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    Have a go at a Haiku!

    You guys probably know all about them, there's lots of guidance and ways you can get really deep into this style of poetry, with some people even going as far to say that they don't really work in English, but what the heck, it's for fun. The simplest basic rules for them is that they are 5 syllables, followed by 7, followed by 5 again. There's also the strong suggestion that they should have something about nature in them, though plenty have been written without. Here's mine to get the ball rolling :) The happy tortoise, enjoyed spring without fearing, the eagle's shadow.
  2. I'm not fully aware of the rules on the forum, so if promoting a channel is wrong i give my apologies and fully expect this to be deleted. The main reason i make a thread is because i recently came across it and found it to be so awesome, and Japan-related, that i wanted to share. My health hasn't been the best in the past few days, and so confined to my bed i was looking to see any videos i could find about walking in Japan, and this dude does just that, walks around Japan with a really good camera, and not saying a word, so you feel like you're doing the walking. It might be a bit tame for some, but it's high-action for me right now Every little backstreet, park and destination is fascinating and very relaxing. Anyway that's what i had on my mind, i hope this finds you all well.
  3. Ah, i apologise, i wish i had known or i wouldn't have mentoned it. Unfortunately my memory is not great, and my friends are always teasing me for having recommended the same film or anime series to them. Edit* Oh actually it seems i was responding to someone who mentioned him in that 2021 post, but called him 'Rambla'.
  4. Ooh awesome, i'll be watching this tonight, thanks a lot
  5. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Egg and caramel The duality of flan I'll just have one more
  6. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Pardon this Haiku, Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Just a shameless bump. (but now a serious one) For one man's dark will, Those who once loved, laughed and breathed, Stare sightless, upwards. --------------------------------------- I've enjoyed reading your haikus, i hope you are all well and safe in these sad times.
  7. Bugman

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    If you've watched and enjoyed a TV series called the Sopranos as i have, you'd know that at 55, in the Mafia they'd still say you were just a kid I'm heading toward my mid 40's myself, and to be honest with you i sort of stopped worrying about becoming old, i've accepted i'm no longer young and suddenly it's not so bad, as with many things in life, worry magnifies and amplifies, when in truth we could often do without it. You're a spring-chicken mate, and don't you forget it
  8. Bugman

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Happy Birthday Fujisan! Hope you have a great one
  9. I'm going through a weird mood where i can't concentrate on reading for some reason, so i'm finding myself on Youtube more often. (I'd say it was old age creeping up on me, but older people acquire more patience as they go and not less, do they not?) So far i've been indulging in random book reviews of works i've shamefully guessed i won't ever get around to actually reading, some sleep-aids in the form of gentle rain, the lapping of waves or 12-hours of nails across a chalk board, and some paranormal podcasts. I can't say i'm a 'believer' particularly but i do find many of the stories and conversations to be entertaining, and sometimes even of interest from a historical/cultural perspective. So, i'm curious as to what you guys spend your Youtube leisure time on, some links would be excellent as i'm always looking to expand my to-watch list! :)
  10. I hadn't see that one Jakusotsu, very good There is one last UK comedy i had forgotten to mention but it's so obscure i honestly don't think anyone will have heard of it, it was called 'Garth Marenghi's Darkplace hospital', just six episodes but i loved each one, it was a parody of those 1980's detective shows that were ten a penny and all over the place back then.
  11. Well i feel compelled to do this now, it's your fault Swami The two Ronnies at their best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNTM9iM1eVw
  12. Yes i can definitely understand that, that's very likely the correct reaction to have to him. What did you think of 'The League of Gentlemen'? I forgot to mention those but they are also kind of rough, i must admit i died of laughter watching them as well though. Out of the secondary list you've made there, i think perhaps Porridge and 'Open all hours' would be my favourites, Ronnie Barker was extremely talented. I forgot to mention Tommy Cooper, also (i felt) very amusing.
  13. Of the British comedies i have fond memories of 'Only fools and horses', a lot of the Monty Python stuff and also one from around 20 years ago called 'Spaced'. For me personally, i don't really know what sort of humour is currently popular since around that time, because due to my change from Television to the internet, i haven't really been keeping tabs on the nation's funny bone, so to speak. What i can say is that on the odd occasion i have recently heard comedians on the radio, on the BBC channels, i must confess the canned laughter did not help in making me smile. Perhaps i'm just getting old, i'm not sure :) (Then again maybe it's my mind that is broken, since the only stand-up comedian that makes me belly-laugh is Frankie Boyle, and a lot of people find him vulgar in the extreme).
  14. I....don't......BElIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEVE IT!!!!!
  15. I know Rambalac, he's really good, just walks without saying anything and you almost feel like you're there yourself. For a few years now i've had fluctuating mobility issues, so i can't go far and channels like his gave me some feeling of freedom back again. It helps he has the stamina of an ox as well, he can really get around when he wants to He does the occasional drone video too i believe.
  16. I remember an amusing documentary about a guy who was addicted to following storms around, it was about his travels and the opinions on the matter of his long-suffering wife, in fact, here it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgGVD5YdFy0 I'm going have to check out Peking operas for myself, i've never heard of them but they sound interesting. I'm checking these out as we speak, had never heard of this either. thanks guys, you've all given me some great ideas :)
  17. Bugman

    What we do in our off-time

    You have a good voice on you Kinta, timing and grace, great stuff.
  18. Bugman

    Favorite Songs

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDrZQiS1dnk A remix of a game-track from a computer game, it's not the full song unfortunately, but an abridged version (if that term can be applied to a song)
  19. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Voices by the hearth, Half-lit smiles and crackling logs, Whisper till the morn.
  20. Bugman

    New Reality Tv Show: Celebrity Sumo!

    Unless my memory is shot to bits (which is very possible), i think my first ever introduction to Sumo was on channel 4 back in the early 90's. It was just highlights but still awesome, my father and i used to watch Chiyonofuji (who we only knew as 'the wolf' thanks to the commentator) and many others, it was a huge fun partly because we had never seen anything like it before. Makes me kind of sad that this 'celebrity' version is what the kids will see in this decade.
  21. Bugman

    Favorite Songs

    Anyone like computer game music? This one has a bit of an 'Omen' vibe to it. You know regarding Spinal Tap's 'big bottom' track, the doubly hilarious thing about it is that it's actually a great song too :D
  22. Bugman

    Captain Tom Moore

    2020 was a rough year, and it was comforting to see someone like Captain Tom taking a lead with courage, especially at his age and with his frail condition. His will to help and be supportive, alongside his humility and gratitude to the NHS made him a really likeable person. Sadly missed, i hope he's in a better place.
  23. Bugman

    Favorite Songs

    I always liked their 'Das Model' song, it's very iconic. Years ago i discovered they had also done some heavy metal that was very similar to the style of a later band i used to listen to called 'Kyuss', i thought that band was purely original as a teenager growing up, little did i know Kraftwerk had done it already way back in 1971.
  24. Well guys i've been largely away from Sumo for a long time now, partly due to an initial confusion with knowing where to actually watch it once it was no longer streamed by the Kyokai itself, (I can't remember what year they stopped), but more because of a long-standing ill-health which affects me greatly, i have nevertheless decided i'd like to spend more of my time reading, thinking about, and perhaps watching Sumo if possible. I've forgotten almost everything, especially with regard to Sumo's terms, so i'm pretty much a beginner again. What sites, old-re-runs of documentaries, knowledge-databases, news-clips, Youtube channels, or anything Sumo related would you recommend me to go look at, in an effort to relight my Sumo fire? Edit* Hmm, i just had the thought this may be the wrong forum to post this, as it is Sumo-related it could possibly go in Ozumo discussions, but since this is a question and not a discussion per-se, i'm unsure. I'll let a moderator decide if they come across it, apologies if it is indeed in the wrong place.
  25. So far i've watched the September highlights video and read the first article on Kashiwado, who i had never heard of. In a coincidence that confirms your point about him being somewhat overshadowed despite his skill, when i googled his name the first photograph that i saw was Taiho's. There's something very 'Sumo' i feel about eclipsed excellence, doing your best despite not being seen (as much), and adding to the overall greatness of the sport quietly, for without great rivals the champions that everyone knows of would not be so well remembered. The fact about his Heya now being the smallest in Sumo today was also a nice factoid, really interesting stuff. Thank you John, i look forward to reading the rest of them.