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  1. Sasanishiki

    Stopper Heya

    I would say that Musashigawa-beya is a spent force.
  2. Sasanishiki

    Eurovision Contest

    I'm here to comfort you and tell you that I don't care either. I can't see it, I'm not from Europe. I have no sense of nationalism stirred by a pop song of dubious quality. Why does this contest attract so much attention? From what I've seen in the past the songs are suually terrible!!
  3. Sasanishiki

    Leaderboard (Natsu Basho 2004 Day 11)

    Will Hoku hold his nerve and win the yusho? Will the pressure get to him? Will he have promotion thoughts on his mind as well? Will his opponents in the coming days be out to stop the yusho and thus make their name for the basho? Or will he show ice water in his veins and take it out? Exciting isn't it? And you can expect that there will be some kensho riding on his bouts too as senshuraku approaches.
  4. Sasanishiki


    BTW, Phelix, I'm glad to hear your son is OK. Nice avatar!
  5. Sasanishiki


    Grimsby may be the hub of sumo fandom in the north of England but it sounds a little dangerous. :-P
  6. Sasanishiki

    Are Sumo fans Spring chickens?

    So much for the idea of Spring babies. As I post the most birthdays are in September!! In my case that means I AM a spring baby because I'm from New Zealand. As to the earlier post about the Queen's Birthday (official - the holiday celebrated in parts of the Commonwealth), NZ and most of Australia (except WA) celebrate it on different days!! This year it will be June 7 in NZ (first Monday of June, always) while it will be June 14 in Australia (always second Monday I presume). As for the reason it is in June? Well, according to my knowledgeable English mother, one of the previous kings had a birthday very close to Christmas, so a date was chosen to celebrate his birthday officially at another time (6 months later perhaps, given that it is in June?).
  7. Sasanishiki

    How old are you?

    Actually, your's was one of the birthdays that I saw when I started thinking about this poll. I'm approaching 30 in September and parts of me are feeling my age. Others have no such problem.
  8. Sasanishiki

    who is this rikishi?

    They are talking about the opponent having retired not the adoptee (Daiyuuchi).
  9. Sasanishiki

    Where Are You From

    Let's here it for NZ. I take it the other member is Sekihiryu (from a much earlier comment about the entry requirements for the NZ police force). Neck and neck with Australia, though I think I can recall at least 3 of them (one must not have voted). Johnofuji, Ryunokaze and Wanchanyama - am I right? Any other Australians or NZers out there?
  10. Sasanishiki

    Favourite of all time

  11. Sasanishiki

    Favourite of all time

    I wonder if rumours of yaocho has influenced any from not voting for Chiyonofuji. Along the lines of Sekihiryu's question regarding Toki, have any members been dissuaded from voting for Chiyonofuji because of the match-rigging insinuations that have been made?
  12. Sasanishiki

    Rivalries in todays Sumo

    And we had some talk before the basho about how Asashoryu fired up at keiko and was thumping Hakuho around a bit. Still, I don't know how much of a rivalry it can be because Hakuho goes around for dinner and Mongolian cooking. Hmmm, fierce rivals on the dohyo, dinner buddies off it. Not quite the bad blood that Taka suggests makes up a good rivalry.
  13. Sasanishiki

    Where Are You From

    There was a move to make amateur sumo an Olympic sport tied to Osaka's bid for the 2008 Olympics. Each host country is allowed to add a sport (or maybe sports) as demonstration events at the games they host. Australia chose beach volleyball for Sydney. Japan chose judo for the 1964 Olympics, Korea chose taekwondo for Seoul in 1988 etc. Anyway, we all know that Beijing got the games, and seemingly a little of the air has gone out of the amateur sumo balloon since then, certainly when it is spoken of as a potential Olympic sport. If you do a google search for Olympic and sumo I'm sure you will find some of the brief things written around the time that Osaka was making its bid (but before Beijing was announced as the host). If anyone has detailed knowledge of sumo's bid for Olympic status I'd be interested as I am thinking of including it in my dissertation on amateur sumo.
  14. Sasanishiki

    Where Are You From

    Tournaments are definitely still happening. Look at the amasumo thread and some of the events that have been listed in the calendar. I don't know why has not been updated, presumably no-one with the time and/or skills to do it. Funding may be an issue. Amateur sumo is perhaps a little more low-key than it was during the 1990s. From what I've heard some of the money that was offered from Japan to other countries to help them is no longer available. Also, tournaments and trainings within regions (especially Europe) seem to be a more efficient/cost-effective way of growing sumo, with the top teams/athletes, or those with money, then being able to go to the world championships, rather than having a lot of countries send inexperienced athletes. There are others who know more than I about these matters and I hope they will share their knowledge.
  15. Sasanishiki

    The next generation

    Back to the generation change...I think we could say that something like that has happened with the fall of Futagoyama/Takanohana-beya and the decline of Musashigawa-beya rikishi. These two heya were the dominant ones for much of the last decade (F in the mid-90s, M in the late-90s/early naughties). Rather than looking at the age of rikishi, can we look at the use-by date of heya? Indeed, one of the polls asked something along these lines here
  16. Sasanishiki

    A Path To Sumo

    Rijicho, as we've had a couple of queries like this in recent months (Mojo, Justin) can we put up some general info for guests or new members of how to get into sumo? We could have info about the entry requirements, lifestyle in the heya, possibility of getting into judo and amateru sumo etc. Just a thought to save duplicating the same info
  17. Sasanishiki

    American Rikishi

    And we can't forget the pioneer, Takamiyama, now Azumazeki Oyakata. He would also get the nod for longevity in American rikishi, staying until he was around 40. Does anyone know much about a Japanese-American guy before the war? I suspect there might have been a few, but I remember reading about one once who went into sumo and then had to remain in Japan during the war because he wasn't allowed to return to the 'enemy' (not sure if he wanted to actually).
  18. Sasanishiki

    Did you notice?

    From memory, I can say that the Olympic jiji is enthusiastic about any yokozuna performing the dohyo-iri. I remember seeing him from about '99 onwards and there have been a variety of yokozuna since then (3 foreign and two Japanese). I can't comment on any heckling he might do, but he always seems to be enjoying himself so if there is no hearsay evidence presented perhaps we give him a break?
  19. Sasanishiki

    Which will be the leading heya?

    At a stretch it could mean cheap comic book in Japanese...
  20. Sasanishiki

    Nami Quits- May 11, Noon, Japan Time

    Flying blind here, but isn't one of the heya outside of the usual ichimon. Wouldn't that be some case of not having approval of shisho? Please enlighten me knowledgeable ones
  21. Sasanishiki

    "Women on the dohyo" questionnaire results

    Noted, but it would be the perfect solution to the ongoing Ota problem in Osaka
  22. Sasanishiki

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    I have to say I agree with the idea that Nami's retirement is bigge news. The big news for Asa was getting the Heisei record of consecutive wins. Moving into sole 4th place is not that huge compared to being the leading winning of a particular era. If he moves up to equal third with 45 and another zesho yusho that will be huge! The big news for Asa'a streak is not that he now keps it going, it is the anticipation that it will end. When it does, that will be the big news. Let's just bask in Nami for the day or next couple and then see who wins yusho, not if Asa gets 38, 39 or whatever.
  23. Sasanishiki

    Nami Quits- May 11, Noon, Japan Time

    When does nami get his toshiyori name? Will he get Fujishima do you think? This would allow Takanohana to let Aki take the other name (which escapes me just at the moment)
  24. Sasanishiki

    "Women on the dohyo" questionnaire results

    While I like the suggestion about someone holding her above the dohyo I think the lack of dignity might just play into the hands of those who claim that having a woman there is undignified etc. :-) I liked the second comment though, and wouldn't it be especially symbolic and poignant? The 'desecration' of the dohyo signalling the end of the basho and thereafter the destruction of the dohyo until next year. It would fit in well with the idea of destruction as purity (ie burning for ritual cleansing) and still fit in with the idea that women are somehow impure or unclean!! Well done Manekineko (Laughing...) (Black cat...)
  25. Sasanishiki

    "Women on the dohyo" questionnaire results

    I just thought I'd pick up on this idea of tradition in sumo. I've got a lot I could say as I've given a couple of conference papers on stuff related to this, but I'll try to keep it brief on drip-feed it. What do we mean by tradition? Is something traditional because it has 'always' been done? Is it because it dates back to a time that no-one can remember? Or, perhaps, is it because something has never been altered or resists that change? The latter may occur not because people are sticking to something that is correct or proper. It could be that no-one has challenged the default understanding, or the situation has never arisen. Do we then call that tradition? Or is it that we can say no-one has yet innovated? For example, until someone invents something do we say we are being traditional, or are we just not aware of the alternatives or the different ideas that are possible? This problem with women on the dohyo has come about because there has not befre been a woman as the governor of Osaka. Indeed, Ota was the first femal governor in Japan ever! A similar case arose in the early 90s when a femaleCabinet secretary or someone wanted to present (correct me here people). However, her claim doesn't seem quite as strong as Ota's, considering it is the Governor's Prize she wants to present. You would think that she is the most qualified at the moment. Except she is a woman. Now, what is the tradition in sumo banning women based upon? It invariably is explained by the links sumo has to Shinto, which sees/saw (there have been some changes in attitude) women as impure. However, it can be easily argued that sumo has been attached to Shinto, rather than having an inherent religious quality about it. If this is the case, why can't the ban be relaxed? Consider the following (I know I said I'd keep it brief) when we talk about the dohyo being sacred and a place where women shouldn't tread, etc. Shinto rituals that exclude women are comparatively recent factors in the practice of sumo, and indeed the sumo that we think of is really only representative of a certain branch of sumo history. Most accounts of sumo, official or otherwise, refer to the ancient origins of the sport, perhaps as far back as the mythical foundation of the nation. These accounts also invariably link sumo to the Shinto pantheon via this creation myth. Historical