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  1. I know the torikumi was posted very late (as seems typical now after day 14) but I think you've forgotten to put up the day 15 link.

    1. ScreechingOwl


      :) I just wanted to make sure you hadn't overlooked it. As always, thank you for all your hard work, Angel!

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  2. Happy 50th:-D

    1. ScreechingOwl


      Happy Birthday, Jurgen,

      I hope it's a good year from you and you're enjoying spring. Thank you for all the effort you continue to put into the sumo forum.


  3. There are two head to head daily games, Bench Sumo and Sumo Game. The Bench Sumo torikumi is constructed similar to how the actual sumo torikumi is made, one day at a time and adjusted to reflect the opponents record. In Bench you and Gansekiiwa would meet up on senshuraku if you hadn't met before.

    The Sumo torikumi is done differently though. It's often made days beforehand (I don't know the details, but I'd bet Pandaazuma does) and it's not at all unusual for people tied for the lead not to meet on the final days, especially if they are separated by a lot on the banzuke. 

    1. ScreechingOwl


      I agree it makes sense - and it would be a fitting way to determine the yusho winner. It looks like you are a win up in points, so you have a slight advantage going into the final bout, as points will be the first tie-breaker in this case. (If you both finish with the same record, of course.)

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