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  1. For (too) many years, I have been posting daily recaps of the basho pics that appear on the Japanese press websites. For the last couple years, my enthusiasm for the project has been eroding, and it is now near rock bottom. Accordingly, the posting for senshuraku will be my final regular pic contribution.

    Akinomaki has been my able backup poster, and he has offered to continue making daily posts on a delayed/time available basis. If another forum member were to pick up the effort, it would ease the heavy burden that Akinomaki is already carrying.

    If someone else picks up the mantle, I will be happy to share some of the techniques that I have developed to make extractions from the websites and to serve as an occasional backup poster.

    My other forum activities will remain basically unchanged. You are still stuck with my presence.

    Thank you for your years of dedicated service. (I am not worthy...)(I am not worthy...)(I am not worthy...)