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    Sumo, playing the tin-whistle, cooking, listening to folk-music from around the world, reading books, visiting museums, attempted bonsai growing, watching other people play football and opening my brother's letters. I also enjoy doodling.

    A few books that left their mark on me: Moby Dick, Don Quijote, The Lord of the Rings, Phillip K. Dick's short stories and The Little World of Don Camillo.

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  1. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    If you cross these things, Santa and a duck... you get, A Christmas quacker
  2. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Santa and a duck If mixed together you get A Christmas quacker
  3. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    'Koala's aren't bears' 'No Koalafications' Mean scientists say
  4. Bugman


    From what i've read here over the years, Fujisan has some bad luck with falls. I don't fall much myself, (touch wood), but as a fellow ill-health suffer, if he is sick i wish him a speedy recovery. Hope you're ok Fuji
  5. Bugman

    Music abroad

    Well it really depends on how you feel about 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. I know that's a really odd thing to say, but apparently it's a real composition that is sometimes 'played' by orchestras. They just sit there quietly for that alloted time, and the conductor even turns pages as the time progresses. It's controversial as you can imagine, but i suppose in some ways, it's a form of mindfulness introduced into the classical music sphere, and to some extent, performance art. I just put it on as a joke really Perhaps this other version will work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWVUp12XPpU If not and you're still interested, google '4.33 by John Cage'
  6. Bugman

    Music abroad

  7. Bugman

    Music abroad

    I had never heard of this guy, very cool
  8. Bugman

    Chat GPT

    Dare you ask it for a plot twist I honestly still don't understand what this bot is, or why it's different to previous bots for it to be so popular. I'd put it down to old age, but there's plenty of older people who understand just fine. I think i''m just a bit slow, i expect i'll understand more about it eventually.
  9. Bugman

    Favorite Songs

    I'm going to sound like a barbarian without a doubt, but i don't think that's such a bad criteria when it comes to classical composers I've heard a lot of tired drivel from supposed up-and-coming names. Even some of the well established ones i honestly think are very mediocre, the famed Einaudi for example, has had the (fair imo) criticism levelled at him, that he makes classical music for those who don't like classical music. Ultimately it's all down to taste isn't it, few things are more likely to divide people than what they want from music, even among those who like the same genre, they'll still have differing opinions of artists within it. I'll finish with an even more outrageous and subjective statement, and that is one of the very few great composers left that are alive doesn't even make classical music, he makes electronic music, and he's called Richard D James.
  10. Bugman

    Music abroad

    I didn't know the background to it, that's really interesting. I remember years ago coming back from work, i passed through the Tottenham court road station in London, and near the escalators was a young woman, most likely a music student from one of the nearby universities, singing 'o mio babbino caro'. There was quite a few people listening so i was well hidden among the crowd, but to my surprise i found my eyes watering up. I had to go hide behind a pillar so no-one saw me, but i was genuinely overcome. Stravinksy's firebird is another one that has a similar effect. I'm much safer listening to my usual genre which i love, which is electronic music. And so my last link comes now, and my apologies for hogging up so many posts
  11. Bugman

    Music abroad

    I didn't realise it was in that film too, i've always recognised it from 'Raging Bull'. I agree it's a great tune, i'd listen to classical more, but i'm one of those that ends up in tears a bit too often There's one in particular i cannot get to the end of without my eyes watering over, it's called 'O mio babbino caro'. I'll link it, just in case anyone else wants a good blub
  12. Bugman

    Music abroad

  13. Bugman

    Music abroad

  14. Bugman

    Music abroad

    Anyone up for some Disco? :)
  15. Bugman

    The end?

    As you say in the video Kinta, there should be common sense, but there are some corporations that would copywrite the patterns that leaves fall on the ground, if they could. There needs to be a balance between fair use and greed. I've been watching Sumo on and off (in a very amateur and irregular fashion) since 2011, i'm still a greenhorn compared to most here, but this taking down of these channels is one of the most destructive blows i've seen Sumo as a sport/institution take, and for no good reason at all, it's self-defeating and will certainly harm Sumo's future. I'm sorry you are sad but it's with good reason, i'm sad as well. I'll be keeping an eye out for any new channel of yours because you're always amusing and entertaining, but more importantly, very obviously a great person to go with it. Sometimes we just have to keep the faith, no matter how dark times are. I wish you the best.