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  1. Kyokuhagyo

    Tickets and company for Hatsu 2019, Day 2 or 3

    Thanks, everything worked out in the end, on the day Kisenosato retired of all days! I had been looking for some data points for recent Tokyo basho before going, so just for future reference for anyone trying to get jiyuseki (same-day/general admission tickets in the last row): There are 400 tickets on sale, and here are (too few) stats that might or might not help estimate what time they'll be sold out: Hatsu 2018 day 4: still tickets available at 11 am: reference Hatsu 2018 day 8 (weekend): 384 tickets accounted for at 7:30 am: reference Probably Natsu basho 2018, unknown day: about half of the tickets accounted for by 7:15 am: reference Hatsu 2019 day 4: I arrived at 6:10 am and got ticket number 76 Once the Kokugikan is open, people will be rushing in to reserve the seats in the main section (from where you can look the gyōji in the face). I managed to get a seat on the very right of the main section, next to where the TV commentators (one of whom former Hōmashō on that day) are once the sekitori bouts start, and where I could occasionally peek on their screen to catch slow-mo replays.
  2. Kyokuhagyo

    Tickets and company for Hatsu 2019, Day 2 or 3

    Thanks, that's reassuring to hear. I'll give getting jiyuseki a shot on either Tuesday or Wednesday (probably Wednesday). Anyone else going to be there? It's weekday early during the tournament, so is queuing up around 7 am or 6:30 am sufficient?
  3. I haven't been active here lately, but I'll be attending a conference in Kyoto the week before Hatsu Basho, and I was pondering coming to Tokyo afterwards for a few days to attend the basho. I believe I can buy tickets online, is it still possible to buy cheap tickets and sit near the dohyo during the lower divisions, or are the tickets checked for that? I was also hoping to meet some other forumers to chat during the day and/or get some local advice, or if possible maybe even attend a keiko session. I am somewhat flexible, but Monday/Tuesday of the first week would probably work best for me. Let me know if you have any pointers, or plan to be around at that time. Thanks! (Mods: please move the topic if it should go somewhere else.)
  4. Kyokuhagyo

    Official now-Kyokutenhou has retired

    Kyokutenhou stood out to me when I was still watching sumo on Eurosport, even before I joined this forum. I always got the impression that he was always very friendly and modest, those who met him can probably tell better than me. But that's the impression I had, and why he quickly became my favourite rikishi. I was poised for his retirement in 2011, when he was meant to take over Ooshima beya, and was so happy to hear about the arrangement allowing for him to carry on. When he won the yuushou next, it was so surreal. I remember he didn't think it possible until it actually happened, neither did I. I remember how yet the yuushou chance had sparked something in the last 2 or 3 days, and when he thought he had lost to Goueidou. I was probably more tense than him, and after the ketteisen I was jumping around in my room. Everything has to end at some point. Sad to see him go, he's brought me lots of joy and kept me into sumou. Now he can use his experience as an oyakata, I hope he will managed to raise some rikishi like him, and that he'll have a stable with a good athmosphere. He's already got a few interesting and nice characters, Kyokushuuhou, Asahishou, Kyokutaisei... I can only bow and say thank you.
  5. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 15 Ichinojou, being defeated by Tochinoshin in the juuryou yuushou ketteisen, but next basho certain to be in makuuchi. With big goals: "I want to become like Hakuhou." 逸ノ城 十両で栃ノ心との優勝決定戦で敗れたが、来場所は新入幕が確実。目標は大きく「白鵬関のようになりたい」。 Takayasu, getting his 4th loss and no yuushou chances: "What a waste. The issue is lack of strength. I want to gain power and then take down higher rankers." 高安 4敗目を喫して優勝が消滅。「もったいない。課題は力不足。パワーをつけて次は上位も倒したい」 Joukouryuu, good chances for sanyaku promotion next basho: "At last I came into that position. I knew I've understood now that I'd lose if I didn't move forward, and this is the yield (from having that knowledge)." 常幸龍 来場所は新三役昇進も有望。「やっと、この位置にきた。前に出ないと負けると分かったのも収穫」 Takekaze, at M4w getting 9 wins including a kinboshi, likely getting a sekiwake spot next basho, with spirit: "Not having been able to get a sansho is frustrating, so..." 豪風 西前頭4枚目で金星を含む9勝を挙げ、来場所の新関脇も視野に。「三賞がもらえず、悔しかったから」と意地。 Thanks again to everyone for your help and appreciation, especially Akinomaki, Alaktorn and Moti!
  6. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 14 Chiyomaru, with taping on his right shoulder, getting a win again after 5 days and kachi-koshi: "I'm happy. Honestly, I was giving up (hope)." 千代丸 右肩にテーピングをしながら、5日ぶりの白星で勝ち越しを決める。「うれしい。正直、諦めていた」 Joukouryuu, matching his highest rank at M7w, first time getting 10 wins in makuuchi: "At last, eh? Also the happiness is different. (?)" 常幸龍 自己最高に並ぶ西前頭7枚目で、幕内初の10勝。「やっとですね。やっぱり(うれしさが)違うな」 Oosunaarashi, having defeated two yokozuna, if he's getting kachi-koshi on the last day a shukun-shou is likely: "That's irrelevant. I shall be concentrating." 大砂嵐 2横綱を破っており、千秋楽で勝ち越せば殊勲賞の可能性があるが「関係ない。集中してやっている」。 Harumafuji, easy victory over Kisenosato, and on senshuuraku fighting Hakuhou in the musubi-no-ichiban (last bout of the day): "My body is reacting well. Tomorrow I'll do sumou that I can be content with." 日馬富士 稀勢の里に快勝し、千秋楽結びで白鵬と対決。「体がよく反応した。あしたは自分が納得できる相撲を取る」
  7. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 13 Wakanosato, overwhelmed by Ichinojou from juuryou for his 9th loss. It's become likely that he'll return to juuryou already after one basho again, but: "There are still two days remaining so..." 若の里 十両の逸ノ城に圧倒され、9敗目。1場所で十両逆戻りが濃厚となったが、「あと2日あるから」。 Kyokutenhou, winning in his 1378th makuuchi appearance, tying him for third. On the previous day having been defeated: "It was good that I didn't get into one of those beloved losing streaks." 旭天鵬 歴代3位に並ぶ幕内出場1378回を白星で飾る。前日は敗れており「好きな連敗をしなくてよかった」。 Goueidou, not being fooled by Takekaze's henka and remaining on the yuushou arasoi: "It was a good attack. I'll just concentrate for the remaining time as well." 豪栄道 豪風の変化に惑わされず、優勝争いに踏みとどまる。「いい攻めだった。残りも集中してやるだけ」 Harumafuji, displaying his spirit in the yokozuna showdown against Kakuryuu: "Whatever it takes to lead on to the next basho, right?" 日馬富士 鶴竜との横綱対決で意地を見せる。「来場所につながるように何が何でもね」 Thanks Akinomaki as always! These were some things I really should have noticed.
  8. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 12 Wakanosato, makekoshi in his makuuchi comeback after a 4 basho stint in juuryou: "I'm not thinking about the number of wins too much. I'll just do the best I can do in the remaining three days." 若の里 5場所ぶり復帰の幕内で負け越し。「星数はあまり考えない。あと3日精いっぱいやるだけ」と口数少なく。 Terunofuji, since his makuuchi debut three consecutive kachi-koshi. Last Nagoya basho clinching the juryo promotion as juuryou debutant winning the yuushou: "This time I want to clinch a sanyaku promotion." 照ノ富士 入幕から3場所連続勝ち越し。昨年名古屋場所では新十両の座を射止めており、「今度は三役を決めたい」。 Kakuryuu, holding on to two losses. Hopes for a turnaround yuushou rising, but: "There are still three bouts, so... Without thinking too much I want to go and focus strongly." 鶴竜 2敗堅持。逆転優勝への期待も高まるが、「まだ3番あるから。あんまり考えずにしっかり集中していく」。 Harumafuji, in a fiercely contested bout taking down Goueidou: "Having fought 12 bouts, finally my power has managed to come to display. I did a lot of keiko, so I wanted to display my power." 日馬富士 熱戦の末に豪栄道を下す。「12番取って、やっと力を出せた。せっかく稽古したから、力を出したかった」
  9. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 11 Takayasu, falling back to 2 losses: "I guess I became a bit flustered. It's no use if I drag it out. I shall forget today's things." 高安 2敗に後退。「慌てちゃったかな。引きずっても仕方ない。きょうのことは忘れる」と気持ちを切り替える。 Joukouryuu, taking down Takayasu against who he as a favourable record to get kachi-koshi at his highest rank, M7w: "As I still haven't got double digit wins in makuuchi, I want to keep winning." 常幸龍 好調の高安を下し、自己最高位の西7枚目で勝ち越し。「まだ幕内で2桁勝ったことがないので、勝ちたい」 Kakuryuu, yuushou chances for him having increased, calmly: "There are still 4 days. I want to concentrate on one bout at a time." 鶴竜 自力優勝の可能性が復活。「まだ4日ある。一番一番に集中したい」と静かに燃える。 Harumafuji, "Aah it's no good. How many days left? After how many days? I'm sorry. There's nothing left I can say." 日馬富士 気持ちが切れたような内容で、琴奨菊に完敗。「ああ、あかん…。あと何日? すいません。あまり言うことがないです」 That sounds plausible. I wasn't quite sure about the exact meaning so I tried to be as literal as possible.
  10. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 10 Takayasu, not following along the course of his first loss yesterday and protecting his 1 loss record: "Without thinking about too many things, I've just been concentrating. Still from here on I want to get a series of victories." 高安 前日の初黒星を引きずらず、1敗守る。「余計なことを考えず、集中していた。またここから連勝したい」 Endou, getting morozashi and forcing out the big Kaisei for his 5th win: "Whether it's victory or defeat it's all decided by luck. From the first day on my body has been moving." 遠藤 大きな魁聖をもろ差しで寄り切って5勝目。「勝ち負けは時の運。初日から体は動いていた」 Kakuryuu, one-sidedly being pushed out by Goueidou with oshidashi and falling back to 2 losses: "That was the worst shape. Even if it's becoming a crisis I have to make sure to reorganize (my thoughts) and win." 鶴竜 豪栄道に一方的に押し出され、2敗に後退。「一番最悪な形。ピンチになっても立て直して勝てるようにならないと」 Harumafuji, already at three losses, modestly: "Each day I want to do sumou that will lead on to the next basho." 日馬富士 既に3敗しており、控えめに「一日一日、来場所につながる相撲が取りたい」。
  11. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 9 Takayasu, not getting his first 9-win streak from the start of a basho, just replying with no more than: "I will renew (my spirit). I'll concentrate on tomorrow." 高安 初の無傷の9連勝はならず。「切り替える。あしたに集中する」とだけ答えて黙り込む。 Endou, defeating the two kinboshi winner Oosunaarashi and flooded with excited cheering: "I was happy." Regarding a counter-plan to his opponent's kachi-age, with self-praise: "As you can see." 遠藤 金星2個の大砂嵐を破って大歓声を浴び、「うれしかった」。相手のかち上げへの対策は「見ての通り」と自賛。 Yoshikaze, his senior schoolmate Takekaze improving upon his record of oldest first-time kin-boshi winner from day 4: "I was having the feeling (the whole time) that I'd be surpassed (at some point) of having been surpassed. I wonder if I'm born under a short-lived star." 嘉風 自身が4日目にマークした最年長初金星の記録を兄弟子の豪風が更新。「抜かれる気がしていた。短い星の下に生まれているのかな」 Harumafuji, giving away three kin-boshi for the first basho since last Haru, with self-deprecation: "That's too many gifts. The result is there, as for an explanation..." 日馬富士 昨年春場所以来の1場所3金星を許し「与え過ぎだな。結果が出ているので、言い訳は…」と自嘲気味に。 That's what I initially thought it meant as it makes more sense grammatically...I should have watched the video again to listen for it.
  12. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 8 Wakanosato, veteran having achieved the return to makuuchi. Avoiding his 6th straight loss: "Finally I got out of this long tunnel." 若の里 返り入幕を果たしたベテラン。6連敗を免れ「ようやく長いトンネルを抜けた」としみじみ。 Chiyotairyuu, taking down the cheered-for Endou and with an expression of triumph: "I was happy. As for the shrill cheers, it's (for) Endou. The bloke's voice (cheering for me) was staggering. (Cheering for me) it's all bloke's voices. (?)" 千代大龍 大声援を受ける遠藤を下し得意満面。「うれしかった。黄色い声援は遠藤。(自分を応援する)野郎の声は半端なかった」 Kaisei, first win, with a realistic aim: "If I could get kachi-koshi it'd be great, but 8 consecutive wins isn't sensible. I want to work so I won't fall too far on the banzuke" 魁聖 初白星。「勝ち越せればいいけど、8連勝は無理だな。(番付が)あまり落ちないようにしたい」と現実志向。 Goueidou, in the past year with a record of 4-2 agaist Kisenosato. Today again displaying the killer: "If I stay glued to him and get my teeth into him then there's a chance of winning." 豪栄道 稀勢の里とは、過去1年で4勝2敗。この日もキラーぶりを発揮し、「密着して食らいつけば勝機はある」。 Sorry for not providing quotes yesterday, I started really late at night and progress wasn't smooth so I went to sleep instead. For completeness' sake, below are the original quotes. Day 7 Takayasu, seventh straight win, calmly and burning with combativeness: "The content is good, so there's no getting worked up. I want to win more and face the higher rankers." 高安 7連勝。「内容がいいので、気負うこともない。白星を重ねて、上位陣とやりたい」と静かに闘志を燃やす。 稀勢の里 好調の嘉風に押し込まれながらも、回り込んで何とか対応。「いい立ち合いだったね、相手が。状態はいいんじゃないかな、相手が」 日馬富士 連敗を免れ、「引きずっても、過ぎたことだから。調子は悪くないので、星を落とさずについていきたい」。 白鵬 全勝ターンが懸かる8日目は注目の大砂嵐戦。「いい相撲を取るだけ」と余裕たっぷり。
  13. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 6 Chiyomaru, not getting his 6th straight win: "When I got too ambitious I wanted to extend (my streak) further. A fuss was made around it so..." 千代丸 6連勝ならず。「欲を言ったらもっと伸ばしたかった。ちやほやされるので」 Takayasu, with pulling techniques bringing down Toyonoshima against whom he doesn't have a good record, and the only hiramaku left without a loss: "I'm gaining self-confidence. From tomorrow on too I want to go with presence of my mind." 高安 苦手の豊ノ島を引き技で仕留め、平幕でただ一人勝ちっ放し。「自信がついた。あすからも平常心でやりたい」 Ikioi, facing Goueidou, with whom he attended the same dojo in his youth, for the sixth time and getting his first win: "I came having been on the losing end in all bouts, so having been able to win is an improvement. I came to be able to do everything, so it developed into me being able to win." 勢 少年時代に同じ道場に通った豪栄道を6戦目で破り、初白星。「ことごとくやられてきたし、勝てたのは進歩」 Kotoshougiku, seizing the skillful Aminishiki for his 6th straight win, the escape from kadoban already in sight: "The previous basho that was difficult is living (in my memory ). I should not have those same thoughts. " 琴奨菊 うまい安美錦をつかまえて6連勝。「苦しかった先場所が生きている。同じ思いをしないように」。早くもかど番脱出が見えてきた。 Thanks for all the comments and explanations, you guys are great!
  14. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 5 Chiyoootori, with Endou in a showdown of the up-and-coming. For the first time in three encounters winning and getting handed a big haul of kenshou: "When taking it with one hand it seemingly almost came to fall down." 千代鳳 遠藤との新鋭対決。3度目で初めて勝って分厚い懸賞金を手にし、「片手で取ったら落ちそうになった」。 Goueidou, taking town Tochiouzan, his rival since his early times, for his 4th consecutive win: "When entering the basho I'm just a person who doesn't want to lose. Going into the basho (so far) I don't want to lose to anyone I encounter. I'm not particularly conscious (of it)." 豪栄道 少年時代からのライバル、栃煌山を下して4連勝。「場所に入ったら負けたくない人ばかり。意識はしていない」 Kotoshougiku, repelling Ikioi who pulled what felt like a henka has the tendency to henka, with self-praise: "I often don't I won't fall for that so easily all the time. Presence of mind, maybe I should put it like that; it was good reaction with calmness." 琴奨菊 変化気味だった勢を退け、「そう簡単に何度も食わない。平常心というか、冷静でいい反応だった」と自賛。 Harumafuji, escaping consecutive losses, but getting Houmashou whom he defeated with oshi-taoshi injured: "This was all I was quite frantic too so... That's a bit of a shock." 日馬富士 連敗は免れたが、押し倒した豊真将が負傷。「こっちも必死だから…。ちょっとショックだな」
  15. Kyokuhagyo

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    Day 4 Toyonoshima, without getting the mawashi but with both arms inside lifting Azumaryuu out of the ring, patting his potbelly: "I used my belly too to lift him up." 豊ノ島 まわしを取らず、もろはずで東龍をつり出す。「おなかも使って持ち上げたよ」と太鼓腹をさする。 Toyohibiki, with a left blow pushing down Terunofuji: "The timing was absolutely perfect. I want to carry on like that tomorrow." 豊響 左の一発で照ノ富士を突き倒す。「タイミングも全部良かった。あしたにつながる」 Oosunaarashi, pulling even with this win, and tomorrow facing Kakuryuu. At his first bout with a yokozuna: "Watching it is fun, doing it is not." 大砂嵐 星を五分に戻し、5日目は鶴竜に挑戦。初の横綱戦に向け「見るのは楽しいが、やるのは楽しくない」と胸中は複雑。 Kisenosato, Oosunaarashi delivering kachi-age to Chiyoootori's face. The previous day having received kachi-age from Oosunaarashi himself, giving his opinion: "He's a rikishi, so... It's not a striking sport." 稀勢の里 大砂嵐が千代鳳の顔面にかち上げ。前日は自身が食らっており、「力士だからね…。殴るスポーツじゃない」と苦言。 Thanks for the correction, Alaktorn!