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  1. I remembered how much i miss Takanoyama after watching that tribute video of his on youtube, and then thought that there's probably still a Harumafuji-shaped hole in Sumo today, at least for me.
  2. Bugman

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    Homasho! That's him :) Thanks for reminding me as i'd have never got it. He was another of the first few rikishi that stood out for me.
  3. Bugman

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    He was one of the very first wrestlers i noticed when i started watching Sumo regularly, back in 2011 or so i think it was, and he was an old veteran even then. There's another rikishi in my mind from that time but sadly i don't remember his name, all i have to go on is that he was stoutly built rather than fat, had a strong tachi-ai, worked the belt and never used henka, he also had the most elegant bow of any rikishi i have seen.
  4. Bugman

    Vote for virility!

    That's one of the best ad-slogans i've seen :D
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    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Cut down without thought A small branch on the tree stump Climbs toward the sky
  6. Hello, I thought i might ask a few questions about the sport, i realise i could just google this but in the interests of creating a little conversation i thought i would ask here, i also enjoy hearing facts straight from the experts as it were, a lot more interesting than just reading wiki, please feel free to answer any of them, doesn't have to be all, or ask your own :) 1. A gyoji carries a knife as part of his attire, has there ever been a time in past history where a gyoji was unlucky enough to be ordered to kill himself for a bad call, or has the knife always simply been a symbolic reminder of how serious being a referee is? and if it did happen, who gets to give the order? (scary stuff) :-) 2. Have there ever been any rikishi that were famous for something other than Sumo? were any wrestlers noted for being famous authors, or archers, painters, or even musicians perhaps? or does the intensity of Sumo life rarely leave time for other pursuits? 3. For how long have the rules of Sumo remained more or less constant and recognisable as the Sumo of today? i've been led to understand through googling that in it's very earliest form Sumo involved punching and was somewhat rougher as a sport before being refined, (i may be wrong on this or have read erroneous information) if correct though, is anyone remembered as being the reformer or founder of todays rules? 4. What was your first contact with Sumo, how did you become a fan? also, if you are a sports fan in general, do you think of Sumo as the same as any sport, or is there something special about it that sets it apart? 5. Who is your all-time favourite wrestler if you were put on the spot and had to pick one? who embodies what Sumo means to you the best? 6. This is a somewhat odd question, but i've sometimes seen rikishi attempt sweeps to the leg that almost look like a kick, is kicking allowed in sumo? and if not, where is the line drawn, what constitues a sweep, and at what point would it become an unacceptable kick? is it a case of "anything below the knee is fine"? 7. Sometimes when the rikishi are not fighting, a man comes with a small box and appears to take sand from the centre of the ring, why does he do this, is there something special buried there in the centre of the ring? 8. Why are some Ozeki "west" and some "east". what does this mean, is it a geographical location of their heya's, or is the dohyo itself placed along an east-west line and it just refers to their starting position, like blue-red corner in boxing, or is it something else? Well that is all i can think of for now, no doubt later i will remember something i forgot to ask :)
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    Naruto beya-new violence..

    I've heard of the hazing going in Sumo for a while, (admittedly i have never been a true follower, more of a part-time fan) but this is the first time i've ever actually seen it. That is completely shocking, there's nothing that poor recruit could ever learn from that, except to become really disheartened with Sumo. Who is the Ba****d that did that? Anyone know? So that i never mistakenly cheer for him even by accident in the future. Edit: Never mind, i just realised it's an old documentary.
  8. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    A life in the ring The taste of a win or loss Is always of salt
  9. Bugman

    Injury news........

    I'm glad to hear you're improving Fujisan, time heals a lot of things and i hope you go from strength to strength.
  10. Bugman

    Sayonara to the Forum

    Ha those are brilliant, i've never seen that mascot before, if it weren't for the fire-engine i'd have gone by his hair, and guessed his company made coat-racks
  11. Bugman

    Sayonara to the Forum

    Ah fantastic, that's always been one of things i love about Japan, they really have an eye for detail.
  12. Bugman


    Yeah i can relate
  13. Bugman


    I got to level 40 last year, i think i'm in shock as it still feels kind of unreal. You're only really as old as you feel however, so i'm going to do my best to feel as young as possible
  14. Bugman

    Sayonara to the Forum

    I remember the awesome photos you used to share of your travels, i especially liked (and had never known about till then) the intricate designs on the manhole covers in Japan. Best of luck, and i hope you return some day :)
  15. 1. Do you feel a basho needs a Yokozuna participating in it, for it to feel 'complete'? 2. Do you think a rikishi should become a Yokozuna based on performance against peers, or based on how good Yokozuna's of the past were? (or mixture of) 3. Is it currently too hard or to easy to become a Yokozuna in your opinion? 4. In many cultures, (including Japan as far as i'm aware), trying your best to the bitter end in a sport is the admirable thing to do, (think crossing a finishing line 10 hours after the last guy went home, cos you sprained your ankle), so why do Yokozuna's leave a tournament half-way so often, when it goes badly for them? 5. If you were charged with naming a new rank above Yokozuna, what would you call it? Thanks :)
  16. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Dropped spear, rusted shield Hollow eyes in a bronze face Time was the true foe
  17. Bugman

    Lucky me.....

    I agree wholly with the sentiments you have expressed regarding the responsibility to hand in lost items, but i feel this statement is excessively harsh considering the transgression, and the person in question. He kept some notes he found on the floor, (assuming he hasn't just made the story up to amuse people), not expensive camera equipment, not someone's wallet, and he hasn't mugged anyone nor gone out with the intention of stealing, and judging from his previous posts (no offence Fujisan), he seems like he's in a situation in life where every extra bit of income no matter how small, makes a massive difference. It's also possible for a lawful action to be morally wrong, a case in point being the way corporations are allowed to return their impoverished workers taxes back to them, as a top-up to their very low wages. Perfectly legal, morally bankrupt, and those behind it don't have to wear the 'criminal' tag around their necks. I feel it's important to keep things in perspective, there are a lot of people doing the wrong thing in this life to varying degrees, and often legally.
  18. Bugman

    Lucky me.....

    If you open a newspaper all you see is trouble and conflict, but your post reminded me there's tons of good and thoughtful people around, the vast majority. And yeah you're a jammy bastard for finding all those tens and twenties I've got to start paying more attention to my surroundings because i can't remember the last time i found so much as single, solitary quid.
  19. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Yeah even here in London, although it's grey the temperature is still surprisingly high. i think there is a saying in Greece, that a strong summer is always followed by a bitter winter, so we'll have to see.
  20. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Echoing its song Migratory metal bird The last ice-cream van
  21. Bugman

    World Cup 18 - comments

    To misquote Mark Twain, 'rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated'. Spain can pass the ball well, and without any strikers worth mentioning that's all they can do, so they aren't about to give up their one strength. As for the game, how many players have to be rugby-tackled to the floor simultaneously, inside the box for VAR to come back with a penalty decision? Obviously when playing against Russia in their own world cup, the answer is 'more than two.' Spain were hard-done-by in that match.
  22. Bugman

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    As someone who's been away a long time i'm impressed with Tochinoshin, and interested to find he is Ozeki rank now. I could well be wrong as i'm very inexperienced, but from what i remember a few years ago, he was a good rikishi with occasional flashes of brilliance and had the odd good tournament, but he lacked consistency and confidence sometimes, he looks highly improved in those areas.
  23. Bugman

    Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    On Kinta's day 2, at 8:13 in the video, the camera pans to an amazing sight of beautiful architecture, and the caption is 'meanwhile, outside my humble castle' I enjoy those little moments where they show something outside the dojo, related to Japan in general, it really adds to the atmosphere. Edit* This is the first time i've watched Sumo properly for about 2 years, and after seeing these first three days i have to say that Endou seems so much stronger than before, there was a lot of hope for him back then and it seems to have born fruit. Yoshikaze doesn't seem to have the same fire in his belly, or the same nonchalant attitude he once had, and there's lots of new names for me to learn. I feel like the only thing that hasn't changed is Hakuho, the white bird is as ferocious as ever. (admittedly i probably shouldn't try to deduce too much form just three days )