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    Video Stream -

    I don't use any editing software. I simply upload the .ts files to YouTube.
  2. araibira

    Video Stream -

    The stream works great for me. What kind of machine are you using, and are you using an updated version of VLC?
  3. araibira

    Video Stream -

    Right click in the screen, pick settings, adjust sound. I tried that. Nothing.
  4. araibira

    Video Stream -

    The video is great. However, I'm not getting any sound. Any suggestions?
  5. araibira

    Leaderboard Day 13 Nagoya Basho 2013

    All the yusho were decided today (please correct me if I'm wrong). I couldn't believe it. Was that a rare occurrence?
  6. araibira

    Nagoya 2013 Videos- Promo and All Days

    This is pretty cool
  7. araibira

    Nagoya 2013 Videos- Promo and All Days

    Sorry about that. I was sad as well. My internet was temporarily down during that bout.
  8. araibira

    Day 7 lower division results

    There were other mismatches. The first Aragyoshi match is Kotomyozan's. Somewhere the videos got one out of sync with the actual matches in at least part of Jonidan. I took care of it.
  9. araibira

    Surprising stat

    (Laughing...) (Laughing...) (Laughing...)
  10. This idea is very favorable in my opinion.
  11. araibira

    ex-Musashimaru new commercial

    Wow! He has slimmed down. Great find.
  12. araibira

    I am ashamed to admit

    I'm ashamed to say that I took a three hour nap, and did not upload a good portion of day fourteen. Sorry everyone.
  13. araibira

    Videos-Haru 2012- Days 1-15

    True. I have have uploaded videos. I don't know why they aren't embedded.
  14. araibira

    New Sumo book-Hawaiians

    looks good! Can't wait for the bagga to come in, ladat, dakine, as how.
  15. araibira

    New Egyptian recruit- Oosunaarashi

    Oosunaarashi appears 2:25 in
  16. araibira

    Baruto Yokozuna run-really?

    Pull out numbers for the next ten tournaments after his failed Yokozuna run, and compare those numbers with the wrestlers above. Also, I forgot to mention Wakanohana
  17. araibira

    Baruto Yokozuna run-really?

    Ten tournaments of the last six grand champions before Yokozuna promotion. Interpret these numbers at your own discretion. This list does not include tournaments where wrestlers were absent due to injuries. One could actually go into greater detail by pulling the stats of all Yokozuna (pre-promotion), and accurately transcribe Baruto's chances of becoming Yokozuna. 110-40:Asahifuji 73.33% win/loss ratio 100-50:Akebono 66.67% win/loss ratio 126-24:Takanohana 84% win/loss ratio 110-40: Musashimaru 73.33% win/loss ratio 107-43: Asashoryu 71.33% win/loss ratio 117-33: Hakuho 78% win/loss ratio 108-42: Baruto 72% win/loss ratio (pending on a 15-0 record in Osaka) With the current state of sumo, struggling for fan appeal and recovering from countless scandals, the YDC along with NSK are definitely looking to promote a new Yokozuna. Hypothetically, if Baruto has the resolve to win at Osaka and becomes Yokozuna, look for a surge of athletes to come out of Estonia, bordering countries around it, and a new monetary gain from the number of fans which will be attracted to a European Yokozuna.
  18. araibira

    Weigh in-Hatsu 2012

    Hayzues Christo! (Blinking...)
  19. araibira

    Gyoji - Opinions and Evaluation

    Anyone know the name of the gyoji in this ceremony?
  20. araibira

    Gyoji - Opinions and Evaluation

    Future Gyoji: Shikimori Tondafuji. (Holiday feeling...) I'm practicing my yobidashi skills. Sadly, we are grown men--sort of. Who cares, though? Sumo rocks
  21. araibira

    Day 15 lower division results

    Trimmings!!! Jesus, it must have taken ages to upload that vid. Great job! (Yusho winner...) :-O (Futeno...) (Futeno...)
  22. araibira

    Gyoji - Opinions and Evaluation

    the 35th Kimura Sh┼Źnosuke all the way!!!!