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  1. Sasanishiki

    Kensho Standings (Nagoya 2009)

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that part of my idea was that the 'spectacular kensho' would not necessarily be awarded each day if there was not a suitable candidate (a little like some of the sansho). They could perhaps jackpot to the next day/next basho, which would make for quite a windfall for someone down the line.
  2. Sasanishiki

    Day 13 lower division results

    I'm guessing this will propel him to a new career high, above the Ms9w he had at the beginning of the year? I wonder if he has a chance to be a sekitori briefly? I know he is under-sized but, as one of the observations this basho mentioned, he seems to have plenty of strength on occasion.
  3. Sasanishiki


    According to my google searches, the Order of Stara Planina is presented "for exceptional contributions to the Republic of Bulgaria, or to international co-operation." It is awarded with or without a ribbon, and when awarded without a ribbon it is presented in two classes (1st class and 2nd class) and in civil and military divisions. The article that I saw made no mention of whether Kotooshu was being awarded with or without a ribbon (or class if without a ribbon). The Order of Stara Planina was instituted on July 15 1994, based on the former Order of Stara Planina (I know, that just sounds like a make-over for the new post-Communist age). It seems often to be awarded to politicians and statesmen, although also to actors, writers and academics. In the sporting field, it has previously been awarded to Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski to mark their achievements as back-to-back Ice Dancing World Champions in 2006 and 2007. Only a few months after receiving the award, however, Staviski was involved in a drink driving accident where he caused the death of a man and severely injured a woman. Let us hope that Kotooshu is not beset by a similar problem.
  4. Sasanishiki

    Kensho Standings (Nagoya 2009)

    Just a musing that came to mind while I read the latest kensho totals and the fact that Asa won spectacularly...I wonder if it would make sumo more exciting if there was a small pool of kensho given out for the quality of sumo performed? A company, or even several, could pool together kensho for the most entertaining/spectacular bout of the day in makuuchi and could appoint a panel of their representatives or sports writers or whoever to make the presentation after the day's bouts on TV or in the shitakubeya. It could be akin to player of the day (or similar) and reflect the fact that entertaining matches are good for sumo in that it attracts audience and TV followers. just a thought, and it could be something that rikishi aspire to (like beating Takamisakari) because there is a pay day at the end of it. I guess technically it could also go to a losing rikishi if they had done something spectacular like a throw that did not quite come off, or a throw executed as they stepped out (I'm thinking a ucchari executed where the rikishi has actually already just been pushed out). Just an early morning musing but I'd be interested in others' thoughts.
  5. Sasanishiki

    Harumafuji Yusho Portrait

    Because he is in a fighting pose, as if he was mid-match. He would not be wearing the tsuna in that case. All the other standing poses have him wearing his kesho mawashi, in which case he would always be wearing the tsuna as well. I'm a little intrigued as to why Kotooshu is not wearing a kesho mawashi in this portrait as he is not in a fighting pose. You would think also that he would like to honour his sponsors by wearing a kesho mawashi in his hatsu-yusho portrait.
  6. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    Yes, I happened upon this a day or two ago. It is Andrew. I guess the fact that both New Zealanders drew Mongolians in the openweight led to the confusion.
  7. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    This only came about to fill up numbers after each continent provided their two representatives. Asia 2 Oceania 2 Nth America 2 Sth America 2 Africa 2 Europe 2 Taiwan 1 IFS appointed representatives 3 (and any more that cannot be filled by the continents)
  8. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    The teams entered and went alternatively to the east and west sides of the dohyo. This is the west side. In the front is the group of six Americans (from left: Kelly, Dan, Doug, Kenna, Andrew and Trent). Behind them, in terms of being away from the camera, are the two Thai girls, then the two Poles (in T-shirts), then Martin from Norway, The other big line is the Mongolian team, including Byamba and the other ex-pro on the end, then with the Italians, Hungarians and Germans. The third big group is the Egyptians and at the top of the picture I think are the Brazilians (with the girls in the blue leotards). The cool kids were hanging out on the other side of the dohyo ;)
  9. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    This was not actually the case as some of those first round wins were fusensho. For example, Karaev pulled out on the morning of the competition. He was thus fusenpai in the first round and should not have been included thereafter in the repechage. The same with Ito. From memory, Kaziev did compete but could not go on. I'm not sure about Saleh.
  10. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    Absolutely correct. I have the kimarite for Day 1 but am updating this from Sydney airport on the way home.
  11. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    OK, I'll try to answer this in two ways, as I am not sure quite which way to take your question. Do you mean, how did the repechage work? If so, those athletes who have been beaten by a semi-finalist get a second chance to fight for bronze. The beaten athlete in the first round fights the beaten athlete in the second round and the winner fights the beaten athlete in the next round, etc up until facing the beaten semi-finalist. At a Sumo World Champs there are usually two bronze medal winners, one from either side of the draw. However, at this World Games there was only one bronze on offer, meaning a further match between the two athletes who normally would have been awarded bronze from each side to determine the true bronze winner. Now, the secopnd way that I read the question was, "Is it worth having a repechage, is it effective and (perhaps an implied meaning of) do people really progress from a defeat in the first or second round to capture a bronze?" Well, the point of the repechage is to make sure that the bronze medalist(s) really are the most deserving of the athletes who have lost once. The repechage means that an athlete who was eliminated by one of the four best athletes according to the draw gets the chance to tst themselves against other athletes in that boat to determine the true consolation medalist(s). Does it work? I'm not going to delve into a statistcal analysis or justify it based on results, except to say that everyone is pretty happy with the current format, especially considering there have been a few worse ones used that seem less fair and are certainly harder for the athletes and spectators to understand.
  12. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    Check out a report of the first day's action here Impressive win by the Hungarian lightweight, although he sustained a foot injury in the process. I would not be surprised to see him withdraw from the Open competition today. Alan Karaev hurt his heavily taped knee in his last match, so he might be doubtful or at least partially incapacitated. Ekhaterina Keyb, the Russian who took third, was injured in her second to last match and could hardly do sonkyo in the bronze medal match. She was moving OK at breakfast this morning, so we will see. I'm going to put my neck out and say that the women's open medal winners will be the same as those who won in the heavyweight. The order might be different, but I don't see too much else out there to threaten them (assuming Keyb is competing). In the men's division, I'd expect to see Stoyanov (BUL) and Byamba (MGL) feature, as both were very good yesterday even though they lost twice. Personally, a disappointing loss in the first round to an Egyptian who then gave Yoshida a good match in the second round. The Egyptian fought well in the repechage, as well. I'm not disappointed to have lost to a better athlete, just wish that I had put up more of a fight. Oh well, there is always the bronze medal winning Mongolian lightweight today :) For the record, the second American lightweight is Andrew Freund, who got his place by virtue of his placing in a designated qualifying tournament (I don't know which one, only that is what the Americans told me). Any questions that anyone wants answered? It might be hard to speak to people or wish them luck, etc. as I don't have internet access often and the competition is starting again in 3 hours. However, I can give you my perspective on certain things. And, Obamayama, root for New Zealand - we need it.
  13. Sasanishiki

    Shizumemono -what exactly?

    Just to clarify, 'what goes into the dohyo" that Kintamayama is talking about refers to a small offering that gets entombed in the middle of the dohyo during the blessing ceremony, not the entire construction of the clay dohyo.
  14. Sasanishiki

    Osumo-san Wakakoyu

    That's a great story. I think I'll keep an eye on Onomatsu-beya from now on, partly because of the story and partly because of all the places you mentioned being familiar to me. I used to live in Chiba city (a decade ago!!) and Makuhari Hongo is only about 4 stops from where I lived, and Funabashi not much further on. My partner at the time ended up working in Funabashi toward the end of our stay, so I know the shopping area at least. I guess they would feel a little like they have their backs up against the wall after the difficulties teh oyakata had, and the fact that they are removed from most of the other heya. I like how plucky they seem.
  15. Sasanishiki

    1st Team's "Cup of Europe" Teams, Italy

    I never doubted your tan! Is Francoise competing in Kaohsiung? Are the IFS going to let you in the door, or are you still on their hitlist?
  16. Sasanishiki

    Asashoryu Admitting His Divorce

    Sorry, let me correct myself. I don't necessarily think that his wife will spill a lot of secrets (although she may) but I can still see it turning into a much debated media scandal. I can see the scenario going something like this: The ex-wife (tamir, is it?) turns up in Japan and is asked something by a reporter or arranges a press statement/conference. She says a lot of bland things like she is upset, they had hard times like any couple, had hoped for reconciliation, is focussing on her children, wishes that that yokozuna continues to be a good father and role model, wishes him best in his sumo career, says how pround she has been of him, etc. Nothing controversial there, except when it gets raked over the coals by the wide shows. they will play parts of that, juxtapose it with his comments (largely no coment), get a whole panel of people into the studio to comment on this. this group will probably include Terry Ito, maybe Demon Kogure (although he strikes me as being a little classier than that) and they will bounce around all sorts of amateur psychology and psychiatry. There will be liberal doses of gossip added, such as other women, and there we have programming for at least a couple of days (brought up from time to time as a new source of 'information' contributes. Suddenly the media circus has gotten out of control while the protagonists themselves have done little but get divorced. I'm sure if it pans out like this then our faithful on-the-ground reporters will let us know what is happenng on Japanese TV.
  17. Sasanishiki

    Hakuhou preparations-July 2009

    The guy in the back looks like he has a bowl of popcorn, munching away while watching the bouts. Mmmm, that seems like a good idea, except no access to the ozumo :(
  18. Sasanishiki

    1st Team's "Cup of Europe" Teams, Italy

    Results? How many teams? Who won the individuals? And, out of interest, who was your lightweight female? For that matter, who was in your team? I'm guessing: Toby Saber ? - retired? Haitham Evelien ? Francoise
  19. Sasanishiki

    Asashoryu Admitting His Divorce

    If it hasn't become a topic already, I can see this dominating the wide shows in Japan, particualrly if she gives a press interview. They will be putting the two sides of the story against each other, raking up all sorts of gossip and getting Tom, Dick and Harriet to come in and talk about divorces of geino-jin (entertainers).
  20. Sasanishiki

    Asashoryu Admitting His Divorce

    In true tabloid style there are reports that Asa has a Mongolian lover who he has been seeing since February last year. This is the main reason for his divorce, the Daily Sports said this morning. There is a chance he will re-marry. Meanwhile, Asa's (ex-)wife will have custody of the children and he will pay for their upbringing.
  21. Sasanishiki

    Valuable cooking lesson

    Apparently the French rugby team used to do this back in the 1970s with Garlic. The Welsh did it with beer.
  22. Sasanishiki

    Kobayashi falls short again

    From the accounts that I've heard, I don't believe that Kobayashi does keep the food down, preferring instead to 'get rid of it' afterwards.
  23. Sasanishiki

    Sumo Fan Mag latest edition

    Just a pointer to the latest issue of SFM. There is a picture show of Harumafuji, a look at Jesse/Takamiyama/Azumazeki's career, A look back at yokozuna Hidenoyama, a preview of the Nagoya basho, a look at Isegahama-beya, swine flu and the cancellation of the Sumo World Champs, and a whole lot more. use the central link at the botom of the page, or go to for your reading pleasure.
  24. Sasanishiki

    The Brothers- the aftermath

    Is it me or does Roho look like he has lost a lot of weight? I realise that the kimono makes it difficult to tell, but he looks quite svelte (for a big guy).
  25. My respects to Mr Hardy as well! (In jonokuchi...)