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  1. Igordemorais

    Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Yo my jewish brother from another mother, you need a Patreon account so we can support what you do on a more stable basis. You can even add things like "pre-tournament analysis" for tiers of supporters, etc. That gives you a more stable revenue stream for the great work you do, instead of counting on sporadic donations via PayPal Get a Patreon Ill be the first to sign up, Ive been watching your videos for years
  2. Igordemorais

    Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    Just so you know, your videos are how we in the MMA and BJJ forumsover in Brazil watch sumo. We've managed to build quite a community and your work allows us to enjoy the sport So thanks a lot buddy, youre the man
  3. Igordemorais

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Mitakeumi showing some real Yokozuna mental strength there. Why isnĀ“t Naganoyama posting the daily scoreboard anymore?
  4. Igordemorais

    Baruto Intai

    God dammit
  5. Igordemorais

    Yokozuna/Ozeki preperandum - Aki 2013

    I have torn ligaments in my left ankle. The small ones, when they tear you kind of just leave it, fixing it takes surgery and is a pain in the ass. You end up with a sort of loose ankle , it sucks and the propensity for further injury is there. He better operate it or tape that sumbitch up HARD for training. I'm talking " muay thai cant move my foot Sagat style put two rolls on this mo-fo" taping.
  6. Igordemorais

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Thanks for the videos Kintamayama! Once again the Brazilian fans thank you!
  7. Igordemorais

    Leaderboard Day 8 Nagoya Basho 2013

  8. Igordemorais

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    I see what you mean. Consistency and a solid demeanor in the ring are the basis of a Yokozuna. Just look at Harumafuji, that's the level of technical genius you have to have in order to be a Yokozuna without consistency. Goeido and Chiyotairyu are not even remotely close to that yet.
  9. Igordemorais

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    He is not the mental giant he was in the last tourney. Notice the slippery dohyo also, this is Harumafuji's turf!
  10. Igordemorais

    Yokozuna/Ozeki preperandum - Nagoya 2013

    116kgs of LBM is fair enough, definitely sounds accurate and would put his body fat percentage around 23% which for a man that huge is incredibly low and attests to his very high degree of physical conditioning.
  11. Igordemorais

    Preparations of the masses-Nagoya 2013

    Osunaarashi is talented, but there are a lot of talented guys in Makuuchi. Half of them had prodigious rises and tons of titles from lower divisions. Aoiyama, Chiyotairyu, Aran, Jokoryu, all rose very quickly through the ranks. Even these phenoms find themselves in deep water at the top division upon arrival. Osunaarashi is huge and very strong and hard working. His size and strength alone ( with basic technique) would be enough to take him through the lower 3 divisions. So yes, I believe that unless he lowers his center of gravity, as soon as he arrives in Makuuchi ( which I have no doubt he will, soon enough) he will find himself getting tossed, thrown and tripped all over the place.
  12. Igordemorais

    Preparations of the masses-Nagoya 2013

    If Osunaarashi doesn't lower that center of gravity he will get mercilessly trounced in Makuuchi.
  13. Igordemorais

    Yokozuna/Ozeki preperandum - Nagoya 2013

    This reminds me very much of Rocky III, when Rocky was doing PR and meetings while Clubber Lang was traning like a mad dog to get him, then Rocky got trounced. All I see is Hakuho travelling around and perfoming his yokozuna PR shenanigans and focusing on different things, mongolian wrestling and whatnot while Kisenosato shows up dirty, sweaty and focused in every picture, and every word that comes out of his mouth is related to the upcoming tournament. I think Kise tasted victory, I think his perception of himself has changed and I think he sees himself as a champion now, not a promise but as an equal, and this wil reflect in his attitude in training and in the competition.
  14. Igordemorais

    Hakuho, 27 Yusho and Counting

    So boring. Im done with sumo.
  15. Igordemorais

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Kisenosato is looking beastlike.... he will likely run through Kotoshogiku. This Yusho is anyone's to take at this point