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  1. Masters update...just posted this over at ST: Quick look at the Masters. Gurowake is still just ahead of Panda and Ganzo. Taka is fourth and Asashosakari is fifth. Ganzo and Gurowake have an advantage in that they are in contention in more games and have room for improvement, while the Panda is pretty much at his maximum score and can improve only a little unless he has major luck. It also means of course that a collapse is possible for all. Anyway, this will likely come down to fine margins. Projections (rounded up) as of day 12: Gurowake: 69 Pandaazuma: 64 Ganzohnesushi: 61 Taka: 49 Asashosakari: 41 Konosato seems to have improved too...will add his projections to the next update, probably on day 14. Incidentally, Gurowake was around 87 points two days ago but he had a nightmare on day 11. He also has chances in practically every game so if he closes out the basho well, he could get a very big score and run away with it.
  2. I doubt Pierre needs a dictionary; he speaks English better than I do.
  3. And a fantastic effort by Sagatsukasa today. Great bout.
  4. I was in the stadium that day! Ipponzeoi!
  5. Superb as always. Thanks.
  6. Masters update: Gurowake has emerged as the clear favourite, figuring in multiple games and with chances for significant points in around ten of them. Panda is second, followed closely by Ganzo and Taka. Norizo and Chankoyama have faded somewhat, although Norizo is still in it. Gurowake is doing well in both the dailies and the pre-basho games so will need to keep his concentration for the dailies. Ganzo also needs the dailies for success. Panda OTOH only figures realistically in TTT on the daily front and so is relying on a strong pre-basho performance, meaning he'll need strong finishes (sansho and KKs where possible) from the likes of Ura, Onosho, Hokutofuji, Takakeisho, Shodai and his other main picks.
  7. The Ura-Takayasu bout was one of the most remarkable things I've ever seen in sumo. That retreat for a run-up and then charge! Ura really brings something unique to sumo and he's a superstar guaranteed. Hope he didn't seriously injure his leg today and hope he can avoid injuries in the future. His style of sumo obviously invites the possibility.
  8. Happy birthday, Jan! Hope you had a good one! :)
  9. Just posted this over at ST...might as well copy and paste it for the gamers here. Bear in mind this is not comprehensive and I may have missed some performers. Just a cursory look really. I generally do this every basho over the final week except in Kyushu, when Rando does it properly. Just had a look at the green mawashi situation. I'll be adding Konosato in tomorrow along with maybe Andoreasu and Kitakachiyama as they look to be in contention in a few games. At this halfway stage, according to my projections, Gurowake is slightly ahead of the Panda and Norizo. Chankoyama is up there too despite the very few games she plays. Ganzo has plenty of potential too if he plays well in week two. Taka is not far off either, and the same goes for Susanoo. Very unusually, Panda is mostly garnering points in the pre-basho games and is only in contention for points in TTT on the daily front (with slight chances in Quad and Bench)...but the other contenders all figure prominently in the the pressure is off me a bit as I can't do much about the pre-basho games! It makes a nice change! This could change quite a bit, but the green mawashi winner is highly likely to be among the above names. Could be exciting as I'm trying to overhaul Norizo's 8 Masters titles (I have 8 too). Gurowake is in contention for his first title...I was surprised he'd not won it before, being such an accomplished player.
  10. Congrats to the Frink!
  11. My reasoning this basho was that the jo'i was fairly strong and the Y-O group is big and generally on the decline. I also saw few good performers outside the jo'i. So I lumped on the jo'i and left out the ones I thought were injured. Kak, Kise and Teru were all walking wounded. I am surprised I am almost the only person who trusted Hokutofuji - he's pretty good, I reckon.
  12. As some of you may have noticed, Sumo Game's results page is wrong as they have Tochiozan down as a winner. I've told the lad who runs the game so hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  13. A Japanese lass I know...massive sumo fan but she's a busy mother she only plays a few games. She knows her stuff. I emailed her tonight and asked her how the hell she picked Kagayaki today...she said it was the only pick to make! Genius gamer in the making!! :)))
  14. And Kamogawa definitely knows something we don't in Chain tomorrow! ;)