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  1. ScreechingOwl

    Preparation of the Y/O- Aki 2023

    He just needs 2 knees. I like Terunofuji, but there will be no more yusho.
  2. ScreechingOwl

    Preparation of the Y/O- Aki 2023

    Terunofuji has said his goal is to win 10 yusho, and to do that he'd have to win three more. To win three basho you typically need two good knees (though sometimes one will suffice) and a good back. Terunofuji has none of these. He has no more chance of winning three more than Hakuho - that's the retired champ. He can skip as many basho as he wants (and is permitted to) but I highly doubt he'll ever be wrestling on a single senshuraku again. Intai is inevitable and immanent. He's proven more than enough and just doesn't have the health to prove more.
  3. ScreechingOwl

    The end?

    8 hours ago, Kintamayama said: Testing- I know whet I'm asking for is idiotic but please try to keep this to yourselves-maybe follow and we'll make it subscribers only. Maybe not.. Please test and see if it's viable. Kintanayama rocks (near New York City)!
  4. ScreechingOwl

    Ichinojo - where will he go in 2023?

  5. ScreechingOwl

    Metasumo 2023

    1-5 Oskanohana (I wouldn’t bet he’ll end up two points short again) 6-10 Pandaazuma (No safer bet than that the bear will finish higher this year) 11-20 Flohru (His play is consistently exemplary) 21-40 Athenayama (I continue to move across the continent) 41-80 Kintamayama (my choice was confirmed upon video review) 81-120 Survivor (A soul survivor, that’s what I’m talking about) 121-200 DeRosa (Trender is a winner regardless of the name he plays under) 201+ Randomitsuki (The once – and future? - king)
  6. Here's Achiyama's email:
  7. ScreechingOwl

    Preparations of the masses- Aki 2022

    It was always clear you knew The How, Moti, so it's nice to see you know The Who too.
  8. ScreechingOwl

    John Gunning Looks At Nagoya Basho

    Gunning's reports are always good, although it's curious he didn't mention Mitakeumi's shoulder injury in his discussion of the ozeki.
  9. ScreechingOwl

    GTB invite- Haru 2022- RESULTS!! - 164 entries (26 newbies)

    Isn't the question really whether three wrongs make a right? For what it's worth, I went with moving the trio up and "under"promoting Onosho on the theory that the banzuke committee will do whatever the hell it wants to anyway. It would be a fairer (and saner) world if Asahosakari made the banzuke. But I learned long ago that fairness is a relative concept in sumo....
  10. ScreechingOwl

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    If Mitakeumi gets 12 wins he'll have 32 over the last three basho, one less that the ideal number of 33 (and even that is no guarantee of promotion, and in rare circumstances 34 (Miyabiyama) hasn't been enough either) but many rikishi have been promoted with 32 (including Asanoyama and Kisenosato) and there is a real need at the top with Takakeisho perpetually plagued by injuried and Shodai perpetually plagued by, um, mediocrity. On the downside, this is a rather weak sanyaku (even further weakened with Takakeisho gone) and jo'i, so winning 12 against this bunch is hardly super impressive. But Mitakeumi, love him or loath him, has been steady over the last years and there is no reason to think that is going to stop any time soon. That's the kind of thing the JSA takes into account as well.
  11. ScreechingOwl

    Metasumo 2022

    I have never done well in Metasumo (or pretty much Meta anything) but I'll give it another go: 1-5 Pandaazuma (Any of these guys could win it all, so I'll go with the one who has done it the most times.) 6-10 Flohru (Again an amazing group; however Flohru is quite a talent, and, from my limited interactions, a genuinely nice guy to boot.) 11-20 Norizo (This guy is so good he has a game named after him!) 21-40 ScreechingOwl (Simply trying to motivate myself after another underperforming year.) 41-80 Pitinosato (Way too talented not to place higher.) 81-120 Ruziklao (Seems to have a knack at a variety of games, which is the best way to advance.) 121-200 Gurowake (2022 hasn't even started and he already has more points than anyone in this group had in 2021. Ponder that!) 201+ Getayutaka (Well, at this point it's anybody's guess, but this seems like a good one.) Best to luck to everyone who plays any online sumo games in 2022!
  12. ScreechingOwl

    Hiro Morita Video Recap Of Days 1-5

    "Sekiwake Meisei is currently the top candidate to become [the] next ozeki," claims Morita Hiroshi. Adding yet another reason I don't take his reporting especially seriously.
  13. ScreechingOwl

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Yes, Ryuden will rightly be favoured. Akiseyama is 36, and even though he's started out 2-0 I doubt he'll make it to a paid division again. But I've been wrong before.
  14. ScreechingOwl

    Most underrated/overlooked rikishi?

    Ama. He had great technique and ferocious tenacity. He never let go of a mawashi hold and never broke a fall if winning was in the balance. I was doubtful he'd be able to make ozeki at 126 k, and had mixed feelings about his being promoted to yokozuna because I wasn't sure he'd be able to hold the rank and didn't want him to be forced to go intai. But he sustained his rank and during the reign of the dai yokozuna of all dai yokozuna he won 9 yusho (3 zenyusho). Harumafuji was simply magnificent. And I'd throw in Kotoshogiku in second place. In a sport where so many rikishi underachieve, he was an overachiever. Kisenosato was the rikishi almost everyone thought would end the Japanese yusho drought, but it was Kotoshogiku who did it. And Kotoshogiku beat Kise to ozeki too. He had a limited technique and ability and he made the most of it.
  15. ScreechingOwl

    Preparations of the masses- Aki 2021

    Takayasu was a good ozeki and unfortunate to have lost his position due to injury. He appears to now have regained much of power, but even so he has never had more than 10 wins in a basho since Kyushu 2018, almost three years, including some basho against depleted upper competition. Moreover he's 31 now and even 33 wins over three consecutive basho may not be enough for promotion for him at this stage. (Let's not forget that Miyabiyama was denied a re-promotion to ozeki even after registering 34 wins over three basho.) The second time around things are often much tougher. With Ichinojo, despite looking very good last basho he still only managed 10 wins. In fact, in the 4 1/2 years since Hatsu 2017 Ichinojo has only managed more than 10 wins only once. And in addition, of course, he has a bad back which frequently limits his mobility and performance. It's very difficult (at least for me) to see how he's going to manage at least 33 wins over three consecutive basho. Meisei, Takanosho, and Wakatakakage are all 26. I'm not sure if any of them will get to ozeki: Meisei have never won more that 10 victories at any level; maybe he'll develop ozeki-level ability, but I don't see it. I guess I like Wakatakakage's chances best of all of this group, but I wouldn't bet on any of them. Mitakeumi has the ability but thus far lacks the consistency. We'll see if that changes. Hoshoryu is young enough and talented enough that if he can put it together he might be able to get to ozeki like Ama did, but it will take some time and a lot of heart. I'm most interested in seeing how two rikishi who won't be wrestling this basho look: Hokuseiho and Oshouma. Maybe one of them will be the next ozeki. Or perhaps it will be Asanoyama....