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  1. Sasanishiki

    What if?

    Maybe, but watch out if you are in the same car as he is!
  2. Sasanishiki

    Short term future of sumo?

    This quote got me to write what I've been thinking over the last two days, does Asashoryu's departure in any way diminish the way we will view Hakuho's career? Let's say he runs up a whole bunch more yusho (as everyone is predicting). Will we say, "Ah, he got xyz yusho but if Asa had been around then it would have been less"? Will we ever truly know how good Hakuho is/could have been, without his immediate rival not being there? I suppose the same could be said of Asashoryu given the abrupt end to his career...
  3. Sasanishiki

    What sort of Yokozuna will be Asashoryu ?

    There should have been an "infamous yokozuna" option
  4. Sasanishiki

    What if?

    Given that he dominated ozumo, I think it is a fair assumption that he could go to Mongolia, play soccer for a couple of years, get fat and lazy and still dominate amasumo. The years he spent training day in and out at such a high level would mean that he would have the innate sense in the ring that would counter the speed and power of any other opponent. That said, even if Asa got fat and lazy for a couple of years, I would think that he would still have sufficient power and speed to beat almost any amasumo athlete out there. Again, thugh, why would he? Unless somehow sumo became and Olympic sport and Asa wanted a chance at gold (and was not excluded by a stated rule of the IFS), he would not bother with amasumo.
  5. Sasanishiki

    Yokozuna Asashoryu Scandal - The Final Chapter

    Does anyone actually believe that he was truly clinically depressed? snip Nice summary. i hope you didn't miss my tongue planted firmly in my cheek (and alluded to by the reference to Blackadder).
  6. Sasanishiki

    Biggest threat to Taiho's yusho record?

    Kaio! No, more likely is Kotooshu or Baruto
  7. Sasanishiki

    Yokozuna Asashoryu Scandal - The Final Chapter

    My real question, and point of interest here, is: if they suspend Asashoryu, will he fall into the mental collapse that happened the last time he was suspended? Shades of Blackadder trying to avoid war through mental incapacity!
  8. Sasanishiki

    Akebono promo for "Glee" in Japan

    I like it. I was worried that it would be too "High School Musical" to be good, but there is a dark, quirky undercurrent of humour that evens out the focus on the musical numbers.
  9. Sasanishiki

    Intai candidates 2010

    Tikozan's crystal ball is doing OK. Tamarikido has hung up the mawashi, at least as an active rikishi. Daimanazuru, another former sekitori, has also called it quits. He goes out with a kachikoshi, something that I would think is reasonably rare (to finish a basho with kk and retire, not have your career ended in between basho with the last a kk). I'm sure the stats-minded people can pull up an interesting list for us?
  10. That NY Times piece is the stock-standard describe the scene and talk about sumo as fat guys with lots of tradition piece that comes out from time to time. Nothing to shocking and most of the facts are good. Gives the names of some of the stars and basic information about the lifestyle and the composition of a basho. The major error that I could see was:
  11. Sasanishiki

    How is everyone this holiday?

    How does a window cleaner get by in winter? Do people want them cleaned more because of the snow and rain, etc, or is it to hard to clean a lot of the time because of the weather and that the temperatures might be too cold to be able to clean effectively without everything freezing as you go? I've never thought of it until your post, which got me thinking...
  12. Sasanishiki

    Akebono promo for "Glee" in Japan

    I've just watched both of the ads, and I like it. I wonder if the intended audience actually know what to expect, though. Are there other ads on that actually show what the programme is about? I can see some people thinking that it will be a drama with Akebono singing in it (which would be something that I'd watch for a couple of episodes).
  13. Sasanishiki

    Map Quiz 123,363

    OK, if we take Wikipedia to be correct...this plan was conceived in the 1920s and approved in 1930. Japan and Great Britain had ceased their alliance in 1923. Hmmm.
  14. Sasanishiki

    World Games 2009 Kaohsiung

    Just a quick update to get the ball rolling and so that other fourm members here can add their comments. Today, Thursday is practice day and the draw will be made this afternoon. We had the weigh in yesterday, which was largely uneventful except perhaps for teh Hungarian lightweight who dropped 6 kils in a short time to make weight (got to love the laxatives). However, I imagine that this would be one of the easier cities in which to cut weight as it is so hot and humid you soon work up a sweat. I have just come back from a 90 minute walk around a couple of the districts and am drenched through. What to say? There are 16 competitors in each of the men's and women's lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. The first day is for the specific weight calsses and then all 48 men and 48 women compete on the second day for the open weight title. Each continent gets two competitors per division, Chinese Taipei get one in each division and the IFS selects others to make up the 16, covering any vacant positions that the continents haven't been able to fill as well. This means some of the squads are only one or two athletes, while others are quite large. The usual suspeccts are here among a list of 21 countries represented in the sumo contest: (off the top of my head) Men and women - Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Australia, Japan, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei, Italy, Brazil, Bulgaria Men only - New Zealand, USA, Egypt, Norway, Estonia Women only - Germany, Netherlands, India, Hong Kong The Opening Ceremony of the entire World Games will be held tonight in the impressive Main Stadium. Some of the sumo athletes have decided not to participate because of the time and energy it takes the night before the main events. However, I'm of the opinion that you'r eonly going to get one shot at this, so it might as well be experienced to the full.
  15. Sasanishiki

    US Open results

    They must mean collectively across all the years...Looking at the results I'm guessing that there was not a particularly big field for this year's event. I say this because there were only two medallists in the middleweight, and also because few of the familiar names appear where I might expect them to. Can anyone fill us in on the day?
  16. Sasanishiki

    Happy Birthday, Fujisan!

    Let me chuck my salt in belatedly and wish you a Happy birthday!
  17. Sasanishiki

    National Sports Festival 2009 sumo competition

    As a first name it is usually read as Masayo, but as a surname it may also be read as Shoudai (at least from what I can find searching Japanese language sites.
  18. Sasanishiki

    Ms. Uchidate- "We are not pleased!"

    If he lives to 86. I realise Japanese seniors have great longevity, but there are always risks with advanced age.
  19. Sasanishiki

    Australian National Sumo Championships 2009

    Not the ones that I've met - too far from the action in the rest of Queensland.
  20. Sasanishiki

    National Sports Festival 2009 sumo competition

    Gantugs Rentsendorj is indeed a Tottori Johoku coach. He won bronze in the lightweight competition at the World Games, and then he defeated me in the first round of the open weight division. He has a damaged shoulder which, along with his small frame, might be a reason that he did not attempt to go pro.
  21. Sasanishiki

    Aran vs. Takamisakari - Day 9

    You can add rhythmic gymnastics and boxing (at least until 2012 or 2016, I can't remember) to these two.
  22. Sasanishiki

    Day 11 lower division results

    Nice to see this in a table. I had done this myself, mentally, when I saw the results. Can I just ask what your "own" column refers to?
  23. Sasanishiki

    Chiyotaikai Kyujo

    I initially thought the same, particularly as I've always picked Kokonoe as a stickler for honour. However, I also realised that the oyakata has a vested interest in Chiyotaikai carrying on. We often discuss how Chiyotaikai can keep going on and drawing his ozeki salary. Well, that works in favour of the heya/oyakata as well, because he receives Kyokai grants based on the rank of his rikishi. Chiyotaikai is Kokonoe's gravy train through the Kyokai payments and the support his heya receives via the ozeki's supporters and because of his drawing power. This might explain the oyakata's attitude. If Chiyotaikai goes then there is only Chiyohakuho in juryo before a big drop to a couple of rikishi at the bottom of makushita and a whole bunch of lower-rankers. In this context, I can see the motivation for Kokonoe's attitude.
  24. Sasanishiki

    Chiyotaikai - time to retire

    Why wouldn't he use all his opportunities and try again in Kyushu? He's got that right as part of his rank, it is his career and primary source of income, he still obviously wants to be there given that he must be in pain, and Kyushu is his home basho. All indications point to him carrying on but I doubt he'll continue if he drops from ozeki.
  25. Sasanishiki

    Maybe its just me....

    Could well have had posting rights suspended but not their profile deleted.