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  1. Coo-cook

    Yokozuna Asashoryu Scandal - The Final Chapter

    A Mongolian online tabloid is bringing rumors that the guy in the car deliberately provoking Asa calling him a Chinese. I can understand how insulting it would be for a Mongolian specially if he is drunk. Also Mongolian rikishi didn't go to Sokokurai's party hearing that there will be Chinese embassy personel present, ...another rumor. Sadly, that's the world in Asia.
  2. Coo-cook

    Ozumo - sport or not?

    Seems very clear to me, Kintamayama. By the way, is there any big difference between fan and fanaticism?...probably not. (In either case you are not clear headed, he-he.)
  3. Coo-cook

    Yokozuna Asashoryu Scandal - The Final Chapter

    Can you elaborate bit more, because his brother in after-intai press conference in Mongolia was talking about a "group of people" who succeeded this time in bringing Asashoryu down. He was literally addressing them saying they know who I am talking about. . We will never know the truth. Still if Asa got provoked deliberately it's his fault reacting to it and allowing it. I heard Japanese commentators complaining that Toyota's good name is ruined deliberately by Americans to give American car makers unjust advantage. Sounds familiar huh ?
  4. Coo-cook

    Asashoryu's future? Speculations

    Yeah, yeah Asa as president ........after he finishes his Harvard School of Sumo (like kyokushuzan with his Waseda Sumo diploma)...........nice, Jonosuke-san. A herdsmen in the steppe and a guy in deep Canadian woods would think (and vote) same way, I guess.
  5. Coo-cook

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    Very true. And sadly Asa is one of the fighting drunks. I heard rumors that Asa may follow politics in Mongolia...and my concern is we might have another fighting drunk in our parlament. Otherwise, he has a good heart and very supportive to all sorts of charity and sports in Mongolia. Wish him a good luck.
  6. Coo-cook

    Asashoryu INTAI - Feb 4 2010

    Dear Kame, I just see maybe only 1-2 Mongolians posting on Asa matter right now. Why you say (many) Mongolians...... mourning ..etc ? Your assumption that (many) Mongolians would be totally blind behind Asa and ignore all his off dohyo theaters is wrong. The "emotions" in Mongolia are as diverse as this forum here.Trust me.
  7. Coo-cook

    Hatsu 2010 new Juryo

    Enhetubuxin is not even remotely close to being a Chinese name. It's what happens when you write a Mongolian name in Chinese characters. Real Chinese names have only three characters. The actual pronunciation would be something like 'Enkhwat-khushin' but I forget how this is usually written in a transcript from the Mongolian characters -- which are a modified form of Russian. Orion Sokokurai's name is Enkhtuvshin- means peaceful and calm in Mongolian and very common name in both Mongolian lands. (Enkh- peaceful,...tuvshin- calm)
  8. Coo-cook

    Reefer Madness engulfs Ozumo

    Yaku is a cartoonist--an artist. As such, he is dressed as an artist would in Japan. Osamu Tezuka, known as the "Father of Anime," was never without his beret. Caricatures of him would always be identifiable because of the hat. I don't remember ever seeing a picture of Akira Kurosawa, the renowned movie director, without a hat. Exactly my point. A liberal (and not a traditionalist) like any other artists around the world.
  9. Coo-cook

    Reefer Madness engulfs Ozumo

    Judging from the picture, Yaku Mitsuru seems to be very casual guy (without a tie and with a hat at a very serious committee meeting) other words, not bound to protocols and customs necessarily.
  10. Coo-cook

    Account problems

    Hey, hey, Somebody (probably one of website managers or, somebody who has access to regitry) is using my sumoforum account and posted above sentence. (Seems a very harmful sentence...but, what if that person start harassing forum members using my account to discredit me ?) Stop that dumb joke, please.....It's a very rude violation of privacy. Please, moderators....can somebody find out who did this ? Please, correct "harmful" to "harmless" on above post. As an English learner and computer newbie I miss "edit" and "delete" options after sending your posts. We used to have these options. Where are they?
  11. Coo-cook

    Account problems

    Hey, hey, Somebody (probably one of website managers or, somebody who has access to regitry) is using my sumoforum account and posted above sentence. (Seems a very harmful sentence...but, what if that person start harassing forum members using my account to discredit me ?) Stop that dumb joke, please.....It's a very rude violation of privacy. Please, moderators....can somebody find out who did this ?
  12. Coo-cook

    Musashigawa cautions Asashouryuu

    I wonder whether that hit by zabuton had anything to do with the 'pose'.
  13. Coo-cook

    Post Basho YDC meeting

    He-he. Thanks Kuroyama. You really made thinks simple as black and white for me. Probably Mongols would complain about Eagle Dance thing ...but, we probably want complain when that same foreign born champion would play charity soccer game for kids in his home country (for few minutes). That's a difference here. Well, the question I'm trying to ask here was.... whether all these complains of Asa's behavior is pure sumo-do matter or behind it hides very simple grudge of Japanese seeing two foreigners (and specifically Asians) dominating their sport at moment. I think, Japanese never experienced Japanese Yokozuna-less period in their whole history until now. Must be very frustrating time for them. You can feel the frustration even from Jonosuke's (who usually let me believe that he's well balanced and fair with his posting) TV rating discussion here. Hope, Japanese Yokozuna will calm the situation and balance things.
  14. Coo-cook

    Post Basho YDC meeting

    Don't know why you Mongolian guys take it so personally when Asashoryu is criticised. It's not like there is any debate about whether what he does is ok. It's not. He knows the rules manners, customs and expectations of being a yokozuna. He knows that sumo is Japans "kokugi" and represents more than just sport. Yet despite understanding all the above he breaks the rules, codes, and traditions at will. It's never been about his ability on the dohyo or his nationality or anything else. If I were to go to Mongolia and disrepect Genghis Khan I doubt I'd find much sympathy. Imagine someone from another country becoming a champion in Mongolian wrestling and then refusing to follow the etiquitte. Do you think they would be allowed to get away with it as long as Asashoryu has in Japan? Then again foreigners aren't allowed to enter the big tournaments so that problem doesn't arise. That fact always makes accusations of racism from Mongolian members hypocritical to me. Sumo is the least prejudiced area of Japan in my experience. Asashoryus behaviour on and off the dohyo has been tolerated beyond all reasonable expectation for years. Coo-Cook you need to take off the reactionary nationalist blinkers, open your eyes and see that your countrymen are making a very good living in someone elses land, and that 99% of them have the maturity and good sense to realise that they are guests here as well as representives of their own people. Those rikishi like Hakuho understand what it means to be a yokozuna. They have respect for the country that has given them their opportunity and their actions and words mean that that respect is returned and that their hosts get a positive image of people from Mongolia. I'm sure that Asashoryu is a proud Mongolian as well but his words and actions over the last 6 years since he became yokozuna have done far more harm than good to the image of foreigners in general and Mongolians in particular. You should be grateful for rikishi like Kyokutenho and Hakuho. Because of them people here understand that Asashoryus way of speaking and acting is a personality rather than a national trait. People like Jonosuke understood what it meant to be a yokozuna before virtually anyone on this forum had ever even heard of the word sumo. Next time he writes something like he did above you'd do a lot better if you tried reading and understanding rather than posting some knee-jerk reaction. Nishinoshima, Wait a minute. Why I should be grateful for Hakuho and Kyokutenho? Because they follow Japanese traditions, or they are competing in sumo ...for what? Or, are you implying their contributions for increasing bilateral relationships, political bonds between two countries ..etc ? .He-he. I admit I like watching sumo and I'm happy some Mongolians doing good there. But, being grateful ? Of course, I can imagine many Japanese might be grateful ( or, like to see) some Mongolians following Japanese traditions and so on. (Hmm, it seems you're a bit too serious sumo fan, my friend. Good for you, Nishi.) Jonosuke, What I wanna say to you with my previous posting was ...please, take it easy. I don't think Asa is that harmful to Japanese tradition and society as you think. Even you Japanese seem not that serious about your "old" traditions any more . ( That's same in my country too). Many Japanese don't follow sumo....even I dare to say that their knowledge of sumo is sometimes worst than ordinary Mongolian. But, as I said in my previous post that Japan's traditions are safe because of people like you, Yakuru and Uchidate...many many others, maybe including some Mongolians. So don't worry, be happy .
  15. Coo-cook

    Next stop-President of Mongolia!

    Some Japanese Yokozuna becoming Mongolian President ?...God bless. And, Mr. Hinahata as Mongolian Minister for Barber(y). He-he.