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  1. Seems the new Yok is also a new citizen!
  2. Muhomatsu

    Toyohibiki intai

    He was my son’s first favorite!
  3. With Toyohibiki’s retirement and adoption of Yamashina name, Sadanofuji switches from Yamashina to the recently vacated Dekiyama.
  4. Muhomatsu

    Toyohibiki intai

    Will now be Yamashina oyakata.
  5. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Fujiseiun is from Meiji University:
  6. Minezaki took the Sanyo (参与) option, as listed on the NHK site - Dekiyama and Kiriyama are now open as their respective owners (Dewanohana and Kurosegawa) hit the mandatory retirement age of 70. I expect some stock exchange headlines post-basho.
  7. Muhomatsu

    Banzuke for Natsu 2021

    Anyone notice that Chiyosenshi (who missed Hatsu AND Haru) is still ranked at Jonidan 81? I understand that the COVID-related absence of Kokonoe-beya from Hatsu basho meant he kept his rank on the Haru banzuke. But why would he have kept it for the Natsu banzuke after an absence in Haru as well? Long COVID? Any news on this situation?
  8. Muhomatsu

    Ichidai toshiyori no more?

    I am tending to think Hakuho will not stick around long after retirement either. If he does not have Magaki, or is unable to acquire it, then he will have to use the five-year temporary grace period given to Yokozuna in order to remain as an Oyakata - at least until he quits or acquires his own kabu. If he has no kabu, then he has no financial "skin-in-the-game" with the NSK. The moment he is made unhappy - he can just walk away and do whatever he wants. That may be bad PR for the NSK - given his investment in the future of sumo in Japan (Hakuho-cup, for example). He could also cut and run on those initiatives - but the mere fact that he has personally invested in the future of the sport for all youth in Japan should send a signal of his commitment to the sport and to Japan - a clear signal that only the blind folks on this committee could miss. I want the sport to modernize and succeed and to embrace the world - it would be for the best. It would also align with the major shifts in sumo tradition (they claim however long back, but the modern sport we see is a 20th century phenomena). Heck, even modern Japanese history is a pattern of opening and adopting some western ideas and then claiming these new values or establishments were always somehow a part of Japanese history and culture - modern sumo being a prime example of this. Eventually...maybe... At times, it is quite frustrating to be an international fan. At the end of the day, I will still watch the sport and cheer my favorites - but my likelihood of ever paying the NSK for something is low. I may have once considered subscribing to some of their services, if they ever offered good quality ones at the right price. For now, I am thinking that money is much better spent at the tip jars of Kintamayama and Mt. Fuji (etc.). Hence, I can say that the NSK's decisions do not deter me from finding a way to watch - but it does deter me from being a potential source of their revenue. In other words, they are not acting in such a way as to ensure the best possible of outcomes for their institution.
  9. Muhomatsu

    Ichidai toshiyori no more?

    I actually thought they should embrace the ichidai-toshiyori as a way to gradually expand the amount of Kabu over time. Each qualifying dai-yokozuna could refuse (like Chiyonofuji) - but if accepted, the name would become a regular Kabu that can be sold or inherited like any other. It is not like this proposal would dramatically increase the amount of Kabu - either at onset or even over decades - but it would preserve the history of sumo's best and brightest by enshrining them with a permanent kabu name. While the rest of the world is moving away from direct instances of racism and even away from indirect, systemic forms - here we have Japan (again) overtly embracing it. It is fairly sad, this resistance to growth and change and strict obedience to made-up social norms. How old is sumo? How old is the official rank of yokozuna compared to that? When was the current list of Kabu finalized? These "traditions" of yokozuna and the list of kabu are not really traditions at all - they are made up in the past century - much like ichidai status. The whole thing is very suspect - and I agree - this council has no real understanding of sumo. My reaction to this report is to tell Oh and his council to take an "intentional walk" off a short pier.
  10. What I do not understand is why this change was made (Sanoyama to Chiganoura) on the Oyakata list and not the assumption of Kimigahama by the retired Kotoyūki nor the retirement and rank for Kakuryū-oyakata.
  11. Two new, two return... New is Takakento and Bushozan. Returns are Ichiyamamoto and Nishikifuji. from NSK Twitter. 本日、三月場所の番付編成会議を開き、以下の通り発表しました。 <新十両>貴健斗(常磐山)、武将山(ぶしょうざん、藤島) <再十両>錦富士(伊勢ヶ濱)、一山本(二所ノ関)。
  12. Muhomatsu

    Izutsu-oyakata has died

    It is interesting that the 2021 Sumo Wrestlers "encyclopedia" (大相撲力士名鑑) shows that the Izutsu wrestlers and staff were transferred to Kagamiyama-beya before their move to Michinoku. Wiki (in English): indicates that they were also under the care of Kagamiyama - I did not realize it was a sort of "official" transfer, no matter how temporary. What does anyone know about this?
  13. Muhomatsu

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    If you also have the time, I would like to see Sd6e's Denuma. He is another young tsuki/oshi guy from Futagoyama that has made steady progress. He and Nabatame seem quite similar in style with Denuma being a bit more polished with the extra year's experience. I appreciate your efforts and love your videos.
  14. For Tohakuryu: The kanji 東 likely can reference his home, Tokyo, his stable naming convention/legacy (Azuma/To/ 東), and his University: 東洋大学.
  15. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The Sumo App typically updates the data for the lower division wrestlers.