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    Both Yokozuna play golf-Sumo world angry

    I don't think the Kyokai would have a problem with them not training per se right before the basho (let's call it tapering) if they came up with a decent excuse or if they showed up and just stretched. The rikishi at least look like they are 'preparing' and have their minds on the job. By turning up to play golf it looks like their minds are elsewhere and if they are being active, why shouldn't they have been active at keiko? I suspect that if the Mongolian festival had been on the day that they played golf (ie a couple of days before the basho) there might not have been too much of a stink because it would be realised that they were supporting their countrymen and acting as a cultural bridge. By playing golf they are making a 'selfish' decision and it appears that they are blowing off sumo, the basho and the Kyokai. That is what has caused this stink, and almost all of them have been in Japan long enough to realise that is the way it would be viewed.
  2. Sasanishiki

    Ozeki Back-Scratchers' Club

    No, because the OBSC theory is that the ozeki work out their bouts so as to have maximum benefit for its members (ie, giving wins to those who need them). Rikishi of the same heya do not compete against each other so they cannot organise their bouts with each (because the bouts do not exist)
  3. Sasanishiki

    Both Yokozuna play golf-Sumo world angry

    While it is not a dangerous sport, or one where contact is involved, golf could aggravate parts of the body that would hamper their performance in hon-basho (particularly if the rikishi don;t play golf often and are using muscles in ways they are not used to). The golf swing can put a strain on the lower back, knees and hamstrings, while there could be some stiffness in the shoulders, elbows and (possibly) wrists. this is all from personal experience of playing golf once in a blue moon. If you were more regular then your body would be attuned to these stresses
  4. Sasanishiki

    Women in Amateur Sumo

    I'm curious, which federations don't have women for cultural reasons? I wasn't aware of Middle Eastern sumo teams. Well, you'll note my answer is qualified with "may" and "probably", and it was in response to your original post. Egypt has sent a team to the world Championships before but as far as I'm aware there have never been any women. I know Syria attended the very first World chmaps back in 1992, but that was before amateur sumo for women began.
  5. Sasanishiki

    YMY- why not? Hugging babies

    It sounds more like an annual Ryogoku festival in which the NSK takes part, not a sumo-specific or NSK-run event. As such, I doubt you'll get to enjoy anything like it in September (In a state of confusion...)
  6. Sasanishiki

    Women in Amateur Sumo

    On the contrary, there are at least three major amateur sumo tournaments for women in Japan each year. There are the East Japan, West Japan and All-Japan tournaments. Furthermore, the prefectural sumo federations may also run their own prefectural or localised tournaments for women too. there are also tournaments for girls of elementary and junior high school ages (high school girls are included in adult competition in Japan). Admittedly, amateur sumo for women has probably had a harder time being noticed and accepted in Japan than in some other places because it has had to come out from the shadow of ideas that sumo should be male-only. Furthermore, historically women's performances of sumo have been marginalised and given the name onna-zumo (women's sumo) and treated as a spectacle. The nature of onna-zumo has varied, with it being variously tests of strength (not sumo matches), 'proper' sumo matches, and lewd performances of semi-erotic nature. A google search of onna-zumo (in Japanese I think) brings up a niche adult entertainment genre of women grappling bare-breasted. For more information of women's amateur sumo, try searching for Tsuihiji Rie (or the other way around) on this forum and some posts about her will pop up. Alternatively, you should get hits if you put in shinsumo (new sumo) and joshi sumo (women's [amateur] sumo). Now, for your second question, there are many national federations who do not have women's teams. Some may do so for cultural reasons (I'm thinking probably Middle Eastern countries) but for many it is also a reflection on the size and organisation of their national federations as a whole. Some countries struggle to put together a male team, let alone a female one. In some places there have been women involved but they retire and there are no others around at that time. My New Zealand federation is an example of this. Some countries have also been represented at Sumo World Championships only by women. There were a couple of years when this was the case for Estonia, if I recall correctly.
  7. Sasanishiki

    SFM #24 - Alive and kicking

    In Mark's absence (on holiday I believe) I'll announce that Issue #24 is up and running. You'll find lots of the usual insight and interesting perspectives so head over to the link at the foot of this page (actually every page on SF) to take it all in. You'll find articles on yokozuna Asahifuji, koten-zumo (a style peculiar to a set of islands off the coast of shimane prefecture), amateur sumo, a wrap-up of the last basho and more. There is an interview with Nakayama oyakata, a look at Sadogatake-beya, and Eric Blair weighs in to give his thoughts on our very own Sumo Forum. As ever, most pages are in English, Spanish German and French for our various readers.
  8. Sasanishiki

    YDC Natsu basho soken-April 29th

    And of course Chiyotaikai has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, so this is probably affecting his body and conditioning greatly.
  9. Sasanishiki

    Maegashira preparations -Natsu 2009

    If I recall correctly, Naruto oyakata had some bad experiences at degeiko when he was active and so has decided it is not necessary for his deshi to go and train elsewhere. Also, Naruto is a fair way away from the other heya and so it is perhaps logistically less desirable to go to degeiko as well?
  10. Sasanishiki

    Results Baku Open

    Interesting to see Sri lanka and Jordan there, both countries which (off the top of my head) have not attended the Sumo World Champs before.
  11. Sasanishiki


    That's pretty much my take on it. I would have been interested in a discussant advocating for sumo as the national sport and some engagement with that. Ideally someone from the sumo museum or elsewhere in the Kyokai. It would have made this argument far stronger if that line could have been taken apart. I still maintain, as I did somewhere above, that there does not need to be a legal entrenchment to make something a national sport. Public acknowledgement, basically having convinced everyone to think of it as a national sport, can be just as strong. I think the point about sumo not being in schools is not that great a point to make because the separation of state and religion came after World War II.
  12. Sasanishiki

    SFM #24 - Alive and kicking

    I was already wondering about that yesterday - who? (Holiday feeling...) There are only Nakadachi, Nakagawa and Nakamura... Not sure, just going on what was on the SFM top page. I'd guess that it is Nakamura beause he has his own heya.
  13. Sasanishiki

    Foreigner update

    I say this with no offence intended to Mongolians or the rikishi, but I'm a little tired of most of the new foreign recruits being from Mongolia. (Ok, I know we've just had a Bulgarian.) I think it would be nice to have a new country represented so that we might have a broadening of the internaitonal ozumo fan base. For those Mongolians on the forum, do people actually follow a lot of the Mongolians in ozumo, or are most casual observers and want to know how Asa, Hakuho and Harumafuji are going (or that a Mongolian has won the yusho, regardless of who it is)?
  14. Sasanishiki

    Natsu Banzuke - some headlines

    He is kadoban for the 13th time, the most in history, and it is the 113th time that an ozeki has been kadoban.
  15. Sasanishiki

    Doping tests to start!

    That might have to be a pretty big toilet!! I suppose it was not a cubicle?
  16. Sasanishiki

    Sumo article- ABC news-Australia

    It appears to me that they have been granted access for several months, not actually that they have been there that long. I would suggest that this is a preliminary report of sorts, making use of the initial access and thereafter a documentary will be made. I'd also suggest that if they do hang around for a while there might be a greater appreciation and the theme of the doco might be of realisation that rikishi are more than meets the eye. However, it might be another hack-job that states the obvious and the erroneous. I laughed when I read "Few things have changed in this Japanese martial art for 500 years." Arbitrary generalisation is arbitrary and general.
  17. Subtle subtext about Japan's system? Or are you trying to re-assimilate them?
  18. Sasanishiki

    Picture Puzzles

    I've only just found this thread. I love these sorts of things. I would have gotten number 4 as, being a NZer, I'm well aware of moko. Anyway, 9. Kongofuji 10. Kei 11. Ichinotani? 14. Ikedo
  19. Sasanishiki

    Amateur Sumo Team(s) in Kobe, Japan?

    And let's not forget Tokitenku when he was at Tokyo Nogyo Daigaku
  20. Sasanishiki


    Not a bad song but when it is played ad nauseam in any break in proceedings for two days straight (as it was in Riesa 2004) it gets to be a little trying.
  21. Sasanishiki

    Purchase of Mawashi

    Martaaa, that is a pretty cool looking mawashi. It is certain to get you noticed (Lifting weights...)
  22. Sasanishiki

    Purchase of Mawashi

    I've tried to source canvas that might be suitable for mawashi but the places I have tried (industrial suppliers of fabrics) have not had anything remotely similar. In particular, the mawashi material is far thicker than any of the products they held for commercial use.
  23. Sasanishiki

    New recruits for Natsu 2009

    I read the other day that Takanohana had put out a diet book recently. I suppose that might keep his name in the spotlight and we might have more recruits for his heya soon?
  24. Sasanishiki

    New Recruits for Haru 2009

    From memory, the first is place of birth and the second is current abode.
  25. Sasanishiki

    Nasty Rumor?

    I'm guessing not. I haven't heard anything about it mentioned by anyone.