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  1. Pandaazuma

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Masters update... Norizo did better than expected in UDH and Flohru didn't do all that well in UDH and Hoshitori. So Norizo is now the favourite to win the Masters. He doesn't play Salarycap. So only Flohru can beat him now, but would need a fourth place finish at least. Current scores: Norizo: 65.7 Flohru: 59.83 Panda: 49.2
  2. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    I can't remember who does the Juryo Game banzuke now but Chankoyama spelt her name wrong and so should not be kosho as it says on the banzuke. I think it was 'chankyama' or 'chankoyma' or something like that.
  3. Pandaazuma

    こんにちは from Chicago, IL

    Love the shikona! Welcome.
  4. Pandaazuma

    Norizo Cup 2018.9

    Thanks, Susanoo, for all your hard work! :)
  5. Pandaazuma

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Might as well do the round-up now, as I want to clear my mind of sumo! ;) Bench: 8-7. Carrying three utter muppets, had a really unlucky start, and came back well so I am happy with this. I won't be making sanyaku but I should be M1 or so. Chain: I think I made it to day 3 before picking my customary fool. DST: 2nd place, 12-3J, 12 Masters points. Had to hang on a bit at the end but I came through it. Fantasy Sumo: 8-7. With no sansho, I was damned lucky, so I suspect this will be enough for me to keep my ozeki rank. GTB: 5-10. Horrific performance. I really have no idea what went wrong. Hoshitori: Probably 2-13 or 3-12. Well, I was just hapless here, not only because there were almost no kinboshi and ginboshi, but also because half the muppets I picked were injured. Not much you can do in tournaments like this one. Juryo Game: Joint 5th for 5 Masters points. Meisei was just idiotic in the final two days, costing me God knows how many points. Painful to watch. But I have safely cleared my kadoban status and this puts me on a Yokozuna run. Norizo Cup: Should be a KK. If Kak had beaten Hak today I'd have got 200 more points but it wasn't going to happen. Odd Sumo: 2nd. 12 MP. Hilarious that Norizo ended up third by betting more than me, but he's that kind of player...very aggressive and confident, not afraid to take risks. It's one of the reasons for his enduring brilliance. I just played this one out after getting the big win. Not much fun this time as I was just aiming for Masters points more than anything. Bingo: I don't dare look. Almost last, I'd imagine. Endo, Ikioi, Yutakayama and Onosho were all in there. Go figure. Paper Oyakata: See above. Rotosumo: 9th. 2 MP. A really pleasant surprise as I thought I was a goner here thanks to Onosho and Yutakayama, but the rest of my team was picked well. Salarycap: Dunno yet, but I have Hak at 10, Kak at 9 and Goeido at 8 so I could very easily be in the top ten. Oracle: 5th. 11-4. 6 MP. I came back well here and am reasonably happy, especially to regain my Yokozuna East spot. Good to see Choshu-Yuki making it to the top rank too (surely) after a brilliant performance this year. Quad: Joint 4th. 10-5. 7 MP. Was leading this but then managed to lose four straight. Finished strongly though. This should put me on an ozeki run. Toto: Joint 4th. 11-4. 5.2 MP. I had to really battle this time but am happy to reach 11 wins again. No idea if Pierre will deem this tsuna worthy, but I have a chance at least. Susanoo hasn't helped by getting a cast-iron Yokozuna promotion in the same basho. Dammit! ;) Sumo Game: 8-7. Since I became Yokozuna in this game my priorities are a bit different. I obviously want yusho, but as we all know, getting good scores in this game doesn't guarantee good win-loss records. A major aim now is to score well and get many AADs. I also aim to win the rikishi of the year in terms of points and AADs (see the yearly statistics at the bottom of the stats page). I was a bit unlucky this time, losing four out of six tie-breaks and also falling victim to some insane and/or baffling picks by opponents, but 8-7 is always a job well done in this tough game. TTT: 7-8. I screwed up badly on day 14 but overall I did OK here. Should have been in the small change though. UDH: A total disaster thanks to my failed gambit of putting 'badly injured' Takayasu at 6. So much for keiko reports. ;) So that's 49.2 plus Salarycap. 50+ was my aim pre-basho and I'll probably manage that. My pre-basho picks were a complete dog's dinner so I am lucky to have such a decent score. Norizo and Susanoo have kept it interesting for Kyushu so I'll have to be on my game. Will keep going for that elusive 300...that's my real opponent at the moment. I will have lost a lot of points on the SB because of Bingo and PO, but that should be dampened a little by nice jumps in Odd Sumo and DST. I'll hopefully be keeping my top spot there. After Flohru's stellar performance this basho, he will be getting too close for comfort. Oh...and the Baka Cup stays with Scott. Omedetou, mate. :) See you in November!
  6. Pandaazuma

    21 Aki 18, The Results

    Wow! I'm absolutely useless at this game but I managed to win it. Never thought I would. Amazing.
  7. Pandaazuma

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Wasn't a great final day for the Panda but I managed wins in the important ones again and am currently looking at 49.2 Masters points plus whatever I get in Salarycap. which may be a significant amount as I have both the yusho and jun yusho winners high in the order. Regarding the Masters, it looks like Flohru is going to pip Norizo for the Green. I'll be glad about that as I don't want Norizo sneaking ahead of me on Masters titles again! ;) Norizo has been on a tear of late and will overtake Susanoo to be my main rival in November, but I have kept pace mostly and he won't have dented my lead all that much. At this rate, I may well need 300+ to win it, but I reckon I can manage it if I concentrate. Will be back later for a basho round-up.
  8. Pandaazuma

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Scott ended up our best performer in terms of wins and losses as he hit double digits. Well done to Seb on clinching a final-day KK. Unlucky to Seisset for that MK. The horrific luck prize goes to Stefan, who once again scored well but lost today. Just one of those tournaments - they come along from time to time. Stefan actually scored more than the 13-2 yusho winner, which won't cheer him up, I imagine. The only silver lining is the fact that he is probably safe in Makuuchi, but he'll be uncomfortably close to the bottom next time. Panda stays at Yokozuna with no kadoban worries. Sebunshu will be sekiwake again but the ozeki promotion will be much harder next time. Jan's nightmare carried on to the final day and he is out of sanyaku. Gary, Scott and probably Miyako will be back to the elite division next time. Hal is probably back in Juryo but it isn't certain. Unkonoyama will be back in Makushita. And that's about it. Not a great basho for the Centipedes. Bring it for Kyushu! Final Standings: Rank Wins Points AADs Opp AADs 10 8+ 5- TB TB+ Who? SG shikona EY1 8-7 102-98 13 9 0 6 3 6 2 Simon Pandaazuma ES1 4-11 93-107 7 12 0 2 4 4 3 Jan Kuroimori WS1 8-7 102-105 10 12 0 4 2 2 2 Eric Sebunshu EM1 8-7 92-99 10 8 0 5 5 4 3 Gary Chocshoporyu EM2 10-5 97-96 7 9 0 5 4 5 4 Scott Haidouzo EM3 9-6 100-96 11 9 0 3 3 5 3 Miyako Chankoyama EM4 4-11 98-108 8 12 0 4 3 3 0 Douglas ScreechingOwl EM6 5-10 93-101 7 12 0 3 5 6 3 Rupert Rupatengu WM8 4-11 94-104 5 12 0 4 6 4 1 Mark Fujiyama EM9 Kyujo 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Renaud Kotononami EM10 9-6 103-96 11 10 0 7 3 5 3 Sergio Chishafuwaku WM11 5-10 103-109 12 11 0 6 3 2 1 Stefan Sagi EM15 9-6 103-96 11 8 0 5 1 4 2 Alexander Ganzohnesushi WM16 6-9 98-104 9 12 1 2 3 6 2 Hal Chisaiyama * EJ5 7-8 96-99 9 10 0 4 3 7 3 Seisset Hakubayama WJ11 4-11 91-98 6 9 0 2 5 5 2 ??? Unkonoyama * Wms5 5-10 93-98 6 9 0 1 4 1 0 Ronnie Gawasukotto Ems8 5-10 97-99 7 12 0 2 4 2 0 Jezz Jejima
  9. Pandaazuma

    Happy Birthday, Ganzohnesushi!

    Have a good one, Ganzo! :)
  10. Pandaazuma

    Games Talk Aki 2018

    For @Randomitsuki's information, it's a co-yusho between Norizo and Jejima in Fantasy Sumo. All picks are identical except for Ryuden and Takanoiwa, who both got 10 wins. As you probably remember, we discarded the 'first entry wins' tie-breaker a while back. Must get Mike to take that out of the rules page.
  11. Pandaazuma

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    The Chiyomaru withdrawal could be crucial in his favour.
  12. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Toto is now online. Please use the entry form even if you have mailed the entries in.
  13. Pandaazuma

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    Managed to have a look at Oracle. Current projections are as follows, but there are still quite a few swings to get through. Choshu-Yuki leads @chishafuwaku -1 Gurowake -5 Pandaazuma/Norizo -6 Kitakachiyama -8 Asashosakari -12 Ganzo and Scott look to be out of the running. It's therefore highly likely that the yusho will go to one of the top two. After that...anyone's guess.
  14. Pandaazuma

    Games Bugs

    Yes, in order to help Asashosakari, even if you send an email, please re-input on the form if it does re-appear.
  15. Pandaazuma

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Am I the only person here who has actually been impressed with Enho's sumo? Very solid and a surprising lack of comedy Ura shenanigans. He deserves 10 wins and nice cup of tea.