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  1. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    it sounds familiar, my brother's name is Pierre
  2. Thanks a lot for all the work of the Banzuke Asashosakari. I do not doubt that is true and I accept the decision without any problems. But I am surprised that this has only been noticed now.
  3. Potential Forum Meeting May 2017

    I will also be part of the Natsu Basho this May. On friday 19th of May, Arena A, Westside and on the 20th in Arena B. On the 21st and 22nd I will be in Arena A + B, on the opposite. I hope to meet other Sumo fans from different forums.
  4. Wow!! I have a bottle Champagne Veuve Clicquot in the refrigerator
  5. GTB- A key basho 2016! And results!!

    Thank you for the compliments, thank you also Oyakata Fujishima for his advice
  6. Games Talk Nagoya 2016

    I am of the same opinion as Kotononami and join the proposal of Ganzo.
  7. Superbanzuke Nagoya 2016

    Wow! After 14 years of sumogames the first time leader in Super Banzuke, I'm very proud and happy. The rash was in the last two Basho with 10 or more classifications of the top 10 and only three MK for 19 games (I have not participate at the Norizo Cup) but also by a smail drop in performance of sumogames tenore. I have also benefited from Intai as Yokozuna Randomitsuki by the German Sumo-Tipspiel. Jürgen has lost more than 400 points. One might think since I am retired I invest a lot more time for sumogames, on the contrary, I have reduced my workload to 20 games. Since then I put my tip more spontaneous and need less than an hour to the daily tips previously two to three hours. This is perhaps one of the reasons for my flight of fancy. I hope I can keep this "Olympic form" on. I wish all of you're a satisfying Basho.
  8. Natsu 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Thanks fo the video hamcomheinz. The difference between the two salt thows and also a great time.
  9. Superbanzuke Natsu 2016

    Wow! Yokozuna W, what a surprise! Trougt become Ôzeki but no more. I have to confirm the rank now. Merci pour les fleurs Alex :-)
  10. FAWL - Hatsu basho 2016

    Absolutely agree with you Flohru, in Switzerland pronounced "Spätzli" :-)
  11. Hatsu 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Great job Tenshinhan, merci beaucoup.
  12. Superbanzuke Hatsu 2016

    It is 13 years since I played all the games for the Super Banzuke (except Norizo cup) and this is the first time that I do in all the games KK :-) (sorry for the englisch, Google translation)
  13. SalaryCap Sumo Haru 2015

    Thank you Golynohana for the revival of SalaryCap. My Team: 1 Hakuho 2 Ikioi 3 Terunofuji 4 Ichinojo With Terunofuji I have speculaded on Sansho (160 points) and Ichinojo on Ginboshi (42 points) + Kinboshi (42 points) and also on Sansho (0 points). The Jun-Yusho (240 points) of Terunofuji I have not schedulet :-) Too bad the game for the Masters and the Super-Banzuke not yet registered (Weeping...) (sorry for my bad englisch)
  14. Haru 2015 Superbanzuke

    Now i have to break the Germann phalanx ;-) Congratulations and welcome to Sanyaku Renaud (Applauding...)