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  1. Is the translation for Kotoshogiku "Close Your Eyes At The Tachi-ai"?

    I thought that Hibi had the better tachi-ai as he got underneath Giku, forcing him upright. For me, it was game over right there.

    Kotoshougiku was well over the line before Toyohibiki moved, but Toyohibiki skillfully recovered. At least that's what I can see from here.

    i think oshi-sumo rikishi (with thighs like an ox*) would take Toyohibiki's tachi-ai over Kotoshogiku's every day of the week.

    the fact that Shogi was well over the line, before Hibs moved, just gave the "chance" to the STRONG legs of the latter to find the best angle in order to push upwards and backwards an opponent with less mass and an ox like stature and style of pushing.

    Hibs found the way to beat Shogun for all eternity .... don't tell him ... or .... please tell him. I kind of like him (In jonokuchi...)

    *of course Toyohibiki and Kotoshogiku are respectively the president and vice-president of this "club"

  2. Today Kotoyuki was so certain for his loss against Tochinoshin, after the latter got a grip of the mawashi, that he had to give it a second effort to talk out of the dohyo. (Sigh...)

    That was horrible ..... Truly horrible. (Hit the wall...)

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  3. the tomoe-sen in Makuuchi look like this

    Asashoryu had half of his tomoe-sen bouts in non-sekitori ranks.

    Musashimaru (unfortunately) was not very productive in such bouts ... Especially against Taka .... (probably a reason i never liked him (In jonokuchi...))

    and this is how Juryo looks like in the tomoe-sen department.

    and this a list for more yusho through the play-off system. Asashoryu and Chiyonofuji were true grinders on the dohyo, but Hakuho may go past them with another yusho through a kettei-sen.

  4. Tosayutaka and Tanzo are fighting for the top spot on this list for the time being.

    I am obviously counting out Goeido for a lower division yusho anytime soon. Same goes for Tokitenku, Shohozan, Aoiyama and Jokoryu for the time being

    Ikeru ... aka the "Jonokuchi killer" ... has a body made out of glass but how many yushos can a man "steal" from kids in the long run (Wearing a paperbag...)

    Keitenkai also has a legitimate chance for the top.

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  5. Hakuho restarted keiko with the basics after the O-Bon holidays. 100 shiko, etc., then Mongol-zumo and catch-ball with the trainer.


    I have to say that never in a hundred years would I have imagined seeing an image such as this, even if I was stoned.

    not a very rare pose for a pic by rikishi

    here's Tochihikari back in the day for example


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  6. nice to see Harumafuji without the ankle wraps. I hope he is feeling healthier and that we avoid watching him use weak footwork during the basho.

    also happy for Endo being picked for kawaigari. He is already one of my personal favourites from the roster.

  7. i actually submitted my entry to GTB. (Holiday feeling...)

    if anyone wants to have a laugh ... eeeeem .... i meant if anyone wants to see a newbie having no idea what to do with the bottom of the makuuchi i will post my entry here .... (Dribbling...)

    lovely stuff down there. i was actually thinking of making Makuuchi's lowest rank the M15w spot. This looks horrible (Wearing a paperbag...)

    (Raging at computer...)

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  8. I agree with Pierre: All this discussion about picking rules, adoption system and time zones completely miss the spirit of the game.

    That was the point that I was trying to make in my original post. My interest is simply to revitalize the adoption concept. If it takes a simple game to drag people into doing it, so be it. I probably will not take part in the game, but let's do something.

    that would be my target and also the reason i would participate in a game like that.

    And again .... even though i have already "adopted" 2 rikishi, i wouldn't mind adding another one in the family. So yeah .... even if there is a time constraint and a "first come, first served" attitude around it i still pick Aoto .... :-D. Or i will just stick to my adoptions and dream of a better life for both of them in the future.

    (btw .... where is the customary topic where we brag about our adoptions?)

  9. Moti's post made want to enter this game for the first (and possibly last) time. I may have to idea how to make a banzuke and i never really bothered about banzukes in general (except the actual printed banzukes that i love and tend to get them once in a while).

    sooooo ... yeah ... this time around i will set the "Bar of Ignorance" for everyone by being dead last when the results come out.

    (disclaimer: My final entry will be made by using all "non-scientific" methods to get the final product)

  10. i find his shikona rather creative ... i am just fed up with fujis, yamas, ryus and kotos.

    the Endo shikona tells a lot about the rikishi's balance. His Oyakata saw that in him and tried to use it for his name


    (randomly selected pic of a motorcyclist performing an Endo, provided by google) B-)

  11. i know who i would pick if such a game materializes.

    I may have a problem n the "family" as i already have two adopted rikishi but i think we can work it out with some good "parenting" B-) (Gathering...) .

    so yeah ... if i could be on time when the picks are made i would definitely pick Aoto from Hakkaku beya. And i agree with Doitsu ... the game ends when all picked rikishi are intai.

    Same thing goes with all "adoptions" ... doesn't it? I don't remember anyone that stopped having hope in their rikishi ... (In jonokuchi...)

    btw ... i think i had 4 adopted rikishi over the years that went intai rather abruptly (Morioka , Daiyuchi , Hoshihikari and Chiyonoshima) ... not a good father after all .... :-|

  12. Well .. this query prompted to make another one of my own and i found out that Kuniazuma (the Brazilian) is the rikishi with the most non-sekitori Yushos.

    He has 5 and the only other active rikishi with 4 are Goeido, Tanzo and Tosayutaka (he has a chance next basho to tie Kuniazuma if he gets the Makushita Yusho).

    Active with 3 yusho are: Aoiyama, Baruto, Ikeru, Shohozan, Jokoryu and Tokitenku .

    Ikeru could realistically catch up with the brazilian on his way up the ranks.

  13. Hakuho got the tsuna on the 3rd try, to Kise: “The chance will come”, also calling Endo a handsome man and warning him about getting too much involved with female fans, who should rise in numbers with his popularity and a rise to makuuchi: “If you are careful with that you'll rise high.”

    kinda funny given that his wife used to hang around Miyagino in her schoolgirl uniform a few years back. Yep, have the photo and was there when her mother pushed her to the front to meet him after asageiko.



    Doitsuyama hit the spot here.

  14. so yeah .... not much have changed since i last posted here but at least there was something positive at the end.

    i got a sansho in Seki-Quad (Kanto-sho) and a KK (obviously). I also lost the shukun-sho in a tie but i guess there was a reason i didn't get that too (probably in the rules but i never read them ... sooo ....). I was also happy that i got 2 Ginboshi ... and i was surprised no one else did get any.

    biggest disappointment of the basho was the last day MK in Seki-toto. I cannot even remember when was the last time i got a KK in this game (i was absent for years though)

    in all pre-basho games i sucked ... (In jonokuchi...)