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  1. Leonishiki

    Retirees after May 2023

    I think the list is correct. Just change Oozora by Aozora (small typo) and that's it
  2. Leonishiki

    Ozumo at the Royal Albert Hall 2023

    Any more news about this?
  3. Leonishiki

    Heya location map?

    This is the link: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ySojrG7tKQ9iVZqL9?g_st=ic I think it’s not updated, and maybe there are some mistakes. I promise to solve them this new year
  4. Leonishiki

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    I've just realized that Sandanme has only 90 ranks this basho instead of 100. Has this happened before? I always thought that only the last two divisions had a non-fixed number of ranks
  5. Leonishiki

    The English commentators- views

    As sport commentator in Spain, I fully understand it. When I commentate curling I know that there are some people watching the sport who are experts in the sport and there are probably a lot of newbies who surely don't know even the most basic rules, and you have to talk to both groups at the same time. I'm sure that it happens the same with sumo and I think they do a great job
  6. Leonishiki

    Azumazeki beya folding

    Ok, thanks. I think I still need to learn a lot of things regarding oyakata
  7. Leonishiki

    Azumazeki beya folding

    Sorry, I don't understand this. Ushiomaru didn't reach this numbers but he could manage the heya. Why?
  8. Leonishiki

    New sumo podcast & channel in spanish

    Just in case you're interested, today at 7pm (central european time) we're going to stream the Madrid koen in 1992, with Yokozuna Hokutoumi performing the dohyo-iri. The comments will be in spanish, but of course video is international. Today we broadcast day 1 and tomorrow day 2. https://twitch.tv/leonishiki
  9. I'm glad to announce the first and only sumo podcast in spanish ever. If you are able to understand the language or you want to learn some spanish or you just want to hear us talking about sumo, here you have an article in my website with all the available links to subscribe (Ivoox, Apple, Google, Spotify and Tunein). Although it's written in spanish, you can easily find the logos of every platform. Just click on your preferred. I have also opened a Twitch channel for talking about sumo (sometimes I play curling games too). We made our first live with the Natsu Basho banzuke analysis and I hope to make some other live events talking about some old bouts or tournaments with videos from youtube or my personal collection. The channel is here. Everybody is very welcome to follow me there.
  10. Leonishiki

    Re-introducing myself

    Welcome back!!!!
  11. Leonishiki

    New Juryo for Kyushu 2019

    Agree. With only one spot behind Akiseyama and a better result (5-2 vs 4-3) Churanoumi normally would be promoted higher than Akiseyama. Sometimes is really difficult to understand Kyokai decisions. I must say that I though both were going to be promoted and Irodori demoted.
  12. Leonishiki

    Sumo beya map updated

    Just in case some of you may need it for your next trip to Japan or just for fun, the sumo beya map is updated. If you find any mistake, please send me a message. Sumo beya map
  13. Leonishiki

    Sewanin and wakaimonogashira lists

    Thank you all for your help.
  14. Is there any place where Sewanin and Wakaimonogashira names are listed? I'm looking for them but...
  15. Feliz cupleanos!

    1. Leonishiki


      THank you very much. Sorry for the delay, I have just read it