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  1. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    We had quite a few bugs last basho that we reported all over the place for Doitsuyama's (in)convenience so I thought I'd start a dedicated thread here. I'll start by informing Doitsuyama that the Seki-Toto banzuke page is showing the banzuke for TTT.
  2. Pandaazuma

    Natsu 2024 discussion (results)

    It's certain he is injured. There is no other explanation.
  3. Pandaazuma

    Natsu 24 - Games talk

    Ha! You know as well as I do...the more kyujo, the better! When are you coming back then?
  4. Pandaazuma

    Natsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Kirishima currently looks like one of my sad mates doing beach sumo after nine beers. Almost as good.
  5. Pandaazuma

    UDH Natsu Basho 2024

    Thanks. This isn't the first time I have had this problem! :(
  6. Pandaazuma

    UDH Natsu Basho 2024

    @Tamanaogijima The selection stats don't appear to be there!
  7. Pandaazuma

    Golynohana intai in all sumo games

    Now that's a real shame. Hope to see you back asap.
  8. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Thanks. I've told Takanotani (he isn't on the forum) and it should all be sorted out soon. It will be connected to Kotozakura's name change.
  9. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    @Susanoo The Norizo Cup standings aren't there. @Asashosakari Quad and Oracle banzukes/standings. @Doitsuyama Hoshitori kick in bollocks please. @Kintamayama ScreechingOwl tells me him picked Wakatakakage on day one but it says he is out on the standings but he could enter day two. Must be some bug. Salarycap and UDH will come in their own time as usual.
  10. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    All updated except for Oracle banzuke. Thanks to all the gamesmasters.
  11. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Quad and Oracle banzukes need uploading so the standings work. @Asashosakari Norizo Cup standings are not available even though you updated the forum thread. @Susanoo Hoshitori needs its kick in the knackers. @Doitsuyama And speaking of Doitsuyama, there was a Doitsuyama Rule win in Bench yesterday...
  12. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Interesting that Takayasu has a makekoshi -10 demerit on Hoshitori when he is not MK! ;)
  13. Pandaazuma

    Merry Birthday, Profomisakari!!!

    Belated best wishes, Prof! :)
  14. Pandaazuma

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Tsushimanada's win today was hilarious. Not often I laugh out loud at a sumo bout!
  15. Pandaazuma

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    That's way too much time. I thought maybe you had some magical way of getting the info at lightning speed. Many thanks for all the time you put in over the years. Hopefully some others will step in. I wish I could but I am woefully analogue and would be no help at all.
  16. Pandaazuma


    Something equivalent to that! I'll give you a hint though...definitely having Terunofuji. ;)
  17. Pandaazuma


    Back, are you? I am going for yokozuna in Rotosumo. I know you think you are the king of that game. I am going unorthodox this tournament, meaning I will either win it or come last. Will you beat me? No chance!
  18. Pandaazuma

    Bench Sumo news

    I am surprised and thrilled to have been offered the title role in the latest installment of the Tomb Raiders franchise, "The Curse of the Bench Yokozuna". My agent assures me that while I may not have Angelina's figure, I am nevertheless furry and cuddly enough to bring in new fans. While it is well established that those in this role don't usually hang around all that long, I fully intend to buck that trend. So in answer to the rijicho's inquiry, I will be performing the unryu style of dohyo iri, that used by the greatest rikishi of all time, Asashoryu! Perhaps this style will help me repel the curse. My agent also informs me that my new role will include being gleefully squeezed to death by a Brazilian anaconda on the final day of filming, and will also feature dangerous other foes of varying nationalities. I heard tell also of a chase scene involving pygmy ape-like creatures with the countenance of Fujisan that was thankfully cut out of the script for being 'too unlikely to occur'. Gambarimasu! Jibun no sumou torimasu!
  19. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Looks like Quad has gone through but Oracle still has the Nagoya banzuke and standings.
  20. Pandaazuma

    Games Talk - Aki 2023

    Some very similar (and possibly identical - I haven't checked in detail) lineups in Salarycap. Whereas I suspect Rotosumo this time, unlike last time, will have quite the variance.
  21. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Quad and Oracle need their banzukes uploaded when you get a mo, @Asashosakari :)
  22. Pandaazuma


    I sent you a mail but it seems you can't receive them on this site. Please mail me at I have a message for you!
  23. Pandaazuma


    Jesus, I thought you were dead or something, you muppet. Do NOT do that to me again!! Will send a PM.
  24. Pandaazuma

    Games Talk - Nagoya 2023

    That's hard to do. Well done, sir.