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  1. Pandaazuma

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    It's a bit weird being in a Roto team!
  2. Pandaazuma

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    We have a decent chance for Roto glory now, @Athenayama we just need Tamashoho not to collapse, especially in relation to Kitanowaka and Tomokaze. But he has Ochiai tomorrow....
  3. Pandaazuma

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    I see you have good taste in rikishi, sir! ;) There are no tie-breakers in Roto so it would be a co-yusho. 13.5 Masters points each. Go Tamashoho!!
  4. Pandaazuma

    Tochinoshin intai

  5. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Looks like some went for Gonoyama and he won but he should not have been pickable. Interesting and unique situation.
  6. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    I think Pierre knows exactly what I am going to remind him of... @Asashosakari
  7. Pandaazuma

    Haru 2023 discussion (results)

    Yeah I think that the sumo kyokai should immediately renounce their centuries of torikumi-making wisdom based on the tenets of sumo (Shinto) immediately based on this forum analysis. They will realise the error of their ways and go for cost-analysis and AI-generated optimisation.
  8. Pandaazuma

    How Do You Track Your Games?

    I am totally analogue and hate using computers for anything unless absolutely necessary. That's why I write it down.
  9. Pandaazuma

    Haru Games Talk

    Unfortunately there are certain people on this forum who hate my guts so I have to point obvious shit like this out to avoid discord for the moderators.
  10. Pandaazuma

    Haru Games Talk

    You're just rubbish, Fuj! I am praying for that 0-15! Go for it, lad! [NB: This is English humour before anyone gets on their high horse. Fuji knows the score.]
  11. Pandaazuma

    How Do You Track Your Games?

    Being a bit of a stats/maths nerd (Translation: autistic) I tend to track my games daily. I have separate, detailed notes for prebasho. But right now I am interested in how my fellow gamers follow the games day to day. The attached pic is my way. It's just a printout of the Toto mail confirmation. Top right (main) is Sumo Game. Sorry Flohru...can't believe you picked h2h on Mitakeumi today. Loss was likely. To the bottom and left of that is my Bench match. Easy win today. Bottom left are the quick games. ISP and TTT (and usually Chain) are there. Then to the right of that it's Quad, Odd and Tipspiel. To the right of Bench are bouts of rivals in SG (always my main one to win). Top top right is my fellow Bench Ozeki Joaoyama. I always keep track of fellow yokozuna or ozeki. As for Toto, we lost the picking stats many years ago so I guess how I am doing...see the number on the right of the Toto picks. Anyway, you sad bastards. Are any of you as sad as me?? I have been doing this since 2009, I think.
  12. Pandaazuma

    Chaingang eganrac

    Atamifuji was robbed today. Looking forward to some whining! ;)
  13. Pandaazuma

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Haru 2022

    @Sumo Spiffy what is your gaming shikona?
  14. Pandaazuma

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Haru 2022

    Sakura is actually my favourite ichimon! And Joaoyama is incredible. So it would be a good move for him, I reckon.
  15. Pandaazuma

    Superbanzuke Ranking for Haru 2022

    But actually while I am here, I have noticed the Mukade numbers dwindling. So I would like to invite Andrasoyama and Kishikaisei to join Mukade. They are both unaffiliated but I am a big fan of both of them. If you want to join the best Bench ichimon ever, please comment on this thread or mail me.