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  1. Bugman

    Rock bands...

    Any Soundgarden fans present? :) This was always my favourite of theirs, it has one heck of a guitar solo.
  2. Bugman

    More words to inspire.....

    i think it depends on the level of pain Fujisan, lately i've gone through a lot of dental and jaw pain and sometimes, well i have dark thoughts, though with a family around me i have to remain sensible. I don't want to preach to you about pain though, i know you've been through more than your fair share, and the quote you've shared is a memorable one.
  3. Bugman

    Bench World Cup 2018

    I'm really surprised by the opening ceremony just now, i was expecting a Russian choir, gymnasts maybe or ballet dancers, Prokofiev's dance of the knights, dum de dum de DUM de dum de daaa daaaaaa!! I really wanted to see a celebration of Russia, instead there was Robbie Williams, i mean it's not bad but....
  4. Bugman

    Kitataiki intai

    I remember he used to take quite a while to get going, but i was always impressed with the effort he put into his matches.
  5. Bugman

    Rock bands...

    Not strictly Rock, but who needs labels right? :) it has guitars.
  6. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Tires hiss in the rain, Downturned faces walking home, Together alone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elon Musk's boosters, Landed like 50's Sci-Fi, The future is here.
  7. Are there any quotes/small pieces of wisdom collected, that have given you strength and guidance at different times in your life?
  8. Bugman

    Your favourite go-to quotes or bits of wisdom.

    I like the one about the snail, it reminds me of Confucius' 'it does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop'. I'm coming up to 40 years of age, and while i wouldn't describe myself as having a mid-life crisis, i've been wondering why it is i just can't understand life, or be comfortable in it, you'd think by now i'd have reached some sort of inner peace, but i'm still struggling with the same things i've always struggled with. I've tried stoicism, some great stuff in there, but i can't help but feel that sometimes it's delusional in how extreme it can be, we're supposed to feel so little at the worst of times, it just comes across as unrealistic. Buddhism seems to be its kinder version, and i have more affinity with it though i just can't join in with the re-incarnation stuff. Anyway enough of my babbling, i'd love to see more quotes that have helped you in your own lives, these ones so far are very good :)
  9. Bugman

    More animal madness.....

    I suppose many variations are possible, this cat is pretty famous and it's real, no photoshop.
  10. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    I like the idea of Mount Fuji as being a person, and also being shy :D
  11. Bugman

    Rock bands...

    Here's one with lyrics this time, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
  12. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Small weed by the road, Shaken by passing footsteps, Spring will show your worth. --------------------------------------------------------------------- In the dead of night, A head turns and an eye gleams, The owl springs downwards.
  13. Bugman

    More animal madness.....

    In a cemetery? You don't think one of them was Count Duck-ula by any chance? (i'll see myself out :D)
  14. Bugman

    Rock bands...

    Ooh a metal thread, may i drop a song too? :) Unfortunately i don't know the answer to your question Fujisan, i'm new to that band as well. Great tracks guys
  15. Too many people are posting great stuff and i'm finding myself a little short despite being frugal.
  16. Bugman

    Urban animals

    Yeah London here, these are the only wild animals i have seen other than common birds like pidgeons and other assorted winged-things. One night i was smoking on the balcony lost in thought, when i suddenly saw by the dim light of the street-lamps, a cavalcade of rats, probably about 20 of them running down the middle of the road. They must have been moving house, i've heard it's very stressful so i can understand their hurry. I'm glad i was up in the balcony, because a couple of them looked bigger than me.
  17. Bugman

    Videos and promo-Hatsu 2018-Days 1-15

    'You won't need me anymore' We will always need you Kinta, unique humour is not replaceable :D I haven't been very active on the forum but it's your videos i'll be watching. Thanks again.
  18. Bugman

    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks guys, a very happy Christmas to you too.
  19. Bugman

    Good news!

    Congratulations Fujisan! But go easy, you've been through a lot and you don't want to rush your recovery, must be awesome to be out and about again though. :)
  20. Bugman

    Worries about my broken arm.......

    1. I comprehend private insurance just fine, as a UK citizen there is nothing stopping me from going private at any time. 2. 'Expensive' is a relative term. 3. I like capitalism too, see point 1. 4. I don't deny that the healthcare available in the united states must be among the most advanced in the world, but i have no idea how many of your fellow citizens have access to it, and whether they do have access or not is an important issue for me. 5. As for when the Queen gets ill, see point 1 again. Something you should know about the NHS is that yes it is slow, it's not unheard of to have to wait 2 weeks to see a doctor, (although seven days is more common, and there are emergency appointments too), but i assume that this is preferable to the huge amount of people who would simply never see one if they had to pay, because even if they could afford the diagnosis for something serious, they probably won't be able to afford the treatment. Once you've seen the doctor in the UK the speed picks up depending on your illness, x-rays, scans, medication, tests and operations are all free of charge, no matter what they may be, i myself will be seeing a urologist soon and i'm very grateful for it, because i'd have nothing otherwise. Do i deserve to suffer for being poor? That's a different argument, but having socialised healthcare doesn't mean that you can't go private too, it's not a case of one or the other, you can have both.
  21. Bugman

    Worries about my broken arm.......

    You seem to be misinformed. The doctor in the UK is a phone call away and it's free. I live in the United Kingdom as well so i know first-hand. Were it not for the NHS i'd be dead from lack of ability to pay.
  22. Bugman

    Worries about my broken arm.......

    I'm really sorry to hear you broke your arm, if you're unsure you should definitely go back to the doctor and ask them as soon as you can, although i'm the last to give that advice as i spent a whole year with side pains trying to ignore them. Turned out it's a kidney stone but i was silly to not go, so yeah, always ask if in doubt. Get well soon Fujisan
  23. Bugman

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    'I probably would love you if i knew you' :-D NHK might have High-Def but your humour is unique, thank you Kinta.
  24. Hey guys, I've been bitten by the musical bug. So far i've listened to the famous song from cats, 'old man river' and Lee Marvin singing 'wandering star.' Do you have any favourites? They don't have to be in English, i'd be just as interested in musical songs from around the world.
  25. There's some great songs there guys thank you, almost all of them were new to me, i have a few stuck in my head already :)