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  1. Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Anyone know the origin of the term? 飛び makes sense, but searching 八艘 in the dictionary only brought up やそうとび (yasoutobi instead of ha-?) and nothing else.
  2. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    So you're telling me Tochinoshin and Kakuryu are the wrestlers that aren't injured?
  3. Ridiculous Predictions for Kyushu 2017

    Hattorizakura ends his losing streak.
  4. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Maybe his chest waxing ran late? Not sure what else that'd be.
  5. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    They'll have to have more than two, since the current ones both KK'd and Terunofuji is getting demoted. Possible to force your way up to extra one as well, but pretty unlikely. I think the last was Kakuryu going 12-3 from Komusubi, while Kotoshogiku (10) and Kisenosato (8) were holding down the usual spots.
  6. Ura - Yokozuna Bandwagon

    The 新 shin as in new, like shin-Ozeki Takayasu, etc (not 心 like Tochinoshin).
  7. Tom Brady trains with Goueidou

    Let's not forget TIm Tebow, who won an NFL playoff game and is now burning up the Minor League Baseball world...
  8. BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    Following demotion, Kotooshu went 8-7, 1-9 and retired. Konishiki went 2-13... then spent another 23 basho (none higher than M3) before hanging it up. I see nothing wrong with either decision, if that's what they want.
  9. Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    Didn't stop him from participating in the end of this basho. and who knows how well the injury will be doing by early May?
  10. Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    -Why is using a henka on the guy voted "most likely to fall for a blatant henka" suddenly considered clever? It seems more like common sense, if you're desperate enough to care about nothing but beating 'Giku. (Although I have a hard time imagining he loses that straight up, and Kise clearly isn't fit to fight anymore, so I don't know what he could be so desperate? for.) -I have to wonder if Terunofuji would have still used the henka had Kisenosato withdrawn and completely handed the title over instead of theoretically staying in the running. -Anyone else kind of hoping for a Kisenosato henka? Probably wouldn't work too well (once, much less twice), but I doubt straight-"forward" sumo (or just walking backwards out of the ring) will do him much good regardless.
  11. Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    Guess so, he's been doing it since the Ama days (I'm sure we've all seen this, but one more time can't hurt...)
  12. Basho Talk ** Haru Basho 2017 ** (SPOILERS)

    How weird would it be to go 4 Ozeki -> 2 Ozeki -> 4 Ozeki in consecutive basho?
  13. Rikishi Status Haru 2017 - D13 Late Withdraw

    Yes, but for Hatsu '14 he missed day 15. The default loss broke the streak regardless.
  14. Toyonoshima rebirth

    One could argue it was even less of a "Yusho equivalent" considering he was ranked at M9 for that basho (coming off a forced absence, iirc), and fought a fairly easy schedule for a former Sekiwake that should not have been ranked that low in normal circumstances. Were it not for Hakuho (whom he did not fight normally) also putting up 14 and winning the playoff...
  15. Kadoban ozeki yusho

    Try this.