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  1. Fantasy Metasumo 2017

    Rando is on a very well-deserved holiday! :)

    Thanks for all the hard work and I will do my best to stay away from the remote for the karaoke machine, especially if sat next to @Fujisan
  3. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Interesting. What is it you don't enjoy about them? I quite like them, because when my daily games are tanking, I can at least hope for one or two of those to go OK!
  4. Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Kyushu 2017

    Thanks. This just about fits into my mystifying Oracle performance this basho. I see Norizo and Gurowake both had poor basho in Oracle too, making me hope that it was just an aberration! Will do my best to escape kadoban next time!
  5. Thanks for the game. Sorry about missing the final day but I was pretty ill and couldn't enter some of the games. Hope I haven't screwed this up as I did the Green Mawashi! ;)
  6. Sekitori Heya Game (SHG) Kyushu 2017 ENTRY+STANDINGS

    Thanks for the game! I'm pretty shocked at how far I fell in week 2!
  7. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Do you actually play any of the pre-basho games?
  8. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Funnily enough Haidouzo and I have been discussing this recently by email. He also employs a strict system based on stats as you do and doesn't take into account obvious injuries. I've long been searching for ways to deal with this conundrum and I'm not sure I'm there yet, but I think rikishi that are obviously injured must be regarded with an asterix next to their names, as any winning probability forecast is meaningless as they are in a much worse condition than usual. I know that what you do is a kind of experiment to see how far the numbers will take you, and if that is your goal, fair enough, but I think that if your goal ever changes and it becomes to win the world championship, you'd definitely have to find a way to deal with these injured lads. Incidentally, I should add that I don't know any more than anyone else about the condition of rikishi before a basho. I get all my news from the various sumo sites and this forum and hear almost nothing about injuries, so basically I go into tournaments the same way as everyone else - hoping that none of the lads I've prioritised is crocked from some unreported injury. I've yet to have a gaming tournament where at least one of my picks is not catastrophically injured. Happens every single damned time! This basho I was hopeful...until day 2, when Aoiyama did himself in. Oh well.
  9. 2017 World Championship Finals and Kyushu Masters

    Thanks as ever, Rando. We all greatly appreciate all the work you put in despite no longer playing the games. Pretty unfortunate weekend for me. Badly ill from Saturday night and only just recovering now. I managed to pick for most of the games from bed on my phone but they were all just from glancing at the torikumi and not applying my normal system. Naturally I was slaughtered everywhere! ;) Also, that's pretty funny about the Green Mawashi, as I would have won SG if Haidouzo hadn't fallen asleep despite checking for kyujo several times on day 13 and failed to put Goeido's fusensho in against Konosato, thereby losing that bout and costing me the yusho...and therefore the Green Mawashi! Talk about a butterfly effect! Still, I'm not in the least bit angry or was a good basho overall and I am happy to finish so close to Asashosakari. I also think Konosato was more deserving of the SG yusho as he scored more points than me. Disappointed also not to reach the 300 mark. One word, basically: Aoiyama! If he hadn't got injured and even just picked up seven or eight, I'd have smashed that barrier. Overall it was a good year and I'm still enjoying the games now that I've developed a picking system that greatly reduces the time spent on making my daily choices. I'll go for the 300 next year and try to make it three in a row, and I'll also try to surpass Norizo's GM count starting in January. Thanks again...and when I feel a bit better, I'll be back to promote the Metasumo game.
  10. Games talk Kyushu Basho 2017

    Well, I love the games but I DO actually have quite limited time so the time I spend now is just about my I have made a rule only to join new daily games if they are mostly skill-based. Bout Time does have an element of strategy, but it's mostly luck. I don't like the luck-based games much except for Chain, which is a genius game! I am always happy to try new pre-basho games, though, as they take no extra time during the basho. In that case, my joining criteria are: 1. I like the look of it, and 2. I can understand the rules quickly. Sadly, Pandas are fairly impatient! ;)
  11. Games talk Kyushu Basho 2017

    I don't use any stats at all but I do use a system of sorts based on my own personal (instinctive) appraisal of the relative levels of the lads. Next year you should go for the world title, but you'd need to play all the games on the SB to stand a chance really. And I am always happy to meet other non-stat gamers like myself. @Sokkenaiyama was a legendary gamer in this mould. It's not all that time-consuming if you manage your time well. I spend about 45 minutes a day making my picks for all the dailies, and a little more for my various admin duties. Not too bad - I do have that time to spare, and it's a great hobby. Keep're having a great basho in many games!
  12. Basho Talk Kyushu 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I wonder what they would call that technique.
  13. Games talk Kyushu Basho 2017

    Sorry, mate. :(((
  14. Happy Birthday Doitsuyama

    Best wishes to the king of the sumo database. Have a great day.
  15. Games talk Kyushu Basho 2017

    I must say I've been highly impressed by @Suwihuto in Quad...what an incredible performance, and such a shame about that day-one absence. In fact, the Swift has been impressive in several games this basho.