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  1. The tickets are still available. If you, or anyone you know in the Seattle-area, wants the tickets - just make an offer. I will put you in touch with the seller. Make us an offer!
  2. Thank you. I am contacting the region's sumo clubs as you suggested.
  3. @sumojoann Thanks for looking into it. tickets are still available for this once in a lifetime experience. Make an offer.
  4. Thank you SumoJoann. I hope to hear from your friend. The "in ring" experience is totally awesome. Especially for a big sumo fan. Just the chance to step up against someone who was an active wrestler is amazing! Have your friend make a reasonable offer!
  5. Per this article,, a under-aged wrestler (non-sekitori rank, so Makushita and below) was taken to the hospital due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The wrestler involved is from Kokonoe. The Kyokai is thus suspending Kokonoe Oyakata and the wrestler - but the length of suspension is not know. Both Kokonoe and the wrestler have withdrawn from the rest of the Aki Jungyo. In a possibly related note, Chiyoshishi no longer appears as a wrestler on the Kokonoe-beya website.
  6. A friend of mine has to bail out of his participation in the sumo and sushi event in Seattle on Saturday Nov 25, at 5PM and is looking to offload the tickets. The tickets are viewing only - 5PM. But they include the "get in the ring experience" - so you can actually climb onto the dohyo and test your sumo skills against a former sumo wrestler (including ex-Daikiho, ex-Kirinowaka, ex-To'oyama, and even Sanctuary's Enya, ex-Chiyonoshin). I did this in the Washington DC Sumo and Sushi tour and the "get in the ring" experience was one of the coolest things I have ever done! Face value of the two tickets and the "get in the ring" is $363. Get in the ring tickets are sold out, so this is the only chance to get them for a fair offer. Contact me if you are interested in the tickets. Again - Seattle. Saturday Nov 25. 5PM Show. Viewing only for two. Get in ring ticket for one.
  7. And now the second highest ranked gyōji, Kimura Tamajirō, submitted his retirement papers. a small protest, perhaps, at not being promoted now? At the Innosuke promotion?
  8. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    Put the final list, made some corrections. Added some more information about the wrestlers. 19 retirees. Only two new recruits. Maybe they shrink Sandanme again? Start the tournaments an hour later in the day? I bet there are some structural reforms like this coming.
  9. Muhomatsu

    The end?

    Nothing at all against the english commentary guys. I just prefer the Japanese broadcasts because it helps me learn more about sumo in general - hearing the terms used - the banter - the extra factoids about the wrestlers. It also helps me with learning the language - so there are major plusses to get the broadcast in Japanese in my opinion. The English guys all do a great job. Just given the choice, I'd pick the Japanese language broadcast for personal reasons.
  10. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    Added: 1) Sakurai - his danpatsu shiki was posted to Naruto-beya instragram. Held after his last fight but before senshuraku. Wonder if more things are afoot at Naruto with the quick retirements of both Anzai (pre-tournament) and now this, with the danpatsu shiki held almost in stealth. 2) Kirizakura - the flowers given after his last match were posted to twitter 3) Asanoshima - his danpatsu shiki was held jointly with Asakoga (below) on sensuraku and posted to Takasago twitter. 4) Asakoga - see above. So many known retirements this time. Only two new recruits to add to the banzuke (along with a few banzuke-gai returnees). Might sandanme be shrunk again? Might the day be shortened by an hour?
  11. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    Added Tokoshoryu, Setonoumi, and Hamasaki. Setonoumi is gone from the Takadagawa-beya homepage and has no mage on his twitter profile anymore. Hamasaki's retirement was announced by Otake-beya.
  12. Muhomatsu

    The end?

    I have been watching his channels on Rumble. No disruptions there.
  13. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    Adding the "Kaneko" brothers from Nishiiwa-beya, who are no longer on the heya's homepage.
  14. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    Adding Makio to the top. 武蔵川部屋のコメント 【牧尾引退のお知らせ】 - 大相撲速報 (
  15. Muhomatsu

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    I have added the running list of known pre-basho retirements to the top. I have also included Kiryu - whose retirement had been mentioned on Miyagino's Instagram account a few weeks back.