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  1. Hello Angel,

    I hope you've been well and everything in Seattle is good for you. I don't want to throw a spanner in the works (in part because I'm not sure of the precise meaning of that English expression) but I think you gave me credit for the wrong pick on day 11. In your listing of picks you show I choose Takanosho as my first pick and Shodai as my back-up pick, but on the chart for day 11 you give me credit for Shodai. I believe I picked Takanosho as my first pick, but I'm not entirely certain as I'm pretty tired by the time I make my selections and really don't remember. I think you've got the evidence for the selections though, so if it matters when you have time you can double check. 

    My goal this basho is to get rid of my kadoban the honorable way, although truthfully I haven't been a particularly good ozeki and I couldn't complain if I got relegated. I'm not even sure which pick is worth more (and they both won) but I don't want to get credit for something I didn't do.


    Douglas (ScreechingOwl)

    1. Achiyama


      Hi Douglas, 

      Thank you for your note. Yes you are right with your point. I appreciate your honesty and alerting me for the error. Of course, your case is different from that of Chishafuwaku.

      I rightfully posted your pick of Takanosho in the Table before the start of Day 11. In the Table with the scores is the mess happened in your case, and Chisha's too. The good in your case is that both main and back up (Shodai) won. The difference is only 1 point. In the "After Day 11 Standings" Table are the right points 22 (for Takanosho (17 + 5). But I will fix the problem because I have to post that Takanosho is coming with Golden Bonus points.

      Once again thank you for comment. You are truly Mr. TUG - the Biggest TUG Supporter.

      Good night, my friend.


    2. Achiyama


      In fact Shodai has 12 points points for Day 11. I continue making errors in my previous note.

      But I published the right Score Table for Day 11.

      If you have noticed the After Day 11 Standings contain the right points for Day 11. 

  2. Congratulations on the great job you did in Toto. 

    1. Atenzan


      Thank you very much! It's only my second or third basho playing it, so it's extremely encouraging. 

  3. I haven't seen any news keiko reports on the Hatsu injured rikishi.

  4. Feliz cupleanos!

    1. Leonishiki


      THank you very much. Sorry for the delay, I have just read it

  5. Happy birthday, Susanoo!

  6. There are two head to head daily games, Bench Sumo and Sumo Game. The Bench Sumo torikumi is constructed similar to how the actual sumo torikumi is made, one day at a time and adjusted to reflect the opponents record. In Bench you and Gansekiiwa would meet up on senshuraku if you hadn't met before.

    The Sumo torikumi is done differently though. It's often made days beforehand (I don't know the details, but I'd bet Pandaazuma does) and it's not at all unusual for people tied for the lead not to meet on the final days, especially if they are separated by a lot on the banzuke. 

    1. Rocks


      Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. How the game runs is how it runs. I'm glad it's there. I was just talking from an entertainment standpoint. We aren't that far apart on the banzuke and  many between us are kyujo. I've already faced someone just one rank below. I just thought it was weird. 

    2. ScreechingOwl


      I agree it makes sense - and it would be a fitting way to determine the yusho winner. It looks like you are a win up in points, so you have a slight advantage going into the final bout, as points will be the first tie-breaker in this case. (If you both finish with the same record, of course.)

    3. Rocks


      It's the other way around. I'm down a point 89-88.  Thanks though.

  7. I sent in my entry right before I mentioned it on the thread. I'm sure other people entered as well, so there must be something wrong with your e-mail or the link.


    1. Sakana


      Ah, it means my email box has issues... Damned... :(

      Thanks for your light on this case.

  8. Happy birthday, Angel. I hope it's a great year for you.