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  1. I do not often look at the signatures for changes. I was wondering if it was something hot springs related until I read it and first wondered if you had gone mad. Then it hit me...
  2. Not sure if I should take Kintamayama's new signature personally or not...
  3. Entry form is currently unavailable...
  4. Muhomatsu

    Akebono dead at 54

    It’s all over the Japanese media now. I loved watching him in the 90s! He and his rivals helped me get into the sport!
  5. Muhomatsu

    Michinoku beya likely to close

    As is Hanakago.
  6. Muhomatsu

    Michinoku beya likely to close

    He is still listed as as 役員待遇委員 here. and on the official duties list.
  7. It’s not in the rearview mirrors for those who love immune-compromised friends and family members. Most don’t want to think of Covid as a problem anymore. I get it. I wish I could do that, too. I think most people don’t want to think of the pandemic as a problem because, if they do, they know they will have to change the way they act and how they live. Or recognize the complete failure of public health across the pandemic. Of course, there are other solutions. Instead of “as we look back on the pandemic”; keep it in the current tense and advocate for measures to help- clean air in schools, offices, and health care- access to PREP medications, and additional sick leave. pretending the problem no longer exists won’t help anyone
  8. You obviously don’t live with elderly family members with lung cancer and immune problems. Or at least wish such people don’t exist, so you don’t have to think about how certain behaviors do put people’s lives at risk. Grrr. This mentality makes me so mad. Look at excess deaths. Look at excess illnesses. The figures are there. The deaths occurred and are occurring. Lives are at risk, even if that fact makes you uncomfortable. Edit: one more word- Shōbushi (勝武士).
  9. Made the Daily Mail headlines:
  10. Muhomatsu


    It is this one. 峰
  11. And Takashima moving to Oitekaze could be the answer to the Daieishō kabu question. We know Daieishō picked up his first uchi-deshi in January.
  12. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    And (at least yesterday) the total wins in Hatsu 2024 did not equal total losses. Thus, there is an error somewhere in the records of rikishi in the current basho. The error was +2. So, it is likely a victory was given to both rikishi in a bout.
  13. Rikishi will be asked what stable they want to join. all per an interview in this article
  14. Muhomatsu

    Kyujo for Hatsu 2024

    Shinzan has retired, as has Raō and Miyakogawa.
  15. It seems he has passed away today. He was one of my favorites in the mid-90s. He is Abi’s Oyakata.