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  1. aderechelsea

    Video Stream - Natsu 13

    no problems here .... the stream works perfectly.
  2. aderechelsea

    Greatest Ozeki?

    my vote goes to Takanohana. this video is not proof but it helped me decide the first time i watched it.
  3. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 3 Natsu Basho 2013

    E-jd52 Kirizakura vs Kaiho E-jd53 W-sd87 Mitotsukasa vs Hayashi W-sd86 E-ms46 Komakiryu vs Tosayutaka W-ms47 W-ms10 Wakamisho vs Higonojo W-ms8 big day in the lower ranks for my adoptees and for Tosa, who surprised me with his loss today and he is getting another "test" against a university guy. Kaiho should watch his tachi-ai. He barely makes any impact despite his mass but in this match he should be careful of a possible side-step. If he manage to move his feet well during his first 2-3 steps he shouldn't have a problem here. Hayashi is becoming better and better after each fight (especially his tachi-ai and mis first step after contact) but tomorrow he will have a tough job. Mitotsukasa is a bit lower than his normal rank and he seemed rather comfortable in his fist bout against Fukushima. Wakamisho is facing a university guy too and it won't be easy for him either.
  4. aderechelsea

    Day 2 results and day 3 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

    Homasho is indeed the favourite for the Juryo yusho but be warned that he is losing tomorrow. ;-) by the way ... Kaisei is still not out of his slump ... once again 2 easy losses for him without any power being portrayed in the process. edit: well .... he actually did lose today so i sense a massacre in Chain Gang Game.
  5. aderechelsea

    Sandanme Game Natsu 2013

    i guess i din't read the rules ..... i thought it was one pick for every 10 rikishi on the banzuke. But i was wrong .... (In jonokuchi...)
  6. aderechelsea

    Makushita Game Haru 2013

    cheers for that :-) (and sorry for the shikona mess i create in every game)
  7. aderechelsea

    Makushita Game Haru 2013

    sorry for using this old thread but i didn't think it was necessary to open a new one for my question. i was pretty certain that i made my entry for the Makushita game and that i registered in advance but i seem to be missing from the results page. so .... i did something wrong .... right?
  8. aderechelsea

    ! Salary Cup 2013 - Game Revival !

    cheers for that ...
  9. aderechelsea

    Dohyo Preparation - 2013 Natsu

    amazing photos .... i appreciate the details of the whole procedure.
  10. aderechelsea

    ! Salary Cup 2013 - Game Revival !

    well .... entry not sent after all. i am getting this message from gmail:
  11. aderechelsea

    ! Salary Cup 2013 - Game Revival !

    thanks a lot Andonishiki-san for reviving this game. Although i was absent for ages from Sumo-gaming this was one of my favourite ones. (In jonokuchi...) entry sent ... awaiting for my mediocre results in 2 weeks time.
  12. aderechelsea

    Soukokurai to be re-instated!

    he put on quite a few kilos .... and not in the right way. i guess proper keiko will benefit him come July.
  13. aderechelsea

    Kitanoumi kanreki dohyo-iri

    would have been great to be in attendance in this one. One of my favourite Yokozunas of all time.
  14. aderechelsea

    Happy Birthday, Aderechelseamaru!

    cheers guys ... glad to be back .... again. :-P and glad to find a fellow Greek among us.
  15. aderechelsea

    New recruits for Hatsu 2013

    don't talk about my "son" like that ... :-P he will lose 40 kilos (!!!!!) in the next couple of months and then regain them in the right places in the following years. He is a future sanyaku i tell you !!! he could be the Ozeki that Yokozuna Kyokushuho will need i order to improve his own sumo. (i will stop dreaming now and will just hope for a Makuuchi career) (In jonokuchi...) (Dohyo-iri...)
  16. aderechelsea

    New recruits for Hatsu 2013

    a future sanyaku (for just one basho) in front of you. not of the same fighting style with the previous Kaiho i would guess. Maybe the next Dejima ... ?? btw ... thank you Fay
  17. aderechelsea

    Miyabiyama Intai

    i have an ex that will lose all her interest in sumo. She still holds dearly to that Miya tegata i got from John as a prize for my win in his forum game back in 2006. personally i was never a fan but i always like him around makuuchi. he should join Musashimaru in his new heya. You know this is happening ....
  18. aderechelsea

    New recruits for Hatsu 2013

    you knew i would "adopt" a rikishi with a name like that ..... right? well ..... i did.
  19. aderechelsea

    Soukokurai to be re-instated!

    Tochiozan will be the next Sekiwake so this will make a nice looking banzuke for the time being. After that, they will just wait for Sokokurai to fall to Makushita (which is rather probable) and all this dust will settle as well. Sweep this whole mess under the carpet .... you know they love solutions like that in the NSK. as for this matter with his conditioning all this time without official keiko training ... i am not expecting much. He will face rikishi that were in full training mode for months before he started his comeback, and he was never a top notch Makuuchi guy to start with. Bottom of the Juryo division is my most optimistic prediction, but i am more inclined to say that he will spend most of his remaining career at the top half of makushita. . . . . and the Greek in me is telling me he is just doing this for the money that the Kyokai owes him and that he will be out of the sumo world in a year (maximum).
  20. aderechelsea

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    i downloaded it and watched through VLC .... no problems there.
  21. aderechelsea

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    Cheers for that ... completely forgot about this page as i haven't used it in years. thanks again.
  22. aderechelsea

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    silly question for this topic but i cannot open a new one just for it.... does anyone know of a link for the video of the Kaiho-Musashimaru bout in 2001 that ended up in a Kaiho uchigake win? I cannot access my DVDs at the moment and a quick search on Youtube didn't have any results. and again ... sorry for the off-topic.
  23. aderechelsea

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    i hope the guys were thinking about the whole moving heyas situation because their respective 3-4 (0-5 in mae zumo) and 1-4 records don't say much .... by the way .... the date ..... how appropriate (Laughing...)
  24. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 12 Haru Basho 2013

    i really don't know anything about this Kaiho but the name itself makes me want to support him. COME ON LAD !!!! let's push on for that KK. this one should be easy for Waka even though Kyokutaisei is able do some magic now and then.
  25. aderechelsea

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 11 Haru Basho 2013

    Tosayutaka is running away with the Sandanme yusho ..... especially if they pair Goshi against a makushita rikishi. and by the way .... that the hell was the gyoji thinking when he pointed him gumbai at Daikamikaze's side right after Goshi just obliterated him.