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  1. aderechelsea

    Heya Watch Haru Basho 2013

    Hakkaku needs to do something about their scouting ... 57-73 seems to be the normal for this overcrowded heya. (my rant as a Hakkaku fan is over .... for now)
  2. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 11 Haru Basho 2013

    well ... that i did not get into account. if their match-up is inevitable then i retract my statement about Tamao getting the Jd yusho. :-P Tough luck for him .... edit: maaaaaaaaaybe if they pair him up with Wakarikido (in case he wins tomorrow)? .... i know ... i ask too much.
  3. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 11 Haru Basho 2013

    interesting set of matches for the Sandanme yusho ... - Tosayutaka is getting a freebie tomorrow. No way this is going Higonoryu's way. - I could also bet my "reputation" on Goshi winning tonorrow. - the Masutoo-Wakarikido bout is more difficult to predict but i am going on a limp here and betting on Wakarikido pull a suprise. as for the Jonidan yusho i cannot see how Tamao is going to lose it.
  4. aderechelsea

    Haru Basho 2013 - Discussion Thread

    glad to see Tosayutaka getting back to his fighting form and by the looks of it he can cruise to a 7-0. Nothing spectacular but he is getting the job done and he is far too good for Sandanme. Wakamisho was also splendid today ... important win against Osunaarashi and he got it through hard work in the ring.
  5. aderechelsea

    Unravelled Mawashi Touching Dohyo

    the front piece unfolding doesn't affect the mawashi's tightness, so the gyoji probably deals with it like a dangling sagari. You don't stop the bout when there is action.
  6. aderechelsea

    2013 Hatsu - Kimarite Statistics

    He beat Iwasaki this basho by chongake ..... And he is no pushover going for his top rank next basho after a 5-2 record at Ms39. He looks like he put on some weight recently and his attitude after the bout against Iwasaki was like "another day in the office ... another young gun falling for this trick ... oh... well ....". he is fun to watch for sure.
  7. aderechelsea

    Restrictions Kokugikan

    as a Greek freeloader i am glad too .... now i can feel rich like the rest of the world up till Juryo starts .... :-P
  8. aderechelsea

    2013 Hatsu - Kimarite Statistics

    nice one .... (Applauding...) people around here may remember how i love any kimarite stats. Sometimes you might even hear me disagreeing with the kimarite announced. Yeah ... i am THAT weird about it. thanks for your effort.
  9. aderechelsea

    ex-Kaiho now running a gym

    you know i am gonna start looking for flights? right? i am giving myself 9 months to do it.
  10. aderechelsea

    My banzuke collection

    well .... let me think about it ..... yeah ... i guess the second choice sounds a bit better. I am in !!!! (In jonokuchi...)
  11. aderechelsea

    Bushuyama intai

    i guess i am the minority here but i am not that sad about Takamisakari retiring .... i am kind of glad he did actually. Never liked his antics ... well .... moving on.
  12. aderechelsea

    Masunoyama story

    well .... indeed it was after all
  13. aderechelsea

    Unravelled Mawashi Touching Dohyo

    You must be thinking of Kaio and that pale blue mess he called a mawashi.
  14. aderechelsea

    Another one to close

    and what a great bunch of rikishi Wakamisho will find there to train. from an empty heya to doing butsugari with a yokozuna .... i hope he shines from now on.
  15. aderechelsea

    Videos Hatsu 2013: Days 1-15

    thanks to Moti and Araibira for all the coverage we got and the enrichment of the database with videos.
  16. aderechelsea

    Closing Ceremony

    i knew there was one around ..... cheers for that.
  17. aderechelsea

    Masunoyama story

    Had to post here even though i am digging up a rather old topic. Masunoyama is my girlfriend's favourite rikishi (she has only watched a few matches here and there) and she is the one that discovered this topic while googling his name. damn ... how did i miss this story? He sounds like a great guy and a rikishi of true essence. he has a fan (and a half ... that's me) in Greece.
  18. aderechelsea

    Closing Ceremony

    i am sure there is a short list somewhere (but i cannot find it now) of the rikishi that performed the yumitorishiki and went all the way to sekitori ranks. Except Oga i cannot recall anyone else breaking "the curse". anyone else have it handy?
  19. aderechelsea

    Special Yusho-Gaku from Yokozuna Taiho - 32. Yusho

    that would be nice to have ...
  20. aderechelsea

    New yumitorikishi

    a bit on the "fast and furious" side of things. i rarely watch the yumitorishiki but i have to admit that i prefer his more energetic style than Shoho's and Oga's (those two i can recall from memory).
  21. aderechelsea

    Hatsu 2013 Sansho

    Asojima explained it rather nice so i am using his post
  22. aderechelsea

    Bushuyama intai

    well .... if i read the topic from post one i would know .... ahem ..... (In jonokuchi...)
  23. aderechelsea

    Bushuyama intai

    does he have a kabu already ? i am creating (right now) the rumour that he retired in order to help Musashimaru with the new heya.
  24. aderechelsea

    Day 15 lower division results

    that's typical Hakkaku luck .... going to his highest rank ever with a dislocated shoulder on senshuraku of the last basho. lot's of time though to recover.
  25. aderechelsea

    Hatsu Basho 2013 - Discussion Thread

    you know what? i took notice in that too ... not the fact that the conspiracy is out ... just the fact that he won big this time around