo-iri on it as well.
  7. Sumo begins and ends with coutesy/politeness ---> a bow. The original Japanese does not use the word sumo, nor budo for that matter (礼に始まり礼に終わる). It is more of an all-encompassing idea informing daily interactions with others, the underpinning of civil society here. This is one of the foundational pillars of sumo, preventing it from descending into mere pugilism or circus show.
  8. Hey Big Sandy! Cool present - here's hoping you blow away this most recent injury, and make it back to makuuchi.
  9. Yes, quite right Pandaazuma. Locked, and yet once again will take this to the rest of the staff, but...
  10. If you care to follow Masu's "debate", you can do so here:
  11. There is a case to be made for performance enhancement. http://www.businessinsider.com/how-marijuana-affects-working-out-2015-1 That said, I think the way WADA does it where it's only banned in competition is probably a reasonable compromise that could be adopted in this case (notwithstanding the social stigma and draconian stance taken by police & prosecutors here).
  12. The relatively sudden change in his skin condition would seem to indicate he is using some sort of anabolic steroid. Hatsu this year his skin was more or less clear, but in March the change was quite noticeable. It is worse if anything this basho. For a 25-year-old man with no history (we've been able to see for ourselves for some years now) to develop it so rapidly and in the classic chest shoulders back pattern strongly suggests use. All the usual caveats apply - sumo does not forbid nor test for steroids and so on.