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  1. unibono


    Just to add to the testimonial crowd. I've ordered many a time and have been extremely pleased with his professionalism. I always keep a eye out on his auctions. The original Asashoryu tegata I bought from him many moons ago remains one of my favorites. Unibono
  2. unibono

    There is one Rikishi is who really irking me

    heh, It's an joke that started in World War II: How many gears does an Italian tank have? 1 Forward, 10 Backwards.
  3. unibono

    Kensho standings (Natsu 2004)

    As of today, 34,222.17 Euros Wish I made that in 8 days :-P
  4. unibono

    Day 2 pics

    Wonderful pictures Higashimori, makes me remember why I prefer B&W photography
  5. unibono

    How would YOU do it?

    I'd love to see that. Right now my only 2 options are to either watch the live stream from Kyokai site or be fortuate to subscribe to JapanTV via my local cable provider. One would think that sumo would fit in really well with ESPN2 format