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  1. I do not often look at the signatures for changes. I was wondering if it was something hot springs related until I read it and first wondered if you had gone mad. Then it hit me...
  2. Not sure if I should take Kintamayama's new signature personally or not...
  3. Entry form is currently unavailable...
  4. Muhomatsu

    Akebono dead at 54

    It’s all over the Japanese media now. I loved watching him in the 90s! He and his rivals helped me get into the sport!
  5. Rikishi will be asked what stable they want to join. all per an interview in this article
  6. Muhomatsu

    Michinoku beya likely to close

    As is Hanakago.
  7. Muhomatsu

    Michinoku beya likely to close

    He is still listed as as 役員待遇委員 here. and on the official duties list.
  8. It’s not in the rearview mirrors for those who love immune-compromised friends and family members. Most don’t want to think of Covid as a problem anymore. I get it. I wish I could do that, too. I think most people don’t want to think of the pandemic as a problem because, if they do, they know they will have to change the way they act and how they live. Or recognize the complete failure of public health across the pandemic. Of course, there are other solutions. Instead of “as we look back on the pandemic”; keep it in the current tense and advocate for measures to help- clean air in schools, offices, and health care- access to PREP medications, and additional sick leave. pretending the problem no longer exists won’t help anyone
  9. You obviously don’t live with elderly family members with lung cancer and immune problems. Or at least wish such people don’t exist, so you don’t have to think about how certain behaviors do put people’s lives at risk. Grrr. This mentality makes me so mad. Look at excess deaths. Look at excess illnesses. The figures are there. The deaths occurred and are occurring. Lives are at risk, even if that fact makes you uncomfortable. Edit: one more word- Shōbushi (勝武士).
  10. Made the Daily Mail headlines:
  11. Muhomatsu


    It is this one. 峰
  12. And Takashima moving to Oitekaze could be the answer to the Daieishō kabu question. We know Daieishō picked up his first uchi-deshi in January.
  13. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    And (at least yesterday) the total wins in Hatsu 2024 did not equal total losses. Thus, there is an error somewhere in the records of rikishi in the current basho. The error was +2. So, it is likely a victory was given to both rikishi in a bout.
  14. Muhomatsu

    Kyujo for Hatsu 2024

    Shinzan has retired, as has Raō and Miyakogawa.
  15. It seems he has passed away today. He was one of my favorites in the mid-90s. He is Abi’s Oyakata.
  16. A friend of mine has to bail out of his participation in the sumo and sushi event in Seattle on Saturday Nov 25, at 5PM and is looking to offload the tickets. The tickets are viewing only - 5PM. But they include the "get in the ring experience" - so you can actually climb onto the dohyo and test your sumo skills against a former sumo wrestler (including ex-Daikiho, ex-Kirinowaka, ex-To'oyama, and even Sanctuary's Enya, ex-Chiyonoshin). I did this in the Washington DC Sumo and Sushi tour and the "get in the ring" experience was one of the coolest things I have ever done! Face value of the two tickets and the "get in the ring" is $363. Get in the ring tickets are sold out, so this is the only chance to get them for a fair offer. Contact me if you are interested in the tickets. Again - Seattle. Saturday Nov 25. 5PM Show. Viewing only for two. Get in ring ticket for one.
  17. The tickets are still available. If you, or anyone you know in the Seattle-area, wants the tickets - just make an offer. I will put you in touch with the seller. Make us an offer!
  18. Thank you. I am contacting the region's sumo clubs as you suggested.
  19. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    Here are some pre-basho retirements found from the Futagoyama-beya Instragram Account. Yoshino (20 years old), former Mukainooka grad (like a lot of other Futagoyama recruits). From Kanagawa. 49-49 career record. Highest Rank: Sandanme 63 Hatsu Dohyo: 2021 Haru Miyabi (former Morita): 92-125 career record. From Chiba. Highest Rank: Jonidan 20. Hatsu Dohyo: 2018 Haru. He was one of the uchi-deshi recruited by Futagoyama Oyakata before he branched out of Fujishima in 2018. Edited to include running list of known pre-basho retirements: Tokushōryū: Kise-beya. Former Maegashira 2. 37 years old. From Nara Japan. Jonokuchi Yūshō (Haru 2009), Sandame Yūshō (Aki 2009), Jūryō Yūshō (Aki 2018), and his famous top division Yūshō (Hatsu 2020). The Hatsu 2020 tournament also saw him win his only Sanshō (Shukunshō and Kantōshō). He got a Kinboshi in Haru 2020 and also had a Jun Yūshō (Hatsu 2015) in the top division. He spent 32 tournaments in the top division and 34 in Jūryō. Career record of 553-570-1. Record in top division was 211-269. He is out of Meitoku high school and Kinki University. Aside from his top division win, I remember his dame-oshi after he injured Kotoyūki. Akiseyama: Kise-beya. Former Maegashira 12. 38 Years Old. From Aichi Japan. Jonokuchi Yūshō (Haru 2008) and Makushita Yūshō (Nagoya 2009). 38 basho in Jūryō. 4 basho in Makunouchi. Career record: 472-473-29. Record in top division: 21-32-7. Out of Saitama Sakae high and Nihon University. Setonoumi - Takadagawa-beya. Former Makushita 15. Career record 69-44-20. 19 years old. From Hiroshima Japan. Jonokuchi Yūshō (Aki 2021). A young prospect, quickly rising to Makushita as a teenager, after coming back from an injury. Anzai - Naruto-beya. Former Makushita 29. From Tōkyō Japan. Career record 110-82-25. 21 Years old. Frequently injured recently. His departure from the heya was unexpected and he was quickly disappeared for some reason. Hokuōzan - Naruto-beya. Former Makushita 35. 26 years old. Half-Turkish piano player. From Hokkaido Japan. Career record 39-17-42. Out of Hokkaido Sapporo Toryō High and Takushoku University. Fujikenshō - Fujishima-beya. Former Makushita 50. From Saitama Japan. Former Sandanme 100 Tsukedashi. One of the Suguro bothers (Fujitōshi). 26 years old. Career record 35-8-41. Frequently injured, fell to Jonidan where he took the yūshō this past Haru bashō. Guessing injury issues forced the retirement, as he had a decent pedigree. Out of Meiji University's affiliated Nakano High School and Takashoku University. Sakurai - Naruto-beya. Former Makushita 57. 26 years old. From Ibaraki Japan. Career record 81-52-42. Out of Nippon Sport Science University Kashiwa High School and then Nippon Sports Science University. He was in a Jonokuchi ketteisen his first tournament, and only spent one basho in makushita. Asakoga - Takasago-beya. Former Sandanme 19. 30 years old. From Osaka Japan. Career record 171-171-8. Out of Osaka Sandai High School, and Kinki University. However, I do not think he was officially a part of the Kinki University sumo club. Makio - Musashigawa-beya. Former Sandanme 34. From Kagoshima, Japan. Career record 66-65-2. 21 years old. Out of Kakusho high school. Kiryū - Miyagino-beya. Former Sandanme 40. 20 year veteran, 36 years old. From Yamagata Japan. Career record 384-422-34. Former Ounofuji. Yoshino - Futagoyama-beya. Former Sandanme 63. 20 years old. From Kanagawa Japan. 49-49 career record. Out of Mukainooka High (students here commonly recruited to Futagoyama-beya) Kirizakura - Michinoku-beya. Former Sandanme 69. 40 years old. From Kagoshima Japan. 468-532-15 career record. Was in sumo over 24 years. Retirement papers not handed in, but last bout flowers pictures were posted. Asanoshima - Takasago-beya. Former Sandanme 98. 33 years old. From Kagoshima Japan. 298-356-18 career record. In sumo 18 years, was banzuke-gai for 13 tournaments early in his career. Ītsuka - Tagonoura-beya. Former Jonidan 2. 22 years old. From Ibaraki Japan. 74-74-34 career record. Recent injuries may have caused retirement. Out of Tsukubamatsumi High School Byakuen - Tatsunami-beya. Former Jonidan 15. 18 years old. From Mie Japan. 41-49-1 career record. May have briefly attended Mie Fisheries High School. Miyabi - Futagoyama-beya. Former Jonidan 20. 21 years old. From Chiba Japan. 92-125 career record. Wakakaneko - Nishiiwa-beya. Former Jonidan 26. 18 years old. From Kochi Japan. 53-41-39 career record. Brother of Satokaneko. Kinseiryū - Shibatayama-beya. Former Jonidan 45. 22 years old. From Yamaguchi Japan. 48-78-14 career record. Out of Kudamatsu High School. Hamasaki - Ōtake-beya. Former Jonidan 47. 22 years old. From Fukuoka Japan. 39-74-13 career record. Out of Onga High School in Fukuoka. Spent 7 tournaments banzuke-gai. Satokaneko - Nishiiwa-beya. Former Jonokuchi 14. Currently banzuke-gai. 15 years old, from Kochi Japan. 2-5-7 career record. Brother of Wakakaneko. Notes: Corrected Hamasaki's name. Added the remaining wrestlers. Number here is 20, but 19 retirements - see Kirizakura is crossed out as his retirement papers were not handed in.
  20. Per this article,, a under-aged wrestler (non-sekitori rank, so Makushita and below) was taken to the hospital due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The wrestler involved is from Kokonoe. The Kyokai is thus suspending Kokonoe Oyakata and the wrestler - but the length of suspension is not know. Both Kokonoe and the wrestler have withdrawn from the rest of the Aki Jungyo. In a possibly related note, Chiyoshishi no longer appears as a wrestler on the Kokonoe-beya website.
  21. @sumojoann Thanks for looking into it. tickets are still available for this once in a lifetime experience. Make an offer.
  22. Thank you SumoJoann. I hope to hear from your friend. The "in ring" experience is totally awesome. Especially for a big sumo fan. Just the chance to step up against someone who was an active wrestler is amazing! Have your friend make a reasonable offer!
  23. And now the second highest ranked gyōji, Kimura Tamajirō, submitted his retirement papers. a small protest, perhaps, at not being promoted now? At the Innosuke promotion?
  24. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    Put the final list, made some corrections. Added some more information about the wrestlers. 19 retirees. Only two new recruits. Maybe they shrink Sandanme again? Start the tournaments an hour later in the day? I bet there are some structural reforms like this coming.
  25. Muhomatsu

    The end?

    Nothing at all against the english commentary guys. I just prefer the Japanese broadcasts because it helps me learn more about sumo in general - hearing the terms used - the banter - the extra factoids about the wrestlers. It also helps me with learning the language - so there are major plusses to get the broadcast in Japanese in my opinion. The English guys all do a great job. Just given the choice, I'd pick the Japanese language broadcast for personal reasons.