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  1. http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi3806004761/ take a look at this trailer for the documentary "freakonomics", at 1min 23s into the trailer there are some sumo and some guy talking about what I understand is yaocho. I thought it was interesting, I think I will do some filesharing when the time is right... ;-)
  2. Takemi

    European Sumo Championships, 2009

    when and where is the world champs 09 beeing held?
  3. That is to bad! If anyone knows how to get tickets, PM me!
  4. Takemi

    Day 9 results and day 10 pairings

    This one will be fun, not a very high profile match but the prestige and rivalry is there nonetheless!
  5. Takemi

    Asashouryu just got screwed

    someone knows were you can watch a video of this bout?
  6. Takemi

    Video Stream Aki 08

    me too
  7. Takemi

    Aki 2008 - Some day 3 comments

    Miyabiyama did good job and the placement of the salt was very strategic... B-)
  8. Takemi

    Olympic medalist gives up medal?

    Im from sweden and I have some insight in this matter i think, many of you are out there Judging long before knowing anything about the matter it seems. To sum it up; He thought he was robbed and got tired of the silly rules/calls and the corrupt wrestling. He protested, he wants a change in the, in his mind ( and many others), corrupt and rotten wrestling world. In this case and in many cases in ozumo, to hell with "the spirit of sportmanship" or alike. Why stand there like a mindless fool and just accept the charades. When sports are corrupt and you are getting robbed, thus there are no sportmanship from the beginning, you might say there are no sport. I like sports and sportmanship, but i do not like being robbed. Not in wrestling, sumo or no other sport for that matter.
  9. Takemi

    Assorted youtube ditties

    Wakanosato playing with clay:
  10. Takemi

    Assorted youtube ditties

    sumos at Dodger stadium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mKGTShou8k
  11. Takemi

    Boy did they screw Asashoryu today

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Zok45Euaw4
  12. Takemi

    My Day 4 Pictures - Part 1

    Nice pics, the look very profesional. Thanks for sharing
  13. Takemi

    Nagoya Basho Viewing

    Of course he is selling the videos! Just because it is disguised in form of an donation it doesn mean he isnt, it is just the same as selling it! And just because he makes no actuall "profit" (and how do you know that?). Many buisneses makes no profit or even goes minus but they are selling stuff anyway( its bad to compare him with a buisness, because he isnt so "profit" talk must be taken lightly). he gets money!And if he choose to spend it on bandwith instead of pizza that his choice. I cant imagine that he makes it or brakes it depending on the donations and if thats the case just dont upload the movies! I want to add that I dont really care if he wants to get money just because, its just not smart to ask for money because increasing risk of being shut down that will follow. As me and other people mentioned before. So to sum it up, at the minimum: info-sumo dont want to pay extra for bandwith, instead he choose to at the lowest increase the risk quite significant of men in suit take the vids away and making it much harder for anyone in the future to upload sumo vids. with that said, some high profile matches day 3-nagoya basho 2008: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4kLETupufw
  14. Takemi

    Nagoya Basho Viewing

    Here is another "cam" version day 2 - nagoya basho, baruto and goeido: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-Yc7gy__ZU Edit: maybe this is wievable on info-sumo, my bad.
  15. Takemi

    Nagoya Basho Viewing

    Here is a "cam" version of day 2- nagoya basho, osh and hoku: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBPXf1cGm6I If you check the rest of the videos this guy have uploaded you can find some high rank matches of a given basho day.