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  1. Zingo

    Kyushu-basho 2011 banzuke guess

    New always last, ie west...
  2. Zingo

    Fukushima plants after the quake

    well... if any "important" info (negative) is not given by the authorities.... at least to me the obvious reason for leaving out any such info would be the ambition to avoid panic... Guess that the "right" thing to do is not always to tell an exact truth from their perspective... Saw an article btw that must be counted to the "team of light"....http://www.businessinsider.com/japan-reactors-pose-no-risk-2011-3
  3. Zingo

    Fukushima plants after the quake

    Guess u're all right... No basho under given circumstances... Now moving to may... Assuming that it stops here... No further nuclear break downs... Thinking away any yachoo tingys... Any basho in Tokyo in may? ...guess not...
  4. Zingo

    Basho and quake.....

    Just reading further about the horrific quake/tsunami that struck Japan... Just reflecting.... Osaka being quite far away from the epicentre, but would any ongoing basho have been cancelled? or just continued "as usual" if not cancelled prior to catastroph? If it had been a Tokyo basho?
  5. Zingo

    Akebono promo for "Glee" in Japan

    http://www.dn.se/webbtv/kultur-noje/glee-k...japan-1.1042413 Don't know the background history but Chad's to appear in some TV series in Japan....
  6. Zingo

    Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

    all guys ending up second place is jun, "runner up"
  7. Zingo

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    The phenomenon of OBSC is obvious to me since these guys, typically, are fighting to preserve what they
  8. Zingo

    Ozeki 'co-operation'

    think that you're on the core here by saying that " I guess that means Ozeki used to get their KK's early on a regular basis."... If all ozekis compete in an "expected" way, thay'd all be KK before internal match-ups and all of our current discussion would implode... Again without proper historical insight, i guess that the "lousy performance" of the ozekigroup*, all basically at the same time, for along time gives birth to the observed behavour... Exceptions given for Asa and Hakuho that "rushed" through the ozeki rank whereas "the fab four", at least from what could be judged from the current performance, have reached their peak... *I include Musoyama and Tochiazuma in this reasoningas well...
  9. Zingo

    Leaderboard Day 15 Kyushu Basho 2008

    Not optimal grammar, but fully understandable....http://www.systran.co.uk/
  10. Zingo

    Promoting Ama?

    Ams's recent history with 9 and 10 wins together with, possbly, 13 wins this time is 32 together..... Any promotion possibilities there if he wins the last two?
  11. Zingo

    Day 5 results and day 6 pairings

    thanks for the verbal summary... have missed it for a few days....
  12. Zingo


    Well... Can't imagine that he would be denied even with two back-to-back yushos at 11-4... Two consecutive yushos as ozeki and you've done it...