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  1. Marcomisakari

    Day 15 MK/KK Matches

    I propose a rule change to Guess The Kotomitsuki: If Kotomitsuki faces a 7:7 Ozeki on the last day it will be counted as win regardless of the actual outcome... Marcomisakari, who guessed 10:5 and Kaio as the highest ranking Rikishi he will beat...
  2. Marcomisakari

    Rikishi talk day 6 Aki 2009

    I meant that, too: Or do I misunderstand something completely?
  3. Marcomisakari

    Rikishi talk day 6 Aki 2009

    I think he won 10 in a row once?
  4. Marcomisakari

    Rikishi Talk - Senshuraku 2009 Nagoya Basho

    Big thanks to Jonosuke for those translations!
  5. Marcomisakari

    Rikishi Talk - Day 6 2009 Hatsu Basho

    Thanks for those translations, and also to all others who bring pictures and reports from the sumo world to us!
  6. Marcomisakari

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Game Over Ronaldo ;-) (SCNR)
  7. Biggest German online news site had a small article about the return of Asashoryu, summarizing the events of the last months (but making fun about the size of rikishi, calling him clumsy... ;-),1518,529705,00.html
  8. Marcomisakari

    Soken- January 8th

    Thankyou! (In a state of confusion...)
  9. Marcomisakari

    Paris 95 on Eurosport

    and they also show it tomorrow at midnight CET
  10. Marcomisakari

    Paris 95 on Eurosport

    Haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere, ES (at least the German programme) is showing the 95 Paris Tournament right at this moment.
  11. Marcomisakari

    Who will win it?

    13-2 ketteisen between Aminishki, Kotooshu and Hakuho, Koto wins
  12. Marcomisakari

    What is the rule for Hakuho's Yokozuna promotion?

    No. Ozeki promotion guideline is 33 wins over 3 basho, all in sanyaku, (and inofficially a good final basho of this 3 basho run) Yokozuna Promotion guideline is 2 Yusho (or equivalent, like ketteisen-loss or 14-1 behind a 15-0) in a row as Ozeki. The rules are not definite, the NSK may be a bit more strict or generous given the circumstances, but 2 yusho in a row are a safe deal.
  13. Marcomisakari

    Takamisakari suspended

    thx for the info
  14. Marcomisakari

    Takamisakari suspended

    While reading this thread a related question came to my mind: When Wakanohana and Takanohana were both Yokozuna - who did the tsuyu-harai and tachi-mochi jobs? Did the heya have enough sekitori in makuuchi for both Y (Akinoshima, Takatoriki... can Ozeki (Takanonami)do it, too?), did they share one or both, had the higher ranked/older/who became Y first the first choice (i.e. he got heya-mates, the other got those from the same ichimon?
  15. Marcomisakari

    Hatsu Basho's Best 15 Bouts by the Kyokai

    ...there's also an english version: At least I think it's the same, as I *am* Japanese challenged (In a state of confusion...)