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    Hakuho at Meiji Shrine

    I asked this in another thread but it wasn't answered. Does anyone know what time approximately Hakuho's dohyo-iri will be held at Meiji Shrine this Friday? The Kyokai website lists it as happening, but no indication as to when exactly. Nothing on the Meiji Shrine official site either. I seem to recall that Asashoryu's dohyo-iri was around 10am-ish (didn't go, just remember it was then for some reason) but don't really want to get down there too early (or too late!). Anyone?
  2. Higashimori

    Hakuho at Meiji Shrine

    i bit the bullet and asked my wife to call the Kyokai ( (I am not worthy...) ) and they told her 3:30p.m.
  3. Higashimori

    Hakuho at Meiji Shrine

    Thanks folks. Too bad it's in the afternoon, I won't be able to attend. (I am not worthy...)
  4. Higashimori


    Any idea what time this ceremony will be at, or what time it has been held at in the past?
  5. Higashimori

    Day 14. No reigi again,

    granted he hasn't punched any reporters of glass windows yet but I thought Tamanoshima was rather out of line today (Hokutoriki by contrast looked a tad miffed but resigned to what's become a common way of losing for him). Not only did Tamanoshima do a brief stare-down with Dejima after getting up off the ground, but before getting back to his spot at the tawara to bow he looked back at Dejima, and then walking down the hanamichi he looked back again! No "omae"'s were exchanged but surely this repeated 振り返る stuff warrants a Richijo talk, no?
  6. Higashimori

    Baruto in Makuuchi

  7. Higashimori

    GREAT sumo today

    indeed, here we go again.....do a search! We should add that not only does he like sumo, but he LOVES the Olympics, hence his name. I haven't been down to the basho yet, but if we're talking about the guy I can hear even on the broadcast, then that's surely not the Olympic Ojisan. Whoever he is though, mighty irritating. Like that woman who used to scream for Takanohana a few years back.
  8. Higashimori


    I don't think that's so true, as this recent article seems to suggest. Of course it's crap like this that can't help but make a vegetarian like myself feel a bit smug :-)
  9. Higashimori


    I would assume Tochiazuma, being an Ozeki, would arrive by car and be dropped off underneath the Kokugikan.... Wild guess....Toki
  10. Higashimori

    Hey, man, Check that Tachiai

    In Japan at least, most fans are not bothered in the least by henka. any empirical data to back that up? (Whistling...) On yesterday's senshuraku broadcast, Kitanofuji seemed to suggest that less henkas would help sumo's popularity (he was specifically commenting on the fact that there seemed to him to be much less henkas at Hatsu '06 than in recent past). I would tend to agree. Henka may not bother the serious sumo fan, but I gotta think that the casual fan, after sitting there through several shikiri sessions, only to have Tosonoumi or whomever fall flat from a henka, would wonder why the hell were they waiting so patiently.
  11. Higashimori


    I was quite disappointed by this as well, and we weren't the only ones. Kitanofuji on the NHK broadcast was rather vocal (even for him!) in his surprise that Ama came away with nothing.
  12. Higashimori

    Kensho Standings (Hatsu 2006)

    and perhaps even stranger (or not), Asa "cut" the envelopes with his left hand after beating Kotooshu today!
  13. Higashimori


    indeed, the way mickey blew him away last basho i gave him no chance. you really have to give Ama a lot of credit, not only for his kinboshi but for his entire basho, esp. the way he's manhandled rikishi like Mickey and Roho. (Showing respect...)
  14. Higashimori


    [pedantic hat on]technically it was their second match-up[/hat off] but more importantly, I would say he took Ama too lightly (in both senses), figuring he had a bit of a freebie before the two Ozekis....
  15. Higashimori

    sumo mawashi on ebay

    i believe this was discussed before on the forum (but a quick search turned up nothing)....i seem to recall this was on eBay before and folks were trying to identify it....
  16. Higashimori

    Who the heck is this color commentator?

    Actually, as I remember it (don't have time to check the DVD), it was Demon who said that if he could, he'd like to ask Shuzan whether he thought there were only three basho a year.
  17. Higashimori

    Who the heck is this color commentator?

    Since I've started recording the full broadcasts a full year ago, there have only been two I've saved to disc (I usually just burn copies of the nightly digests and delete the full broadcast recording later) -- the one when Taiho was guest/color commentator, and yesterday's with Demon. Even though I was at the Kokugikan yesterday, I still watched the full broadcast last night just to hear this guy -- as has been said he really knows his sumo, and is funny to boot (I loved when he "corrected" the hanamichi reporter and said you shouldn't call the woman Kitazakura slammed into a "obasan" (old woman, grandmother) but rather a "fujin" (woman)). And as was noted, he really made those post-bout interviews sing. As Takanonami rightly admitted, there really was no need for him (Takanonami) to be there (although all three of them, NHK guy included, were great). Here is Demon sitting at the "mukoujomen" location during Makushita bouts yesterday:
  18. Higashimori

    Moukonami's Kesho mawashi

    Here's the kesho-mawashi he used on Nakabi....looks like it's sponsored by that same "kesho" company as Asa's
  19. Higashimori

    Day 8 Withdrawal

    Hmmn, not sure which torikumi you're looking at but Roho did indeed get a fusen win today (nakabi)
  20. Higashimori

    Kotooshu the most popular?

    Not only a "snapshot", but obviously a poll among a general readership, not necessarily respondents who follow sumo. On that account, considering how much Kotooshu has been on TV recently, the buzz around his promotion, and his "kawaii" factor with many Japanese women, it would've been surprising had he not got the most votes. Anecdotally, from my observation being at the Kokugikan today, Takamisakari still gets by far the most applause. And somewhat surprisingly, Ama got more cheers than did Kotooshu. Well, perhaps not so surprising. Out where the rikishi come in, Ama made an effort to pat on the head every child he saw, including my own.
  21. Higashimori

    The three prizes

    well, the prizes were announced (on tv anyway) before the start of today's bouts (always that way?), so obviously they weren't taking Tokitenku's loss (or Miyabiyama's either for that matter) into account. (not saying it should've made a difference in either case)....
  22. Higashimori

    That moment of emotion

    not a veteran, but... I have on DVD Konishiki weeping after winning a bout that secured his first yusho, and I seem to recall that tears came to Asa's eyes as he sat on the side of the dohyo during some bout that sealed the yusho that made him Yokozuna....but neither case was anywhere near what he showed today. What I was reminded of more was Michael Jordan weeping on the basketball court after the Bulls won their 5th (or 6th?) championship in the late 90's.
  23. Higashimori

    Friday 13th Day pics Kyushu 2005

    How about simply, "great fucking photo!"?
  24. Higashimori

    Roho/Hakurozan - Figured something out?

    well, one thing I've noticed about Hakurozan is that he likes to step over his fallen opponent (after a victory) when he could easily go around. Did that against Robo, and someone else I can't remember. I was hoping we'd see a Roho vs. Hakurozan match this basho, but we won't. Is there something I'm missing (rule) that precludes it, or just "torikumi luck" so to speak? Seeing as Hakurozan (M13) went up against Tokitenku (M7) today, it would seem M8 Roho is within his range of potential opponents.
  25. Higashimori

    Toki wins by KO

    First time I've seen that in my admittedly brief sumo-watching career, a rikishi actually gets knocked out in the boxing sense of the phrase. What didn't look like (from the camera angle available anyway) as a particularly fierce harite from Toki was apparently enough to momentarily knock Harunoyama senseless in today's Juyro action (day 10), as he fell to the dohyo like a lump of clay (with his right leg rather awkwardly bent as well). According to the hanamichi interviewer he is speaking ("大丈夫、大丈夫") but it was certainly a bit frightening to look at. Because both rikishi were yotsu-ing, it looked more like an uppercut rather than one of Toki's patented harite (think Takamisakari's bloodied mug here).