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  1. Muhomatsu

    Izutsu-oyakata has died

    It is interesting that the 2021 Sumo Wrestlers "encyclopedia" (大相撲力士名鑑) shows that the Izutsu wrestlers and staff were transferred to Kagamiyama-beya before their move to Michinoku. Wiki (in English): indicates that they were also under the care of Kagamiyama - I did not realize it was a sort of "official" transfer, no matter how temporary. What does anyone know about this?
  2. Muhomatsu

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    If you also have the time, I would like to see Sd6e's Denuma. He is another young tsuki/oshi guy from Futagoyama that has made steady progress. He and Nabatame seem quite similar in style with Denuma being a bit more polished with the extra year's experience. I appreciate your efforts and love your videos.
  3. For Tohakuryu: The kanji 東 likely can reference his home, Tokyo, his stable naming convention/legacy (Azuma/To/ 東), and his University: 東洋大学.
  4. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The Sumo App typically updates the data for the lower division wrestlers.
  5. Muhomatsu

    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    Hello @mt fuji: I would like to request videos of Nabatame (current Jonidan 4 West). I have not had an adoptee since our original round of adoptions - when I chose Hochiyama. Its been a few years since he became Kimigahama Oyakata (on loan). So I have not had an "official" adoptee in some time. I am feeling a bright future for Nabatame. So - please sign me up and get the videos if you can. Thanks!
  6. CHange in Kabu: Kiyomigata (former Bushuyama) changed to Kasugayama. From a rental to a rental. May say something behind the scenes about the short-term prospects for Tochiozan (apparent owner of Kiyomigata).
  7. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Also Yoshimura from Dewanoumi has the same Yoshi variant. What resource is the sumo reference using when determining what shikona kanji to record? The NHK website? That differs from the on-screen kanji shown in official broadcasts and in the official rikishi dictionaries. The NHK site seems limited in what it presents - likely due to formatting and not the ability to use the kanji variants. For instance, they still use the hiragana for the "hari" in Kitaharima, the "tsuru" in Tsurubayashi, the former Yotsukasa had his "Yo" in hiragana, etc. Could we switch from the limited NHK site?
  8. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The Toku in Tokunomusashi is the same as Tokushoryu (德). The maezumo Yoshino has a variant of his "yoshi" kanji where the top is not a "shi" (person) 吉but is a Tsuchi (ground) The forum wont let me actually post the new character... As you may have seen these variants on the screen, or in the official yearbooks, I suggest making the changes (whenever possible) to the sumo reference site. I know that the NHK is not the most rapid or consistent with their use on its own webpage, but other official documents seem to show these variants are the true shikona or proper names of the rikishi.
  9. Muhomatsu

    Corona and sumo

    If I am reading the Nikkan article right, we have our first kyujo rikishi from jonidan due to fever. If it turns out to be covid -19, the basho is over
  10. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The same 栁 "Yanagi" kanji is also used in Musashigawa's Yanagida (栁田) : The "saki" variant 﨑 I mentioned before in Kizakiumi is also used in Otake's Hamasaki (濱﨑) :
  11. Muhomatsu

    Azumazeki-oyakata has died

    I thought the future of Azumazeki was supposed to be announced today. It may have been postponed (or fell through the cracks) due to Goeido's announcement.
  12. Muhomatsu

    Number of Sekitori per Heya

    It would be cool to also add columns for “of which: foreigners” and “of which: former university wrestlers”. That way we could see which heya are good at recruiting from colleges and which are good at “developing” sekitori on their own.
  13. Muhomatsu

    New recruits for Aki 2019

    Any updates of the Mae-zumo results for Matsuzaki and someone else?
  14. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The sumo site may be limited in the kanji it is using. The sumo reference book (大相撲力士名鑑) (平成三十一年-2019年-大相撲力士名鑑-「相撲」編集部/dp/4583112033/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_ja_JP=カタカナ&keywords=相撲&qid=1564682897&s=gateway&sr=8-2) and even Abema show the shikona using the kanji described above.
  15. Muhomatsu

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Just like correcting the different versions of "Hama", there are a few kanji variants that could be used to "perfect" the wrestler's names in this database. Among current wrestlers, for instance: Taka in "Takayasu" and "Takaryu" and "Takakurayama" and "Takamayama" is: 髙 Toku in "Tokushoryu" and "Tokushinho" is: 德 Saki in "Kizakiumi" and "Yabugasaki" and "Kotourasaki" is: 﨑 Tsuru in "Tsurubayashi" is: 靍 Da in "Hidano" is: 驒 There are also variants of "Umi" that Tosanoumi and Tokitsuumi used (current Mihamaumi).