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  1. Sasanishiki

    Randy who?

    The "masters" division is based on age. By the look of the Sumo Shimpo article it is 40 years plus.
  2. Sasanishiki

    master thesis on sumo

    Damn Sasa, I know I'm not the biggest scholar in the world, but aren't we forgetting someone..?:) Well, of course I am aware of your work but as far as i am aware you haven't published anything yet, have you? This owuld make it more difficult for asa_love to get hold of your work than Oinuma's. You used Oinuma, didn't you? Also, the context that I was referring to was sumobeya not university sumo clubs.
  3. Sasanishiki

    Kaio's records and retirement

    Perhaps if he passed Chiyonofuji's makuuchi wins then he might retire after Kyushu. He would have the first two records you mention, and would have been able to make his swansongat his home basho. Hard to know. He doesn't outwardly seem to be motivatedby the records, but perhaps he is. Often it seems he is merely squeezing every last drop out of his body while he can. As they say "you are a long time retired", particularly in ozumo where are no comebacks are possible.
  4. Sasanishiki

    Happy Birthday, sekihiryu!

    Happy Birthday, Dean. Hope the day went well.
  5. Sasanishiki

    master thesis on sumo

    Defining your topic will be key to deciding what you want to look at and realising the amount of material that you need. A masters degree does not need a huge amount of new material, just enough to make your study stand out as something original. Access to a heya will take a fair amount of pulling strings and you needing to be specific about what you are after. I would think that something connected to a foreign rikishi might be a good idea, and perhaps targetting a small heya might help as well. You'd have to have a bit of a feel for the place before you got a really good insight into what was happening and to sort the tatemae from the honne. A foreign rikishi might be a little more open in this respect, although not invariably. You might be better to drill down on one or two foreign rikishi and their experiences rather than trying to survey them all or try to present something as representative of all foreign rikishi. You could work on a hypothesis of something taken from the many books about sumo published for an English-speaking audience in the 80s and 90s and investigate it to see if it is an actuality or has become an accepted 'insight' that has changed over time (or perhaps never actually existed the way as it was 'mystified'). There have been a few things written about heya and the social hierarchy of sumo in Japanese by a scholar named Oinuma. Mark Panek's book, Gaijin Yokozuna, about Akebono, might give a slighter franker account of certain issues. You might be able to get some insight from retired (foreing) rikishi as well. They might feel a little freer to talk about matters in the past and not incriminate anyone in the present. Of course, their accounts might not be able to be verified by what you see or others around them. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions, but I think it could be interesting to let this discussion develop with members putting their ideas forward.
  6. Sasanishiki

    master thesis on sumo

    Which field/subject? Where are you based? What are your interests (regarding sumo, but also in general)? What kind of materials do you have access to/does your university have? Do you speak/read Japanese?
  7. Sasanishiki

    2 Yokozuna and 5 Ozeki is too many

    That echoes changes in wider Japanese society at this time, with the expansion of the education system, meritocratic appointments to government positions based on examinations, and the abolition of the old class system (including the samurai) that had existed for the previous 200+ years.
  8. Sasanishiki

    Sumo clubs/ London/ SE?

    Hi Anna, As far as I know, the British Sumo Federation are based in Derby. I think there are sometimes exhibitions elsewhere but not other clubs. The website has contact details and I'm sure Steve Pateman would be interested in answering your questions.
  9. Sasanishiki

    2 Yokozuna and 5 Ozeki is too many

    Well, after doing a quick banzuke query on the Sumo DB, I too am a little perplexed as to the promotion/demotion criteria for Ozeki in the past. However, there are several cases of ozeki being demoted to sekiwake (and perhaps byond, I only used sekiwake as my constraint) from the 1760s onwards until 1909. This would suggest that ozekis were not there for life. A number of the demotions actaully came after what I would consider a winning record, so I wonder if these records were considered relative to their opponents, or if they were judged on the quality of their sumo, or if which side of teh banzuke they were on (and which side won the flag) had some bearing on the demotions.
  10. Sasanishiki

    Does anyone own a used mawashi?

    As has been mentioned, in amasumo several athletes actually wash their mawashi to soften/clean them. I know one girl who got her mawashi just right in terms of softness by using fabric softener. It was still structurally sound. @Johnofuji: At the World Games when you enquired about the mawashi, the Egyptians were being problematic enough by not having their country tag for the front of the mawashi (the zekken). The state of their mawashi as we were about to start the competition was a minor matter. Saito's response of "It's OK" was more along the lines of "Don't bother with it now!" I believe that there should be some universal check on the mawashi prior to competition (the material and the way it is tied), just as the athletes are checked for being within the weight limits.
  11. Sasanishiki

    2009 All-Japan Senior High School, Wampaku...

    In the teams competition at the National High School Athletic Meet, Saitama Sakae High School beat Aichi Kogyo Daigaku Meiden HS in the final to win their 7th title and their first in three years.
  12. I'd actually suggest that a lot of parents are sending their girls to school to get jobs at good companies (not necessarily good jobs) so that they can husband-hunt at the company. The reason this thing continues is because it is generationally ingrained. The girls don't just reach their early 20s and decide to husband hunt. This is presented to them as an option, usually by their parents (but perhaps by their school or the education system as well), and that is why it happens year after year and generation after generation. There are independent women out there in Japan who are seeking careers (and there have always been), but there are also many who are looking to make themselves and families happy by marrying well and producing kids because that is "the dream" for many.
  13. Sasanishiki


    Off course it is...! You would recognise that handsome blond guy out of thousands:) When is our sparringsession? Actually, I posted that before I looked at the blog and saw it was you. Our sparring seesion will be when your knee is OK and I have developed enough skill and power to match you. Being in the same hemisphere will also help, so it might be a couple of years (by which time I should have retired!). Great to have you on the forum and to have your blog going (I now have to learn enough Dutch to read it).
  14. Sasanishiki

    Australian Female Sumo

    OT: Reports of my vegetarianism (or veganism) are grossly overstated. I am a carnivore, just a poor one who doesn't have all the facts, thus declining on betting a steak dinner.
  15. Sasanishiki


    Is that who I think it is? Hello from New Zealand!!!
  16. Sasanishiki


    The lady on the extreme right of the photo is Liliana Kaneva, President of the Bulgarian Sumo Federation and vice-president of teh European Sumo Union. The gentleman on the extreme left is also an official of the Bulgarian Sumo Federation, Nikolay Dimitrov.
  17. Sasanishiki

    Australian Female Sumo

    Yes she did. The results reported online were a bit sketchy as they focussed on certain athletes and who had done well. From what I found, I think she lost in the first round of the open category and then lost in the first round of repechage. However, I wouldn't put a steak dinner on that being authoritative.
  18. Sasanishiki

    NHK Sumo Magazine

    I'll just translate for gacktoh in case anyone following this thread does not read Japanese (although, then, you might not get much out of buying NHK Ozumo Chukei magazine) "I'm sorry for posting in Japanese. Are there Japanese bookstores in the countries where you are living? If there are, then you can probably order sumo magazines though them. I'm living in Malaysia and I am ordering sumo magazines through a nearby Japanese bookstore. It takes about a week for delivery, and is cheaper than ordering through Amazon."
  19. The whole job situation in Japan has been tight for a while, both for men and women. There are large numbers of college graduates who are unable to command anything secure, and a number who are having to make do shifting from contract to contract rather than being taken on by companies. Times are certainly tighter than they have been.
  20. Sasanishiki

    Australian Female Sumo

    I'm sorry to hear this. I hope that she has taken much out of her short time there that can lay a good platform for the future. I wish her well back on the gold Coast.
  21. Sasanishiki

    Asashouryuu news and Aki 2009 preparations

    So, what does this mean? Is Asashoryu not a man of his word? Or was someone else putting words in his mouth? I'm not sure how he is able to justify returning to Mongolia if he has explicitly said he will not. It seems very strange.
  22. Sasanishiki

    Most Popular Athlete

    It is good to see that there has been an 8.5% change in the number of people who can name a rikishi. I just hope that the names they are using aren't Tokitaizan, Roho, Hakurozan, or Wakakirin.
  23. Sasanishiki

    Late, late late-part two- Hakuhou

    Didn't Takasago just get hauled over the coals because he was late to a ceremony because of "traffic problems"? Seems to be catching.
  24. Sasanishiki

    Day 13 Comments and Observations

    Surprisingly Mainoumi (34) is not close to the number of kimarite that Asa (45) or Kyokushuzan (47) used. A caveat with each of these is that the number in the DB counts fusen as a kimarite (not sure about isamisashi, hanzoku, etc). However, because they all have these included the figures are comparable at just a glance. Actually, Harumafuji (36) and Chiyonofuji (41) used more kimarite than Mainoumi did as well. Interesting for someone considered to be a 'waza no depaato'.