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  1. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Just like correcting the different versions of "Hama", there are a few kanji variants that could be used to "perfect" the wrestler's names in this database. Among current wrestlers, for instance: Taka in "Takayasu" and "Takaryu" and "Takakurayama" and "Takamayama" is: 髙 Toku in "Tokushoryu" and "Tokushinho" is: 德 Saki in "Kizakiumi" and "Yabugasaki" and "Kotourasaki" is: 﨑 Tsuru in "Tsurubayashi" is: 靍 Da in "Hidano" is: 驒 There are also variants of "Umi" that Tosanoumi and Tokitsuumi used (current Mihamaumi).
  2. Muhomatsu

    GTB Nagoya Basho 2019-results too!

    What??!! Yusho? Me? Wow! Totally surprised! Thanks for all the kudos!
  3. Muhomatsu

    Hakuho Applying for Japanese Citizenship

    My thoughts are sort of the opposite when it comes to ichi-dai toshiyori status. I see that there will be an eventual need for more Oyakata, not less. Especially as the sport moves further away from the public control to acting more like a private corporation. The ichi-dai toshiyori could become a natural way to grow the number of kabu, since a dai-yokozuna who deserves the title comes around only once in a generation (or so). Doing so would permanently memorialize the yokozuna's accomplishments and contributions to the Kyokai and society in general. At this time we would have only added a handful of new kabu through this system: Taiho, Kitanoumi, Chiyonofuji, Takanohana, and eventually Hakuho. If we really wanted to go further back, I suppose we could consider Futabayama. Justin
  4. Muhomatsu

    Videos Natsu 2019

    Panic Attack mode!!!!
  5. Muhomatsu

    New recruits for Hatsu 2019

    Who are the five returnees? I gather that one of them is Terasawa.
  6. Muhomatsu

    New recruits for Aki 2018

    Who is restarting from mae zumo?
  7. I don’t know the English commentators other than reading some items online here. I want to say I was quite disappointed by the content and quality of the English commentary. I am sorry to put this here, online, but as they may read this I think there is an opportunity for feedback. This was a first chance to bring new viewers to the sport and you blew it. It’s better to give some explanations and dumb it down in case you pick up someone new who was intrigued by the adverts. Instead, you lost new viewers right away. There was no means of introduction to the sport or to the wresters. No attempt to emotionally connect with the viewers to connect them with individual wrestlers. It was really like joining a binge watchable show mid-season. Newbies would have no idea what they were watching, and most importantly why they are watching it. Yes, you may annoy some old timers with the simplicity of the explanations, but we are already regular watchers anyway. You wouldn’t have lost us, and you still could have taught us something new, I am always learning even though I have followed the sport for 20+ years. Conclusion, this was a chance to bring in new international viewers and I think the broadcast was a massive failure in that respect. These chances don’t come around very often and I only hope that the next broadcast will do a better job to take advantage of it. Just an opinion and one man’s feedback. Take it as you will. No desire to start any flame wars but happy to pass along personal contact info to discuss further and provide specific feedback recommendations based on the broadcast. Cheers, Muhomatsu
  8. Muhomatsu

    Heya A-Z with (partial) pictorial history

    Do you have it scanned, or typed up? I am interested in the kanji variants.
  9. Muhomatsu

    Heya A-Z with (partial) pictorial history

    Is there any chance of getting this in Japanese? Even if it is just a scan of the shikona?
  10. Muhomatsu

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Naruto-oyakata (former Ozeki Kotooshu) will branch out on his own in April according to this article. He will restart Naruto-beya with one deshi (his own recruit) from Sadogatake. He also is supposed to have a Bulgarian recruit for May.
  11. The Japanese wikipedia page (中川部屋) claims that Nakagawa-beya is in the Tokitsukaze ichimon.
  12. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Found an issue with the Kabu. Take a look at the current list and you will note that Tatsunami Ichimon still exists as the Ichimon name. Should it not now be Isegahama ichimon, especially since Tatsunami is now part of Takanohana Ichimon?
  13. Muhomatsu

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Nakagawa Oyakata is going solo with the ex-Kasugayama-beya wrestlers. We will have a new stable in 2017 - Nakagawa-beya.
  14. Muhomatsu

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Asahiyama beya (under former Kotonishiki) will move out of the Nishonoseki Ichimon to Isegahama. The article cites the friendship of the two oyakata as a reason. Isegahama Ichimon recently lost Oitekaze beya to the Tokistukaze Ichimon.
  15. Muhomatsu

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Seems like the recently expanded Oitekaze-beya is moving to the Tokitsukaze ichimon.