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  1. Fantastic!
  2. Ura vs Takakeisho tomorrow...a strong candidate for ISP! ;)
  3. 3 definitely. Not a fan of 5 as it fundamentally changes the nature of the game.
  4. Ouch! :(
  5. Moti says in the main thread that he is fighting tomorrow though, right?
  6. Really? Was he limping or something?
  7. Exactly! By the way, Ack! I just saw your profile pic and you are the SPITTING IMAGE of a mate of mine. You could be twins! And Baruto is looking a bit shifty there! Nice pic!
  8. I am not against the 45 points as such...that makes the game quite fun! But as Gansekiiwa says, this game might benefit from a 'correct pick' bonus. As it stands, I ignore the one-pointers completely and just pick the viable pick with the highest score.
  9. Enjoy the game! I sometimes go and watch Yokohama DeNA! It's a nice stadium.
  10. I see this a lot, and not only with regard to rikishi retirement. ;)
  11. I'm not confident I can get ten this basho - it's hard enough under normal circumstances, but there are just so few trustworthy lads this time. Every day's a lottery. If I get ten, it will be pure luck.
  12. Thanks as always for your hard, hard work, Rando! :)
  13. Day 8 picks! Kotoshogiku ;) Tamawashi Kagayaki Go Giku!!! Pandaazuma
  14. Kaisei was injured last time and is still feeling it but looks ok. Yutakayama...I suspect it is a confidence issue. He desperately needs a strong win. Compare and contrast with Onosho...who is brimming with confidence.
  15. There are no kinboshi or ginboshi bonuses in this game. Just wins and losses.