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  1. aderechelsea

    Day 5 lower division results

    so it's December at best for him. If he goes back to his previous form this shouldn't be a problem. Well .... maybe top makushita can be tricky sometimes.
  2. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    anyone remembers Chiyonoshima (75 kilos of strenght) ? Left the heya a couple of times and came back with his hair cut. Or am i thinking of someone else? He was my "adoptee" back in the days .... i should be able to remember better.
  3. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    maybe a bit premature, by for me he is the next "japanese hope". I rate him higher on skill level than Kise or Shogi and maybe equal to Goeido (if not on top). He needs to move higher on the "power" scale and then i am expecting an Ozeki run. And possibly a good opponent for the Yokozunas. Technically he represents the style of sumo the Yokozunas hate to face. He needs a few more pounds (of power) on himself.
  4. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Nonsense. yeah .. i know ... it is either Thomas Muster or Yevgeny Kafelnikov (not my favourites ... no)
  5. aderechelsea

    Day 5 lower division results

    i was very happy when i watched Morimune's bout today. He is doing well and with the help of Musashimaru he will be better. His physical strength would be a big weapon anywhere but i had to think how much better he would develop in Kokonoe for example. (Scratching chin...) Good bout to watch was the Yakabe - Takei one (win for Takei), as they both are really young but with good sumo instincts. I will be watching them both to see how they develop. Ishiura is very good but his style won't work well as he goes higher. He will eventually bulk up a bit and then maybe .... we will have another Ama in our hands. Tosayutaka is overcompensating for his loss on day1 and he is a potentially good henka victim. I really want to see the Gorilla back in an oicho-mage ... i hope it will be by the end of the year (is September possible even if he wins all his bouts till July? a 6-1 record wouldn't place him in the top 6 ranks ... right?).
  6. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 6 Natsu Basho 2013

    E-jd50 Omori 2-0 vs 2-0 Kaiho E-jd53 Similar styles, similar bodys, both undefeated in the last 6 bouts. Unfortunately Omori moves his feet a bit better and (i hope i am wrong) he is the favourite in this bout. The positive about Kaiho is that even though he is 170kg he managed to work his way to a win even in a match that he was henkaed. That's great in so many aspects. E-sd91Tochitaiga 2-0 vs 2-0 Hayashi W-sd86 Tough bout for Hayashi too. His steps are closer to a hop. If he improves this part of his sumo he can go higher faster. well .... anyway .... I can hop(e) too ...
  7. aderechelsea

    Natsu 2013 new recruits

    if Ogiryu is the REALLY lanky guy ... then yes it was .... he is the one that lost to the old guy in the end. sorry for that but names were not recorded in my head ... maybe the beer ...
  8. aderechelsea

    Natsu game bugs

    my comment was for Moti actually. and i am rather familiar with british sarcasm ... i am being "accused" for this style of sarcasm by friends and family on a daily basis ... (sometimes from Brits too :-P )
  9. aderechelsea

    Video Stream - Natsu 13, Day 5 Up

    i am still hyperventilating from the Europa League final so i will watch the stream from start to finish .... :-D (Cheers...) it's up ... even though we can only see Chiyonofuji's painting for now. The sound is on ... i am stealing these links from Asojima's post for day 4 Link 1: Link 2: http://mfile.akamai....3290.asx?prop=a Link 3: http://mfile.akamai....3365.asx?prop=a Link 4: http://mfile.akamai....up=23365∝=a
  10. aderechelsea

    Jk Rikishi Missing from Tournament?

    probably cause he is the closest ranked 1-1 rikishi that is not fighting on day 5. but i am guessing here ...
  11. aderechelsea

    The Mandatory Retirement Age Should be Raised

    if Hanakaze stays active for 2 more years he will reach this age .... he is 43 years young and still active. I have no clue about previous rikishi. I just remember he is old ....
  12. aderechelsea

    Yakut Swallows Sheet Music

  13. aderechelsea

    Yakut Swallows Sheet Music

    i am ... but at home (Holiday feeling...) (Zabuton flying...) (Second prize...) (Cheers...) (Dribbling...)
  14. aderechelsea

    Yakut Swallows Sheet Music

    when we were both lucky ... :-)
  15. aderechelsea

    Natsu game bugs

    if you are not being sarcastic (i never know) maybe this? Mary 2013 Results edit: fixed .... too slow (In jonokuchi...)
  16. aderechelsea

    ! Salary Cup 2013 - Game Revival !

    i am up for that (and not because i didn't pick one this time around)
  17. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    for me this is his trademark. Asashoryu perfected this as well and that's probably why they will have more than 50 yusho between them. (along with their general awesomeness of course)
  18. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 5 Natsu Basho 2013

    he is indeed ... even the win-loss count is the same. (for Jokoryu too his losses were against future sekitori)
  19. aderechelsea

    Yakut Swallows Sheet Music

    i cannot speak japanese but i gave it a go and this is what i found these might be completely irrelevant..... i know ...
  20. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    and it also translates into "they are not good enough to win against anyone above Goeido" (except Myogi)... so yeah. We are saying the same thing but we make different assessments i the end.
  21. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 5 Natsu Basho 2013

    Tosayutaka is facing Hokuo tomorrow and he is in any kind of shape resembling his pre-injury self he shouldn't have a problem. (btw .... does he hold the record for fasted rise to sekitori ranks? i am not talking about makushita TD rikishi of course) he was promoted to Juryo with 3 losses in the first 5 basho of his career. All to future sekitori (Tanzo,Aran and Kirinowaka) Wakamisho is up against Saishin. I hope for a win but it is a hard test indeed.
  22. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    the impressive thing would be if one of them would actually win the yusho as it happened back then. take into consideration the fact that have a rather weak group of rikishi near the top this time around. A semi-good Goeido, a hurt Baruto and a mediocre Myogiryu are the only challenges they had this far. And i am predicting tomorrow will mark the end of Kotoshigiku's streak as Goeido is the only rikishi he faced this far that is not at 0-4 through day 4. Kotooshu has faced both sekiwake and tomorrow he is up against Myogiryu. He is the only one was really tested this far. Kisenosato is 4-0 against rikishi of a collective 1-15 record
  23. aderechelsea

    Greatest Maegashira

    Kaiho ... just because. and Kyokushuzan because i always enjoyed his bouts. i cannot be more serious when we are talking about "who was the best among the mediocre ones". Subjectivity is prominent in this topic.
  24. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    a yokozuna can treat you however he likes during keiko and it is an honour to be treated like that. I don't think Hakuho's opponents care about these shoves at all ... they are used to them. and we are talking about a shove .... he is not kicking or punching them. Let's not make a big deal out of nothing.
  25. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 3 Natsu Basho 2013

    wins all around ..... happy days for me in the lower divisions.