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  1. Pandaazuma

    Sumo needed for movie

    If only it had been in the Craigslist Personals section.
  2. Pandaazuma

    Happy birthday Asashosakari

    A ludicrously late happy birthday. Only a few days after mine. And ten years or so. :(
  3. Pandaazuma

    Happy Birthday Ganzohnesushi!

    50? sad old git!! Only joshing, Ganzo! Have a few beers on me!
  4. Pandaazuma

    Kotoshogiku looking good

    And I think he is injured. Right elbow injury aggravated after the Kisenosato loss. I doubt he would give up his 20th yusho for the overall picture.. But who knows? I know!
  5. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    A legend. Got all his albums. Actually, it was pretty uncanny reading your last post - I had just been thinking that if you had extended the japery anymore, I'd have had to tell you to stop it before someone told us to get a room! And lo and behold!
  6. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    I can hear you Pandaazuma, I can hear you Pandaazuma, in this tincan. Glad to hear it. Just keep taking your protein pills. And put your helmet on while you're at it.
  7. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    You've really made the grade there, Moti! Tell your wife I love her very much!
  8. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    You'd better tell Houston Ground Control. That formula never seemed to work for me, so I have to force myself out of bed every day to make my ISP pick.
  9. Pandaazuma

    Seki-Quad commentary for Aki 2011

    My thanks also to Golynohana. Very much appreciated.
  10. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    If the muffins don't work the "Shock, Axe Shower gel" may do the trick!! LOL (Whatever above, it is funny...) Let's not tell Kaisei about the muffins.. it seemed to work for Wakakoyu!!! (Sign of approval...) More muffins today?? He made Miyabiyama look even more sluggish than I thought he was today! And he won me Sumo Game as well! Good man!
  11. Pandaazuma

    Aki 2011 - Absent/Withdraw/Return

    Totally agree with Moti here. It is mystifying stuff. Tell Ushiomaru I said he is not a medical doctor.
  12. Pandaazuma

    With Sumogames Down...

    A billion thanks from me to all the admins!! What a complete nightmare. Greatly appreciate all the work.
  13. Pandaazuma

    ISP and chaingang- First and final invitation

    Dear Achiyama-zeki! May I politely suggest that perhaps it is possible that the sumo gaming community is not attempting to prevent your inevitable rise to yokozuna?
  14. Pandaazuma

    With Sumogames Down...

    Can I suggest that if the server does come back up soon, as Kofuji mentioned it might, that everyone put all their picks in using the automation as usual, even if they've already done it via email or on a forum thread in order to save the admins some major hassle? Especially Toto!
  15. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    And Chocshoporyu wants Kaisei! Thanks a lot!
  16. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    Fujiyama picks Wakakoyu!
  17. Pandaazuma

    ISP Bout for 2011 Aki Basho Day 8 (18-Sep-2011)

    I'll side with the muffins! Wakakoyu for Pandaazuma! Mariyasu is not a member of this forum...she chooses Kaisei. I will be back later with picks from Fujiyama and Chocshoporyu.
  18. Pandaazuma

    With Sumogames Down...

    Thanks to all the games people for all the nightmare extra work they're going to have to put in. Very unfortunate.
  19. Pandaazuma

    Bench Sumo promotion

    Tim: the games are one surefire way of making certain you learn about the lads quite quickly!
  20. Pandaazuma

    Bench Sumo promotion

    Hi Tim! Just in case you weren't aware, there are plenty of other sumo games to can see a lot of them here: Sumo Game is another daily head-to-head game which is popular. And there is a healthy mix of daily and pre-basho games to test your sumo knowledge.
  21. Pandaazuma

    GTB game - A key Basho coming up-Results!

    Omedetou Pierre. I somehow forgot to promote Tamaasuka, meaning I'm pretty happy with my 8-7! Note to self: pay more attention and stop being a muppet.
  22. Pandaazuma

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks

    Love this game as I don't have a smegging clue what I am doing. Here we go: 1. Hakuho: No 2. Baruto: Yes 3. Kosei: MK 4. Hakunishiki: MK 5. Kotoshogiku: KK 6. Takayasu: KK 7. Takanoyama: MK 8. Myogiryu: KK 9. Sotairyu: MK 10. Hishofuji: KK 11. Higoarashi: KK TB: 11
  23. Pandaazuma

    21 Aki 11

    1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 A 7 B 8 A 9 A 10 A 11 A 12 B 13 A 14 B 15 B 16 A 17 B 18 A 19 B 20 B 21 A Pandaazuma
  24. Been looking around the net for news on Tosayutaka, but nothing all that recent. Has anyone had any more luck? He was supposed to need 3 months to heal. Did anyone see the lad at the soken?
  25. Pandaazuma

    Superbanzuke Nagoya Masters are online

    So, go on then, Rando...what were the changes. I can only guess that you've started allowing the tie-break rules in games to apply not only to yusho winners? But I didn't actually check, so...?