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    Sumo, playing the tin-whistle, cooking, listening to folk-music from around the world, reading books, visiting museums, attempted bonsai growing, watching other people play football and opening my brother's letters. I also enjoy doodling.

    A few books that left their mark on me: Moby Dick, Don Quijote, The Lord of the Rings, Phillip K. Dick's short stories and The Little World of Don Camillo.

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  1. 1. Do you feel a basho needs a Yokozuna participating in it, for it to feel 'complete'? 2. Do you think a rikishi should become a Yokozuna based on performance against peers, or based on how good Yokozuna's of the past were? (or mixture of) 3. Is it currently too hard or to easy to become a Yokozuna in your opinion? 4. In many cultures, (including Japan as far as i'm aware), trying your best to the bitter end in a sport is the admirable thing to do, (think crossing a finishing line 10 hours after the last guy went home, cos you sprained your ankle), so why do Yokozuna's leave a tournament half-way so often, when it goes badly for them? 5. If you were charged with naming a new rank above Yokozuna, what would you call it? Thanks :)
  2. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Dropped spear, rusted shield Hollow eyes in a bronze face Time was the true foe
  3. Bugman

    Lucky me.....

    I agree wholly with the sentiments you have expressed regarding the responsibility to hand in lost items, but i feel this statement is excessively harsh considering the transgression, and the person in question. He kept some notes he found on the floor, (assuming he hasn't just made the story up to amuse people), not expensive camera equipment, not someone's wallet, and he hasn't mugged anyone nor gone out with the intention of stealing, and judging from his previous posts (no offence Fujisan), he seems like he's in a situation in life where every extra bit of income no matter how small, makes a massive difference. It's also possible for a lawful action to be morally wrong, a case in point being the way corporations are allowed to return their impoverished workers taxes back to them, as a top-up to their very low wages. Perfectly legal, morally bankrupt, and those behind it don't have to wear the 'criminal' tag around their necks. I feel it's important to keep things in perspective, there are a lot of people doing the wrong thing in this life to varying degrees, and often legally.
  4. Bugman

    Lucky me.....

    If you open a newspaper all you see is trouble and conflict, but your post reminded me there's tons of good and thoughtful people around, the vast majority. And yeah you're a jammy bastard for finding all those tens and twenties I've got to start paying more attention to my surroundings because i can't remember the last time i found so much as single, solitary quid.
  5. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Yeah even here in London, although it's grey the temperature is still surprisingly high. i think there is a saying in Greece, that a strong summer is always followed by a bitter winter, so we'll have to see.
  6. Bugman

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Echoing its song Migratory metal bird The last ice-cream van
  7. Bugman

    World Cup 18 - comments

    To misquote Mark Twain, 'rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated'. Spain can pass the ball well, and without any strikers worth mentioning that's all they can do, so they aren't about to give up their one strength. As for the game, how many players have to be rugby-tackled to the floor simultaneously, inside the box for VAR to come back with a penalty decision? Obviously when playing against Russia in their own world cup, the answer is 'more than two.' Spain were hard-done-by in that match.
  8. Bugman

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    As someone who's been away a long time i'm impressed with Tochinoshin, and interested to find he is Ozeki rank now. I could well be wrong as i'm very inexperienced, but from what i remember a few years ago, he was a good rikishi with occasional flashes of brilliance and had the odd good tournament, but he lacked consistency and confidence sometimes, he looks highly improved in those areas.
  9. Bugman

    Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    On Kinta's day 2, at 8:13 in the video, the camera pans to an amazing sight of beautiful architecture, and the caption is 'meanwhile, outside my humble castle' I enjoy those little moments where they show something outside the dojo, related to Japan in general, it really adds to the atmosphere. Edit* This is the first time i've watched Sumo properly for about 2 years, and after seeing these first three days i have to say that Endou seems so much stronger than before, there was a lot of hope for him back then and it seems to have born fruit. Yoshikaze doesn't seem to have the same fire in his belly, or the same nonchalant attitude he once had, and there's lots of new names for me to learn. I feel like the only thing that hasn't changed is Hakuho, the white bird is as ferocious as ever. (admittedly i probably shouldn't try to deduce too much form just three days )
  10. Bugman

    Rock bands...

    Any Soundgarden fans present? :) This was always my favourite of theirs, it has one heck of a guitar solo.
  11. Bugman

    More words to inspire.....

    i think it depends on the level of pain Fujisan, lately i've gone through a lot of dental and jaw pain and sometimes, well i have dark thoughts, though with a family around me i have to remain sensible. I don't want to preach to you about pain though, i know you've been through more than your fair share, and the quote you've shared is a memorable one.
  12. Bugman

    Bench World Cup 2018

    I'm really surprised by the opening ceremony just now, i was expecting a Russian choir, gymnasts maybe or ballet dancers, Prokofiev's dance of the knights, dum de dum de DUM de dum de daaa daaaaaa!! I really wanted to see a celebration of Russia, instead there was Robbie Williams, i mean it's not bad but....
  13. Bugman

    Kitataiki intai

    I remember he used to take quite a while to get going, but i was always impressed with the effort he put into his matches.