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    Hatsu 2012 Banzuke

    The notion that Miyabiyama could ever become an ozeki again was pretty firmly squelched by the JSA in July 2006 when, despite Miyabiyama having surpassed the supposedly magic "33 wins" mark (winning, 10, 14 and 10), they refused to promote him. This may have in part been due to the short and unsatisfactory nature of his tenure at ozeki, which consisted of only 8 basho, during which he never managed to win in double digits; perhaps even more importantly the decision of the JSA reflected their belief that his sumo was no longer of ozeki-quality. At least in the long run the JSA was undoubtably right about that, and in the five years that have followed he is only a shell of his former self. Although it's true his footwork is better in that he doesn't flop as easily as he used to, his sumo is no longer powerful or forward moving. Most of his Miyabiyama's wins now are by slap down or push down, and he is increasingly relies on the henka. He'll now be facing the sanyaku for the time in over a year and a half -- and he'll be fortunate to win 5 bouts in Hatsu.