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  1. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Nice basho in general. At least it was competitive (in theory) till day 14. I would love to see Tokushoryu get the juryo yusho and maybe Shohozan getting to double digits .... but you know ... not bad at all in general. Also happy for Takekaze ... i just wish he didn't beat Toyonoshima for his 9th win and giving him a MK. . . . and I'll say it again ... watch all of Kisenosato's fights in a row. He doesn't look as dominant as you think. He just happened to get through some mediocre bouts (vs Myogi, Baruto and O3), had some wins against rikishi that were abysmal and he lost in the only 2 bouts that actually mattered ..... I wouldn't hold my breath till he gets his first Yusho.
  2. aderechelsea

    Natsu 2013 videos- Day 1-15

    Happy Birthday Moti ... and thank you for the videos (Holiday feeling...) i usually watch the bouts live but i always enjoy the entertaining recap every afternoon.
  3. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    or he would just stay in Makuuchi for 3-4-5 years and make a living. Retiring at the age of 30 is not the solution for everyone. ask Miyabiyama.....
  4. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Never going to happen again thanks to Futahaguro, that's pretty safe to say. thank you ... Hakuho has 5 yusho (4 as Ozeki ... 2 zensho) ... he is a Yokozuna. Kise had one basho that the title was up for the taking just once.... and he is not getting it as it seems. Big difference. And if you watch his bouts for this basho one after the other you will see he was not as dominant as you think.
  5. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Hakuho proooooobably knows that Kise barely moves forward at the tachi-ai. He didn't just jump to the side and was waiting for Kise to fall down. He tried to get a better position and he succeeded in that. Kise showed some power in this bout but he remains far from yokozuna material. If he ever gets a yusho then we are talking (on a theoretical level) ... till then .... it is just a dream..
  6. aderechelsea

    Promotion/Demotion discussion Natsu 2013

    Kisenosato maybe? B-)
  7. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    so .... that is why i like Shohozan so much .... we share the same hobbies ... (In jonokuchi...) i completely missed this story back when it was out. Nice ..... he is moving up a spot in my "favourites list" and from now on he is tied in second place with the Gorilla.
  8. aderechelsea

    ! Salary Cup 2013 - Game Revival !

    suddenly i wish i never picked Kisenosato as my #1 guy .... did i jinx it and now i have to pay for it by actually watching him get the yusho? (Spooky TV program...) Holy Hakuho must deliver tomorrow ....
  9. aderechelsea

    Day 12 lower division results

    Oshio was amazed too that he got the win after he went flying outside the dohyo.
  10. aderechelsea

    Rikishi Status Natsu - D15 no news

    i imagine that a 0-0-7 record in jonokuchi would mean you will do mae-zumo once again so it would push your return in a regular basho 2 months back ..... but, as always, there are people here that would definitely kow the right answer to that.
  11. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 13 Natsu Basho 2013

    i watched all of Shineiyama's bouts this basho and i am not impressed. He IS the favourite in tomorrow's bout due to experience but if he needs to improve his tachi-ai and definitely his sonkyo posture .... (i cannot watch rikishi that cannot flex their gluts/thighs ... REALLY) . He is mediocre in all other aspects ... not good when you have a chonmage in Jonokuchi. Ishiura in my opinion (you know how valuable it is (Sigh...)) is a tougher opponent due to his athletic abilities and his nage. In a pushing contest Kaiho was a chance. If Ishiura gets the mawashi ....a throw is on it's way.
  12. aderechelsea

    Persistence Watch - 2013 edition

    Okino hurt my eyes once more. Today the bout against Sakai portrayed two rikishi with excellent migi-yotsu grips but no idea what to do with these. I don't think i ever watched anyone doing sumo and standing so upright in such an ideal grip. I REALLY wish him the best in his final bout (i am rooting for all Hakkaku beya guys ... well ... i never rooted for Hokutoriki i think) but any rikishi with a 3-3 record will be too strong for him. bonus points for staying on the tawara and "over-powering" Sakai in the end.
  13. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 13 Natsu Basho 2013

    this one could be really interesting. Tosa is definitely a rikishi what if he stays healthy he will once more become a sekitori. Shimoda (Wakakeisho) was a big hope when he fist showed up but never managed to become a sekitori. Checking his numbers i realised that he had 6 bashos in a single digit makushita rank and a total record of 12 wins and 30 losses during those tournaments. Talk about "hitting the wall". (i always thought that a university guy could not wait for so many years until he earns a proper living from Sumo ... he is 7 years in .... and counting) anyway .... at least the quality, for a mid-makushita bout, will be above average.
  14. aderechelsea

    Shikona for a Sumo Board Game

    i cannot really be helpful with your efforts but i can add my vote here that i would be interested in this game too. :-) (i any case ... if a rikishi will be named "Kaiho" 海鵬 you can bet the farm that he will be my favourite, no matter how bad he will be)
  15. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 13 Natsu Basho 2013

    ok .. i am an idiot. Kaiho is facing Shineiyama so disregard the previous post (i am leaving it as a monument of idiocy)
  16. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 13 Natsu Basho 2013

    If Kaiho beats Ishiura, for the first time in his short career, i will be surprised. Both rikishi are running streaks of 10 and 13 wins in a row. If he can block Ishiuras's side stepping (he has the mass to do it) and doesn't allow a grip on the mawashi he could win in a oshi-zumo bout. Tough to do, but it could be the winning strategy. Come on my "son" !!!! (In jonokuchi...)
  17. aderechelsea

    Day 10 Pics - Natsu 13

    i was thinking more of the "People's Elbow" by the Rock .... i always had a soft spot for WWE/F.
  18. aderechelsea

    Natsu 2013 videos- Day 1-15

    yeah .... now it works for me too. :-)
  19. aderechelsea

    Natsu 2013 videos- Day 1-15

    "this video is not available" ? (In jonokuchi...)
  20. aderechelsea

    Day 10 lower division results

    and here i was yesterday saying that "Endo will have a field trip tomorrow" .... that shows how much i know about the stuff i am talking about .... (Sigh...) Kaiho is gonna have a tough test tomorrow. Dewadaiki is not a push-over ... let's hope for the 10th win in a row.
  21. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    i wonder how may times can Daikiho run backwards till he reaches the tawara and then submit to a yoritaoshi/abisetaoshi ? Unbelievable ...
  22. aderechelsea

    Retirement ceremony bouts.

    i would recommend you went to watch a training session. Far more interesting than a danpatsu-shiki ceremony unless you are a fan of the guy getting the haircut. it's easy to do and it's free (i am greek .. this things matter) :-P
  23. aderechelsea

    Limped out

    how many injuries for Shuho thus far? .... from a detached retina (or something) to a dislocated knee ... :-( i hope all will be well for the "future yokozuna".
  24. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    "Matta": a false start of a bout due to mutual misunderstanding.... :-|
  25. aderechelsea

    Natsu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    As far as I remember, both rikishi have to have both fist on the ground before the match starts! well ... if you didn't like the old video just check a currently active rikishi. Toyohibiki .... i doubt he even touches ONE .... let alone BOTH hands on the dohyo before his bouts get under way. and btw .... If there was a statistic for "most total minutes spent in the dohyo for someone's bouts", i don't think anyone can compare to Asasekiryu or maybe Kotonowaka.