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  1. Hi everyone! my name is Juan Manuel, but my friends call me "Elgordojuan " (the fat john). I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I practice "sumo" for almost 3 years and for 2, with a group of friends create "BUENOS AIRES SUMO". With them we have been doing shows and spreading the sumo in our country. In these two years we made our own dohyo, we manufacture our mawashis and periodically make presentations on television and in magazines to reach a greater number of people and make more people aware and passionate about the sport as much as all of us. In October we will make our first international tournament and we hope to further promote this high in South America. are all invited to participate, there is more info on "amasumo discussions". if you want to know a little more, you can find us on www.facebook.com / buenosairessumo Hoping to build a friendship with you, I leave a big hug to everyone. Elgordojuan
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    We are proud to invite you to participate in the "BUENOS AIRES SUMO OPEN 2011" international tournament organized by BUENOS AIRES SUMO. This time, we have a tournament divided by weight categories, to be confirmed by weighing before the tournament. Categories are: Lightweight, -85 kg middleweight -115 kg Heavyweight +115 kg open weight If you want to participate in the tournament, send us an email to info@buenosairessumo.com.ar and we will send you the form and enrollment conditions. registration ends on October 14. For viewers who do not know about sumo, we will make a exhibition to show the rules and customs of the sport. we hope to see you all!!!
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    Buenos Aires Sumo Open

    Dear friends of sumo: I have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the BUENOS AIRES SUMO OPEN, to be held on Saturday October 29, in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We know this is a great opportunity to contribute to the growth of sumo For this edition, we have the confirmation and support from European and South American fighters and we are awaiting the response of many more fighters. The tournament will be divided into weight categories, which are as follows: