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  1. Games Bugs

    I'm sure Rando will count it as you. Still nothing so I'm assuming Doitsuyama is either on holiday or extremely busy. If it's the latter case, I'd be more than happy to update those standings daily, as I already do Fantasy Sumo. Let me know, Doitsuyama, if you'd like me to take that off your plate at least.
  2. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Just...a massive mess of a basho. We'll all be at the mercy of the gods with regard to Masters points. About the only game I can count on right now is Oracle, where I'm basically neck and neck with Gurowake, but he has a slight advantage with his Endo pick of 9 (to my 6)...I think he'll probably get nine, especially with the woeful Tokushoryu tomorrow. Doubt I'll be able to make up that reverse with the other picks. I'm up there in a few dailies but I'm really just limping along and getting lucky with wins. Definitely the most unpredictable basho I've ever played I'll be overjoyed with 20+ Masters points. Not quite what I wanted, but even 5 points would be a treasure amid this fiasco. Oh, I'm flying back in UDH though, especially after an excellent day today. Going for a record of 55th on day one (out of 61) to a top-ten finish. Possible as I have Ura at 6.
  3. 21 Aki 17, The Results

    Haha...I almost replied to say that my being top MUST be a mistake...and I was right. Back in my natural position, I see. A bit high, actually!
  4. Games Bugs

    Hoshitori. Kick. Balls. ;)
  5. Games talk Aki Basho 2017

    Crazy basho for the games, but oddly enough I'm doing OK. The biggest surprise is Toto, where in a basho like this the system players would expect to do badly. I'm 6-1 there but have been exceedingly lucky, just sneaking over the line on several days. Also doing pretty well in ISP, Quad and Tipspiel as well as in a couple of pre-basho it might not be a write-off after all. I won't be getting a fourth Oracle yusho though...Gurowake is leading there, I think...followed closely by Norizo. Will need a few lads to turn their basho around to catch them. The less said about TTT the better, though. Biggest carnage ever in that game?
  6. Happy Birthday, Panda!

    Thanks, all! :)
  7. Games Bugs

    Hey! I like those results! ;)
  8. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I was just about to post this! Incredible. Takgenji will be gutted about that!
  9. Aki Superbanzuke 2017

    Thanks as always, Rando!
  10. Games Bugs

    Still over twelve hours to the deadline. I am sure it will be working soon.
  11. Games Bugs

    Bench is now the only game with a problem (OK, ISP is waiting for its bout to be selected but it can be entered). The daily entry button is now available but it just goes to a 'server error in application' page.
  12. Preparations of the Y/O-Aki 2017

    I'd add (if it hasn't been mentioned already) that the Japanese often apologise for things that they are not responsible for or that they have no control over. They're apologising for the likely or potential disappointment or inconvenience of people they feel responsible for, even if they have nothing to do with the problem. I've witnessed people get quite upset over relatively trivial things in my time here.
  13. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Aki 2017

    1. Asanoyama KK 2. Kizaki KK 3. Abi KK 4. Kotodaigo MK 5. Chiyosakae MK 6. Takayasu 10-5 7. Mitakeumi 9-6 8. Yoshikaze 8-7 9. Onosho KK 10. Meisei KK TB: 9 Pandaazuma
  14. Sekitori Heya Game (SHG) Aki 2017 ENTRY+STANDINGS

    I have re-entered! Thanks.

    15 Chiyoshoma 13 Tokushoryu 11 Kagayaki 10 Arawashi 9 Takekaze 8 Daieisho 7 Nishikigi 6 Daishomaru 5 Ishiura