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    Sumo, playing the tin-whistle, cooking, listening to folk-music from around the world, reading books, visiting museums, attempted bonsai growing, watching other people play football and opening my brother's letters. I also enjoy doodling.

    A few books that left their mark on me: Moby Dick, Don Quijote, The Lord of the Rings, Phillip K. Dick's short stories and The Little World of Don Camillo.

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  1. So far i've watched the September highlights video and read the first article on Kashiwado, who i had never heard of. In a coincidence that confirms your point about him being somewhat overshadowed despite his skill, when i googled his name the first photograph that i saw was Taiho's. There's something very 'Sumo' i feel about eclipsed excellence, doing your best despite not being seen (as much), and adding to the overall greatness of the sport quietly, for without great rivals the champions that everyone knows of would not be so well remembered. The fact about his Heya now being the smallest in Sumo today was also a nice factoid, really interesting stuff. Thank you John, i look forward to reading the rest of them.
  2. Bugman

    In the mony 2

    My apologies if that's how it came across, it wasn't my intention.
  3. Bugman

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    I'd have to go for Chiyonofuji, when i was a child in the UK, channel 4 used to show Sumo highlights and that was his era. I used to watch them with my father, neither of us having a clue what was going on, but cheering for the wolf, knowing that we were witnessing a champion.
  4. Bugman

    In the mony 2

    Maybe you have a guardian angel :) Btw Fujisan, i don't want to sound like an ass (i am an ass), and i'm certainly not world-wise, but i believe the current accepted term is 'person of colour'. Here's hoping your luck continues
  5. Those are great suggestions, thank you guys, i think i have enough to go on now. i'm slowly recapturing the old Sumo magic :)
  6. 2 great channels there i had forgotten about too, Kintamayama's humour is inimitable, whilst Jason's channel (or rather i should say his first channel, which wasn't exclusively dedicated to Sumo back then) was the one that got me interested in the sport to begin with. He's a big Harumafuji fan if i remember rightly, way back from the days when his shikona was Ama. SHIKONA! It seems some Sumo terms had been lurking in my subconscious just waiting to re-emerge. I have but not very much, i seem to remember that the Japanese fans (and perhaps many others) likened him to the famous Mainoumi in size and skill, i just finished watching both videos now and i'm very impressed, those are some big names he's up against,Takayasu for example i know is incredibly strong and determined. I don't recognise the terms you've used for the techniques but that's something i can begin to (re)learn slowly, i think i'd like to find out where everyone is ranked at the moment too, as i haven't a clue who has been promoted or who has left. Thank you all for your kind wishes regarding my health, i wish the same to all of you.
  7. I joined around 2011 but i haven't been actively and truly following the sport itself since perhaps 2015 or so, i have stuck around the off-topic though, like a suspicious smell that never quite leaves entirely
  8. Thank you Shumitto i appreciate it, i agree with you about the feeling of being new again, i feel that excitement i felt some years back and i think i am recovering my 'Sumo-mojo'. I had my interest piqued again by a new (at least new to me), channel on Youtube i came across called 'Chris Sumo'. So i've been watching a few really interesting videos on there, and one of NHK's videos on the old legend that even i can't forget...the moment i typed that i forgot his name. He was a famous Yokozuna and known as 'the wolf', *quick Google* Ah yes, Chiyonofuji! So as you can see, my memory needs all the help and jolting it can get :)
  9. Well guys i've been largely away from Sumo for a long time now, partly due to an initial confusion with knowing where to actually watch it once it was no longer streamed by the Kyokai itself, (I can't remember what year they stopped), but more because of a long-standing ill-health which affects me greatly, i have nevertheless decided i'd like to spend more of my time reading, thinking about, and perhaps watching Sumo if possible. I've forgotten almost everything, especially with regard to Sumo's terms, so i'm pretty much a beginner again. What sites, old-re-runs of documentaries, knowledge-databases, news-clips, Youtube channels, or anything Sumo related would you recommend me to go look at, in an effort to relight my Sumo fire? Edit* Hmm, i just had the thought this may be the wrong forum to post this, as it is Sumo-related it could possibly go in Ozumo discussions, but since this is a question and not a discussion per-se, i'm unsure. I'll let a moderator decide if they come across it, apologies if it is indeed in the wrong place.
  10. Bugman

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Happy Birthday Fuji, hope you're doing well mate.
  11. Bugman

    Video games

    I've recently been playing a long-awaited game called 'Crusader Kings 3'. If you know of the Sims games, imagine those mixed with the brutal and sometimes horrid flavour of Medieval times, with a big dash of Monty Python's holy grail thrown in. The aim is to start off around the year 896 with a character, and create a family dynasty of people and lands that lasts till around 1400 or so. There are many options open to you from the heroic warrior's path, to the Machavellian and dark world of spies and intrique. To give you an idea, one rather shifty member of my extended family gifted me a luxuriant rug, only (i found later) so that his assassin's footsteps wouldn't be heard when he tried to do me in. Over time i invented my own religion which meant i could only marry within that faith, and since i had chosen cannibalism as one my new tenets, my pool of available husbands and wives became ever smaller and more inbred, until my current character (the 13th or 14th character down the Dynasty's line) has ended up as technically being his own grandfather, and having a family tree that looks like a ball of tangled up Christmas lights. Suffice to say i'm not very good at the game, but i've had a lot of fun with it.
  12. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Though sad, great imagery there.
  13. Lets say maybe, a hundred years from now, or more. When you pause to think about what the world may look like, architecturally, socially, technologically, what sort of things do you expect? One specific thing that i am expecting are megastructures, and by that i mean giant blocks of concrete and pillars that can house huge numbers of people, shops and other amenities such as football stadiums, cinemas, places of worship etc. I think that we'll never really get control of human population growth but neither will it sink us, and that these huge buildings will be a response to that situation, almost like enclosed cities that can grow upwards. I don't base that on any science-based prophesy It's not an educated guess by any means, just an image that appears in my mind when i think of years where i will no longer be here, but the human experience will continue. So what do you see, what images appear to you?
  14. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    And yet, sleepless bugs, Drawn to the flames of Haiku, Even at late hours.
  15. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Thank you for the kind words :)