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  1. Muhomatsu

    The end?

    You know how I feel about this already, and I hope you can already hear my words of encouragement in your head. Even with Natto's statistics, I preferred to watch your top division digests because of the humor and the fact that you often wrote the exact same things that were going through my head. I guess I owe you a lot of "Jinx". Anyway - I do hope that you can find an alternative way to keep your passions alive and to keep entertaining your followers. Your channel, Natto's, the old Mt. Fuji - the live streams elsewhere - all of this shows there is a significant foreign demand to see sumo content. They should seek to monetize it if they were smart and driven by their bottom line. All these recent strikes show that the priority lies elsewhere. Heck, if its Abema - release the geo-lock on the content! Any honest businessman would hire you, Natto, etc. to help them out - your knowledge and the stats are what are selling your broadcasts over any NHK digest. Our favorite streamers add a lot of value - and as a proper economic analyst, I hate to see value destroyed.
  2. Muhomatsu

    Tokoyama news

    I take note today that Tokotochi is removed from the Kyokai site. And a new 18 year old Tokoyama, Tokotsukasa (床元) has appeared. He is in Miyagino-beya. Miyagino has two recent Tokoyama, with Tokoshun joining only a few years back. Additionally, there is a new yobidashi - Kumajirō (隈二郎) at Takekuma beya.
  3. Muhomatsu

    The end?

    I am still not sure why they would come after you - because your audience and value addition does not really impact their product. The top matches are always available for free and summaries are broadcast for free as well. Your value add is the shorter summary video with some very entertaining comments. As far as I am aware, you have not monetized this. You have only expanded the viewership of the sport beyond the territorial confines of the long archipelago. And guess what, that exposure made many of us want to get tickets to a basho, to attend sumo events in Japan, to buy sumo goods. In other words, create revenue streams that would otherwise not exist. When they were selling the viewing plans, what was it - super expense (over a few hundred per basho?). And the only added value was the ability to watch the lower rankers - since you could see the top divisions for free on TV. They clearly have no idea what they are doing. They should be asking you how to obtain your fan base and engaging with you to help support the development of an international audience, like the one you have cultivated. I know I am greedy for saying so, but even among all the other scandals, I am very pissed by the way the Kyokai treats its foreign fans.
  4. Muhomatsu

    The end?

    Those guys make such bad business decisions.... Its almost as if they do not want any foreign viewership.
  5. Muhomatsu

    Lower division celebs results

    Isn't it more like the Takasago-beya wrestler is "not to be pushed" rather than he won't push? Is this one of your more subtle gags? I think I have seen people repeat it, as if it were a fact...
  6. Muhomatsu

    Kaisei Intai

    The duties page has been updated. He is listed now among the owners - before the borrowing section. Another issue: I recall reading somewhere that a retiring Oyakata (or his heirs) have three-years to designate a successor/new owner - else ownership reverts to the kyokai (see Furiwake and Sanoyama). I am not sure where I recall reading that - but if it is a rule - then we should have some indication about ownership of Izutsu share in the next few weeks as we are approaching the third anniversary of his passing. Of course, I think it is clear what Izutsu's heirs intend for this share given the recent wedding and Shimanoumi's clinching of a 28th basho as a sekitori in Aki. We may end up seeing Shimanoumi listed as owner (similar to Endō and Okinoumi are listed here:現役年寄一覧). Of course, additional clarity on the disposition of Izutsu would lead one to further wonder what share (if any) Toyonoshima and Kakuryū may be seeking to acquire.
  7. Muhomatsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    entered... although I have very little confidence in what I put down.
  8. Muhomatsu


    Mr. Kintamayama, I totally get your rant. I see where you are coming from. I wanted to give you my biggest and warmest thanks for all that you do. I frequent your grocery store daily during hon-basho. Why? * You put some English commentary at the bottom of the screen. At least the bout participants, and sometimes some excellent personal commentary (which often mirrors my thoughts almost word-for-word). I watch it on mute (typically last thing I do at night and my wife is sleeping). Hence, the "closed captioning" is extraordinarily useful. I know who is fighting and I get updates on key sumo news. * Your format is excellent and has improved over the years. Even though there are other channels (and I use Natto for Makushita and Juryo), I still choose to shop at the mom-n-pop grocery of Kintamayama. I like your product selection and price! * I know you said you would quit, a prospect which scares me, but you did not. You clearly have a passion for sumo and making these videos and it shows in the product. Yes - its a 15 minute clip of sumo bouts - but in this clip I can sense your passion! I do not know how you do that, but know that it is there. * I do not care how you spell things or what fonts you use. Sumo is, by its very nature, something Japanese. To bring it to a foreign language loses something - no matter how you do it. You can write the shikona in English with long vowels, accents, or nothing at all. It still does not covey the meaning of the shikona or its significance to the wrestler, to the stable, his family/hometown, etc. Heck, even my personal shikona has a double entendre. I use something sounding more "martial", but there is another way of looking at it (see them both below). Such nuances would be missed no matter how you "anglicize" it. Anyone who rants about that stuff clearly has other comprehension issues. Plus, its your grocery store - operate it how you like. Even if I choose to run my shop differently, I am not going to come into your home to criticize you. If you choose to spice up my shopping experience with fonts or pasta eatings, great! Thanks for the variety! * I have enjoyed all your work and passion for at least a decade. I hope you never lose this passion. I would understand if you did - but personally am very appreciative of how it is reflected. Keep up the excellent work. Know that for any nihilistic, amateur Youtube critic out there that you have many dedicated followers - even if they only lurk in the shadows of the grocery. Muhoumatsu (武砲松/無法松)
  9. Muhomatsu

    Gyoji and Yobidashi

    I was enjoying the young Yobidashi Shintaro last basho. I was wondering where he was this basho - and do not see him on the Kyokai list or on the Kyokai's Kasugano-beya members site. I am guessing he retired/quit.
  10. Muhomatsu

    New recruits Natsu 2022

    Coincidence or not? The new recruit for Irumagawa is Ikazuchidō (雷道). The general tradition of Irumagawa-beya has been to take the stable-master's "Tsukasa" (司) somewhere in the shikona - even as a "ji" in Fuji (宮乃富司). However, you mentioned Kakizoe as a potential candidate to take over the stable going forward. And he is currently Ikazuchi (雷) oyakata. It could be a coincidence, an uchi-deshi of Ikazuchi (who may be branching out) or a new "tradition" of an inherited Irumagawa-beya? All speculation. And could just be a coincidence... or not!
  11. Muhomatsu

    academic and informed sources on the history of sumo

    The paper was sent! Enjoy reading my rantings!
  12. Whelp - there goes my entry. Time to match that ol' Yusho of mine in GTB against an 0-15! And poor Mitoryū - he was at the same rank last Nagoya and won the championship with a 12-3 record (not 11-4, like Nishikifuji). He was not subsequently promoted. I guess rikishi and GTB players can both have bad luck!.
  13. Muhomatsu

    New recruits Nagoya 2022

    I recall this guy was another one: Oh, and he has a low rikishi number! 87! Guess I am old, like the database!
  14. Muhomatsu

    Ajigawa beya?

    A good rule of thumb is that anyone running for a Riji has to be able to serve out their full term (i.e. cannot turn 65 in the middle of their mandate). Because of the two year term, you must be at most 62 to run and serve as Riji.
  15. Muhomatsu

    academic and informed sources on the history of sumo

    Some of these may be included in your list above: Boyadjiev, Nickolay T. 1999. Sumo Exposed: The Invention of Tradition in Japan’s National Sport. Boston: Harvard University. Cuyler, P. L. 1985. Sumo: From Rite to Sport. New York: Weatherhill. Fujitani, T. 1996.Splendid Monarchy: Power and Pageantry in Modern Japan. Berkeley: University of California Press. Hall, Mina. 1997.The Big Book of Sumo. Berkeley: Stone Bridge Press. Hikoyama, Kozo. 1940. Sumo Wrestling (Tourist Library: 34). Tokyo: Board of Tourist Industry, Japan Government Railways. Newton, Clyde. 2001. “Suggestions for reviving Sumo’s Popularity”. Sumo World, November 2001. Tokyo. Newton, Clyde. 1994. Dynamic Sumo. New York: Kodansha America. Nippon Times Magazine. “It’s a Sumo World”. Saturday November 9th, 1946 Sharnoff, Lora. 1989. Grand Sumo: The Living Sport and Tradition. New York: Weatherhill. Thompson, Lee A. 1998. “The Invention of the Yokozuna and the Championship System, or, Futahaguro’s revenge” in Staphen Vlastos (ed.), Mirror of Modernity: Invented Traditions of Modern Japan. Berkeley: University of California Press. And some links that may no longer work. Internet Source. Grand Sumo Home Page. Internet Source. Renma’s Sumo Wrestling History. Let me know the best way to share the paper with you.