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  1. TheMightyTim

    Bench sumo mailing list

    According to this link: Yahoo Groups will close on October 28. Are there plans for an alternative group elsewhere?
  2. TheMightyTim

    Games Bugs

    Hi all It would appear that the POG standings have not updated with Day 2 results.
  3. Well, it's official. My KK streak in ISP is at an end. My aim now is to not finish plum last.
  4. This tournament is not going according to plan for me at the moment.
  5. TheMightyTim

    Games Talk Aki 2016 - may contain traces of spoilers -

    My Summary Well, I got off to a superb start, but failed to carry the momentum forward to the second half of the tournament. Nonetheless a pretty good tournament all around Bench: I can't complain with a 10-5 record. Plus I managed to make it to the third round of the KCC for only the second time ever, I believe. Should see me into the next division next time. My only gripe was going from 7-1 to 7-4, but I can't have everything. ISP: Again, a good start, and again I can't complain with a 10-5 record (although it is a bit galling since I started 7-0!). But I'll take it! POG and Roto: Fairly average, but I finished on the right half of the table, so no complaints! Quad: Ended up with my first KK in ages with a 6-9 record. The streak was going to end sometime. Ideally, for the next tournament, I'd like to aim for a top 50 finish in the World Championships. Perhaps I should enter more games next year. More games = more points! :) Thanks for the games!
  6. TheMightyTim

    Games Talk Nagoya 2016

    This tournament is not going according to plan for me.
  7. TheMightyTim

    Games Bugs

    Thank you! :)
  8. TheMightyTim

    Games Bugs

    Not a bug as such, but I can't seem to find the banzuke for ISP. Do you know where I can find it?
  9. TheMightyTim

    Games Bugs

    I just noticed this, and if the implication is that I tried to deliberately circumvent the rules, then I would like to clear the air by categorically stating that this is something I would never, ever do. What occurred in this instance was nothing more than an honest mistake from me.
  10. TheMightyTim

    New Bench Sumo Banzuke for January 2016

    Well, it seems like I'm not the only one to miss the sign in deadline. My own fault - got all my days mixed up this week. Anyway, so much for my glorious Juryo debut!
  11. TheMightyTim

    Sumo Gaming World Championship Finals 2015

    Wow! Nice to see my name in lights!
  12. TheMightyTim

    Games Talk Kyushu 2015

    I exceeded my own expectations this time around! Went 10-5 in Bench Sumo for the second time in three tournaments. Hopefully enough to secure promotion to Juryo Chaingang went wrong on the first day ISP started off well, but then it went to pot on the last few days. Nonetheless, an 11-4 record is pretty darn good! Finished well in POG, but not so good at Roto I accidentally missed a day out of Maegashira game which cost me. But I managed to get first place in Quad - somehow!
  13. TheMightyTim

    Games Bugs

    I hate to be nitpicky, and I probably should have noticed this earlier, but in Bench Sumo, I seem to have fought Aminoumi on both Day 6 and Day 8.
  14. TheMightyTim

    Aki 2014 Games Talk

    There appears to be no banzuke for Rotosumo. There hasn't been one for some time. Anyone know anything? Also, I'm hoping for a better performance this time around in everything!