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  1. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2018

    Day 8 so bumpety bump! :)
  2. Games talk Natsu 2018

    Gurowake...I see you have amended your Odd Sumo approach...
  3. Takanohana shinpan-back to basics..

    As far as I recall he was always one for extremely simple 'explanations'. I always hated it when he was explanation whatsoever and he always looked totally spaced out, as if he wasn't even watching the bouts. Musoyama is the best! ;)
  4. Games Bugs

    I will tag again...and if necessary, I will email Susanoo. @Susanoo
  5. 21 Natsu 18, The Results

    Woah!!! How is this possible?? I am in the top five??
  6. Games Bugs

    The Sumo Game data for day one was somehow corrupted but it will all be refreshed and corrected at the next update after today's matches.
  7. Bench World Cup 2018

    Refioji Pandaazuma here. Could all Group G players send line-ups to my forum PM? I will ensure there is sufficient space.
  8. Games Bugs

  9. Games Bugs

    That was my point! ;)
  10. Games Bugs

    @Andonishiki is flying in Chain this basho, I see! ;)
  11. Games Bugs

    Hang on...there are still problems with Sumo Game, now on day one. I've told the guy. Should be OK soon.
  12. Bench World Cup 2018

    Sorry...I completely missed all this. I will sort it out this evening.
  13. Games Bugs

    Now corrected.
  14. Games Bugs

    The Sumo Game results are incorrect. I have informed the guy who runs it.
  15. Games Bugs

    No, I think day one is usually a good chance to stock up on TB scores. ;) Elsewhere...Hoshitori needs its kick as usual. Sadly for Rando and his SB calculations, it appears the Hoshitori banzuke also requires that same kick each basho.