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  1. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    the looks the part and he also does solid sumo this far. I am also expecting big things from him. But i said that for Futeno too i think .... :-P btw .... how about that Satoyama win today?. A fine piece of sumo by both Sotairyu and himself.
  2. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Ishiura did it again .... won from a disadvantageous position after the tachi-ai. When he gets figured out round the top of makushita he should have problems but he may also transform into something else. Surprisingly effective sumo thus far. Another one to watch for a definitely entertaining bout.
  3. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 5 Nagoya Basho 2013

    What a great bout indeed. I should keep an eye for Kotomatsuo if i want to watch an exciting match. (Applauding...)
  4. aderechelsea

    New Recruits from Natsu

    since i was watching these i'll post the results after the day 5 matches: 3-0 Jk19E Horikiri Jk19W Ikeru (nice bout against Yato. Take a look) 2-1 Jk22W Yato (lost to Ikeru today) Jk20E Kaminoyama (not looking good at all ... really messy. His loss to Ikeru who is becoming the "new-recruits killer") 1-1 Jk20W Ogiryu (had the day off) 0-3 Jk21E Kiyomusashi (Musashimaru must pull a rabbit out of his hat with him ...)
  5. aderechelsea

    Nagoya 2013 Videos- Promo and All Days

    great and at the same time weird win for Ishiura. I was quite flabbergasted when i watched the bout ... it was quite early (or late?) too. But he is an exciting rikishi to watch.
  6. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    i think it was almost at the same time that Daikamikaze stepped outside and the other guy fell on his back. Maybe they gave it to Kamikaze because he was the attacker. Not clear enough for a isamiashi maybe.
  7. aderechelsea

    Yobidashi Keisuke

    good times .... B-) and indeed he looked like a nice guy. But you know me .... mention Chelsea in a conversation and you can win me over. (Laughing...)
  8. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Azumanami vs. Kaiho bout after bout i believe in Kaiho (my adopted rikishi) more and more. What a nice turnaround he accomplished at the tawara today!!! :-) i guess there is more to him than the perfect shikona (i know ... different "kai" kanji than the original Kaiho but still ...)
  9. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Isoazuma must have the funniest pic in the database among the active rikishi. . . . and this bout was rather good even though the Hakkaku rikishi lost in the end. At least he provided a healthy opposition.
  10. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    is bout was rather interesting as Itako is 35 years old but has only a Jd19 career highest rank to boast about and Tsubakifuji is 24 and also has managed a Jd19 highest rank. the weird thing is that they fought 5 times already and Tsubakifuji has won all of them. well ...all this might not be VERY interesting but it is 3:30 am over here and i need to find stuff to keep me awake till the start of makushita. B-)
  11. aderechelsea

    Nagoya 2013 new recruits

    strong lads both of them. They should move up the banzuke (at least till sandanme) with the right amount of technique in the mix. at least Musashimaru has 2 rikshi to work with for the near future (Morimune the other one).
  12. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 4 Nagoya Basho 2013

    that was painful to watch once more but i enjoyed it nonetheless ... :-) Kiyomusashi does not look like a great prospect for Mushashimaru's heya either.
  13. aderechelsea

    Yobidashi Keisuke

    been a fan since Natsu 2006 ... (only time i was in the Kokugikan) he has a good voice and he also has an eye for Chelsea jerseys in the crowd. B-)
  14. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 4 Nagoya Basho 2013

    is this the one? Kaikoki is still looking for his first win EVER after 13 matches (including mae-zumo) i hope he makes it but i seriously doubt it after what i have seem from him.
  15. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho 2013 discussion thread

    i though it was an old lady ... and the people around looked concerned ... even the shimpan. in general that area was a bit dodgy today. Daido tried to kill someone too but Hakuho did a better job with that too (he always does ... doesn't he?is there a thing in the world that he can't do better than the rest of the rikishi?) :-P
  16. aderechelsea

    Nagoya 2013 Videos- Promo and All Days

    this one was quite good too. Kaminoyama vs Ikeru i noticed it not only for the rare ipponzeoi kimarite but also because i had chosen Kaminoyama over Ikeru in the PTYW game ... (Sigh...)
  17. aderechelsea

    Stable Development Natsu 13

    i'll give it a go ... HRJ: Endo HRms: Wakamisho ... Sasanoyama HRsd: Ishiura ... Kaiho ... Onosho HRjd: Koba ... Daishoho ... Aoto ... Shineiyama HRjk: Kiyomusashi ... Horikiri
  18. aderechelsea

    Fine Line Walkers

    I really like Fujiazuma (look at my signature) but i surely wouldn't blame anyone that haven't noticed how he got to M4w from the bottom of the division in a calendar year. Flying under the radar lately. and btw ... i think this situation is helping him develop all the mental (and physical) skills to stay in Makuuchi for a long time. I wouldn't mind another 8-7 this basho.
  19. aderechelsea

    Stable Development Natsu 2013

    this game sounds fun. can i join? where are the rules?
  20. aderechelsea

    Sekitori with collegiate sumo experience

    great topic. thanks for all the work you put into making this list and keeping it up to date..
  21. aderechelsea

    21 Nagoya 13, The Results

    yeah ... i am in too. 1. A 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. A 11. B 12. A 13. A 14. B 15. A 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. B 20. A 21. B
  22. aderechelsea

    Retirements - 2013 Natsu

    wonder why a yobidashi would retire. Different job? just for that? Shintaro is one of the two yobidashi i recognised by name and face ... he was a character. well ... i wish him luck with whatever he is going to do.
  23. aderechelsea

    Preparations of the masses-Nagoya 2013

    any news on Kyokushuho's injury (and possible recovery)?
  24. aderechelsea

    Nagoya Basho Past Winners

    that 1982 basho pic could be Chiyonofuji versus Takanosato right after the tachi-ai. Or not .... B-)
  25. aderechelsea

    New tachi for yokozuna

    how much would a sword like that cost? and i don't mean how much a collector would pay for Hakuho's sword. Just the actual sword to get it made for you and just buy it. (i am just curious and a sword/knife fanatic)