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    Lacking fighting spirit = 3 days suspension

    Not wanting to attack or defend any particular wrestlers, but I think the rule is meant for performance in a single bout, not poor performances as a whole in the basho. That is, it is to make each contest mean something rather than having rikishi go half-hearted if they have achieved kachi-koshi, or are make-koshi and not in danger of being demoted too far. I had not heard of the rule, and do not know if it is still in effect, but I presume that it was brought in to discourage the types of situations I have just mentioned, and to remove the spectre of yaocho, or rigged matches.
  2. Sasanishiki

    Some forum statistics

    I find the follwoing ones very amusing/interesting/unfathomable: (Applauding...) 25 kate winslet 10 titanic 8 pepsi 6 kate winslet in titanic 5 bad referee frisk 5 fat pool 4 aggelos haristeas 4 pretty girls 4 princess cake 3 fundoshi oyaji 3 girls laughing 2 no smoke no haze 2 manfred h
  3. Sasanishiki

    Cartoons-July Nagoya Basho-RECOLLECTIONS

    I notice he has the kensho in his left hand. I do hope that he didn't take them from the gyoji's gumbai with the left!! (Applauding...)
  4. Sasanishiki

    Kid's Sumo at the Kokugikan

    Interesting to see there was a mongolian in the banzuke (just to the right of the central panel. He ended up at komusubi for the 4th years, which means he must have reached something like the quarter-finals(?). BTW, how do they organise these things and work out the ranks etc. Is it: Final winner = yokozuna Runner-up = ozeki Losing semi-finalists = sekiwake Losing quarters = komusubi and then below that (maegashira on down) the round in which they went out?
  5. Sasanishiki

    Which basho?

    I picked January, because the idea of it being cold outside yet having the day to watch sumo and have a few beers appeals. The only problem is that it is so dark when you leave. Perhaps September then...which would allow me to watch sumo on my birthday. Still, I think Hokkaido is the best place to be in September (and August). I didn't vote for May or November because it is too hot for the poor rikishi. They sweat like pigs and it can't be comfortable for them, or the spectators. Can we vote for the jungyo in some little out of hte way city? That would be good on a nice day in spring or autumn...
  6. Sasanishiki

    The curse of "Zan"! In your shikona!

    Ah yes, Jacques Cousteauzan (the last syllable is silent)
  7. Sasanishiki


    Just going backto Kaikitsune's post. This is what I know about the items thrown as 'prizes' The items were thrown and the wrestlers or their attendents would gather them and exchange them for money. This worked in two ways. If the goods were identifiable they would be returned to the owner and money, a meal or something else would be exchanged. This was an early form of the patron system and the gift thrown was really a 'calling card' to set up the meeting with the wrestler. The other, less elaborate way was that the item was exchanged or sold.
  8. Sasanishiki

    The curse of "Zan"! In your shikona!

    How do we look at Rikidozan in all of this? I realise that he had all of his success in professional wrestling, but that would seem to work against the bad luck element of the name, wouldn't it?
  9. Sasanishiki

    AIDS in Japan

    It is not only about education. Politics plays a huge part. Part of the delay with allowing the Pill was that the Japanese medical lobby represents doctors who were earning a lot of money from performing abortions. This was a method of birth control that was far more lucrative than the Pill. The classic example of women's health issues being placed secondary to men's was the length of time it took to allow the Pill compared to the speed of permitting Viagra (which took only a few months).
  10. Sasanishiki

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome Taizeniki. Good to have another Kiwi-connected member. I think there are only a couple of us who have actually voiced a connection (or nationality).
  11. Sasanishiki

    Day 5 pics

    A darker mawashi would only emphasize his body whiteness. Yes, but at the moment he just looks all washed out and the same colour all over.
  12. Sasanishiki

    Ozeki poll

    Well, doesn't that mean that he is a very consistent Ozeki? Some aren't meant for yokozuna. He is always there or there abouts right until the end of the basho, putting pressure on the yokozuna and yusho candidates (at least recently).
  13. Sasanishiki

    5th Junior Sumo World Championships

    The 5th Junior World Championships (amateur sumo) will be held in Osaka, Japan.
  14. Sasanishiki

    5th Junior Sumo World Championships

    The 5th Junior World Championships (amateur sumo) will be held in Osaka, Japan.
  15. If any of the SF members live in or near Osaka the 8th Asian Championships (Saturday) & 5th World Junior Championships (Sunday) are going to be held in Sakai this weekend. If anyone is going, can you let us know what either (or both) competitions looked like? I'm particularly interested in numbers, diversity of countries and who looks to be a future prospect. A general description of the atmosphere/proceedings would be much appreciated.
  16. Sasanishiki

    8th Asian Sumo Championships

    The 8th Asian Sumo Championships (Amateur sumo) will be held in Osaka, Japan.
  17. Sasanishiki

    8th Asian Sumo Championships

    The 8th Asian Sumo Championships (Amateur sumo) will be held in Osaka, Japan.
  18. Sasanishiki

    Day 5 pics

    Is it just me or should Kokkai have a darker mawashi? He looks so WHITE!!
  19. Sasanishiki

    The curse of "Zan"! In your shikona!

    I voted no. No real reason except that I don't really go much for superstition...
  20. Sasanishiki

    The Stables

    Azumazeki. Can't get enough of the oyakata's raspy voice!!
  21. Sasanishiki


    Welcome. Enjoy. Share your opinions. (Sigh...) :-P
  22. Sasanishiki

    Homosexuality in Ozumo

    With respect, this sub forum is "Ozumo Discussions" and so should include anything that is related to the world of professional sumo. A discussion about lifestyle of wrestlers, and the strictures of that lifestyle (ie., whether a gay rikishi could "come out") is entirely pertinent IMHO.
  23. Sasanishiki


    I must say I started skimming a lot of these messages as I read because I haven't followed this thread from the start. However, we perhaps need to consider momentum and expectation as two key factors. This is not necessarily "mental toughness" per se, but does have an impact. Momentum is something quite powerful, particularly as a basho moves on. A rikishi who is winning consistently or losing consistently (Hoku, just pick which basho) gets into a mindset, just as their opponents get into a mindset against them, in the lead up to a bout. If things are going well then you can pull out your skills without thinking about them (nodowa for example. This happens in all sports, and is commonly referred to as being "in the zone". If things are not going well then "the zone" seems a mysterious, distant place and you let your mind worry about this and that and don't often see the big picture clearly. Expectation is also a big factor, and this can lead to pressure. Of course Hoku had this in the last basho when people were talking about him making a yusho race, but coping with expectation and pressure when things are going well for you is a little different. We must also remember that Hoku did so well and had this pressure on him only AFTER he had met the best wrestlers above him (all the Ozeki and Yokozuna in the first week if I remember). This time there is expectation on him because he is sanyaku, and the presure to perform is now not about kachikoshi and improving as much as justifying his exalted rank and showing that he is sanyaku worthy. This is a little different one would expect. Instead of the expectation for 8 wins he now has at least that and more expected of him, as well as being a potentila yusho candidate. This comes partly from his good showing last time, but largely from the sanyaku rank that he holds (which of course is related to his last performance in no small part). I'm not saying he isn't mentally tough, nor that he doesn't have the goods (but of course he may be proving that he doesn't), but all of these factors combine in different ways and different degrees for any athlete at various times in their careers. The truly exceptional athletes are able to surpass these, or ride out slumps in form and re-emerge. The book is still open on Hoku.
  24. Sasanishiki

    Kensho Standings (Nagoya 2004)

    Zentoryu, Thanks for this information. I take it you get it from the japanese press which does the accumulation day by day? Given the discussion about "kensho love" that was developing. I think it would be interesting to look at the kensho given for each match to work out where the love really is. That is reasonably easy in the first few days but may get a little confusing after a while. What I mean is, the "kensho love" for two popular wrestlers (say Asa vs takamisakari) is obvious, but trying to work out which of the two is getting the love would be quite interesting. That is, which kensho sponsors are staying with which wrestlers throughout and which sponsors are just picking big matches to get their plug in? Way too difficult to work out without detailed video analysis but it is food for thought.
  25. Sasanishiki

    Assorted pics from today

    The Toyota Princess Cup in 2002 was held from 16-22 September, which would place it right around the time of a yusho race at the Kokugikan