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  1. Sasanishiki

    Sadogatake Beya Jungyo Amsterdam 5th 6th June

    Well one could follow the other...
  2. Sasanishiki

    Australian Female Sumo

    Seen here with a certain forum member as the crash test dummy.
  3. Sasanishiki

    Adoptee Report

    Takanoyama had a good 5-2 at Ms20 (from memory) Mizuguchi went down 3-4 at Ms39 (memory0 Hidenofuji has dropped to sandanme but had 6-1, losing in what was the final on Day 13 against Seiro.
  4. Sasanishiki


    Just to take Doitsu up on his comment, I looked at the July 1979 yusho for Wajima, the July 1988 yusho for Chiyonofuji, and this last basho for Harumafuji. whay these? Just randomly picking a yusho for each. I then took their opponents from each bout and got the average weight of the opponent. Wajima (weighing at 129kg) fought an average weight of 138.47kg Chiyonofuji (123) vs 159kg average Harumafuji (126) vs 153.6 average Impressive numbers for Chiyonofuji I think. The average at this time was a little higher thanks to Konishiki (252kg) and Onokuni (201 kg), the only two of the 45 opponents of yokozuna in my sample to weigh over 200kg.
  5. Sasanishiki

    Sadogatake Beya Jungyo Amsterdam 5th 6th June

    Yes, your translation is correct. The phrase 'akiraka ni natta' can be translated as "became clear" or "became apparent" but I don't really think that obvious is the best word to use, well not in this case at least.
  6. Sasanishiki


    Most general sumo histories do this as a standard. Depending on their quality, such accounts also tend to overlook other forms of sumo as a) not existing or b) being quaint additions that are secondary to ozumo. The really good books out there deal with sumo warts and all, and show that it is/was not just about ozumo. The good accounts also show that ozumo has evolved, searched for legitimacy and then tried to centre itself at the heart of sumo history.
  7. Sasanishiki

    What the...

    I was watching the stream so I'm not sure where NHK cut off. However, while he was lost for words for a lot of it, he at least found his tongue towards the end.
  8. Sasanishiki


    AMA-zing stuff from Harumafuji. I echo the comment of someone the other day that it no longer seems strange to call him by the new shikona. I love watching the politicians and dignitaries struggle with the huge cups they present! A really popular win by the sound of the crowd during the yusho interview, and they even focused in on his mum in the crowd.
  9. Sasanishiki

    Chiyotaikai name change

    Over on 2chan there is lots of speculation about the reason. However, Sudou is his mother's surname, as she has written this book
  10. Sasanishiki

    Sadogatake Beya Jungyo Amsterdam 5th 6th June

    If I'm reading it correctly, Mainichi is saying according to someone at the Kyokai, the jungyo has been cancelled because of fears over swine flu.
  11. Sasanishiki

    Sadogatake Beya Jungyo Amsterdam 5th 6th June

    This sounds like someone is searching for excuses to exit from the jungyo. I wonder what is afoot... (I am not worthy...)
  12. Sasanishiki

    Sumo Kid?

    I am only aware of this sumo club, which is run out of a judo club in Toronto. The information is pretty old, I think, and the link to the judo club website listed on the page has now expired. The new site for the judo club is here. Sumo in Canada used, as far as I know, to be largely dependent on the annual North American Championships. What I mean is that the athletes fought in that tournament but not much else. I think in the early years of the Sumo World Champs they sent a team but (as many countries have since done) it has now died out. Part of the issue was the cessation of the North American Sumo Champs, which struggled to get a sponsor. There are amateur sumo comps in the US at times, the most consistent being the US Sumo Open, which is run almost as a commercial event and attracts top competitors from around the world. You can find details here I'd suggest you try contacting som of these organisations to see if there is anything going, or indeed anything closer to home. Often there are people out there who have the ability to train new sumo athletes, just that they don't or can't set up a whole gym or infrastructure to get the project off the ground. However, if there are a couple of interested people then borrowing or hiring judo club space can be a good starting point to getting a club going. From memory there have been some Canadians on this forum who have dabbled in sumo, including one guy who was doing it with his college friends outdoors. Use the serach function of this forum and you might find something. Good luck.
  13. Sasanishiki

    Day 13 lower division results

  14. Sasanishiki

    who is this sumo?

    Certainly not Asa. Besides the other photos in that set show Asa as either having nothing on his feet or wearing white tabi whil on the dohyo, not taping on his feet like that.
  15. Sasanishiki

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 13 Natsu Basho 2009

    This will be an outright battle for the yusho if I'm not mistaken. The former has been in makushita regularly for the past year, getting as high as mid-table. He's a graduate of Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, and one of my adoptees. The latter is a Mongolian who is a regular in sandanme, having made it to makushita for one basho. Both seem to be in good form this basho so it should be a cracker! Hidenofuji, watch out for Seiro's okuridashi!!
  16. Sasanishiki

    Sumo Kid?

    Yeah, but the price he paid was a long term knee injury caused by the position needed to get his hips lower. Height really can be a disadvantage, particularly if there is a lot of weight above those long legs.
  17. Sasanishiki

    Big sumo tournament in Bulgaria

    According to the European Sumo Union website it is the Bulgarian Open. Sounds like a really strong field from what I got out of the translation. Bulgarian national champs are also being held by the looks of it.
  18. Sasanishiki

    Day 11 results and day 12 pairings

    I was thinking obviouos back-scratching myself. He faces three ozeki, all of whom are one win away froom KK or better. I'm sure he'll get to 6-6 tomorrow and get his eight beyond that. However, what is to say that he wouldn't beat a couple of the ozeki anyway? He has plenty of sumo nous, is in reasonable shape to have won 5 already this basho, even though he's had a rough ride the last few days. I think he could take care of the Sadogatake boys in the natural course of things.
  19. Sasanishiki

    nhk english commentator

    I think he probably meant R.I.C.E. which is a standard procedure immediately after injury: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation
  20. Sasanishiki

    Maezumo- Natsu shussei

    I think the two names you are struggling with are probably read as Kamiyutaka and Takarokumyo
  21. Sasanishiki

    Two Makuuchi wrestlers tested for flu

    For what it is worth, apparently Japanese tourism to NZ has dropped dramatically since we had confirmations of swine flu. Also, a friend who works for a Japanese subsidiary in NZ told me they have been supplied with a whole bunch of masks and hand sanitiser from head office in Tokyo. Also, all the Japanese families (wives and children) have been sent back to Japan for their safety. Hysteria, much?
  22. Sasanishiki

    YDC special meeting

    I get the feeling that the timing of the Mongolf (I quite like that as a word as it works well both in English and Japanese) is the major factor - before the basho, visibly shunning keiko, possibility of collusion between opponents on Day 1. I wonder what the take is on such an event after the basho? I would think that there would be no problem whatsoever. The ex-Nichidai rikishi all get together at times, including (I believe) on senshuraku after the heya parties.
  23. Sasanishiki

    Takamisakari Fans Yusho Preparations

    He is excessively proned to nerves so I think his yusho run might fall apart as the reality came closer and the scheduled opponents got harder.
  24. Sasanishiki

    Sumo Card and/or Menko Enthusiasts?

    Yeah, it's unfortunate that the picture isn't bigger so that we could read some of the names. I'm not sure if you're aware, but this postacrd came out to commemorate the opening of the first Kokugikan, which is pictured in the centre. The purple stamp on the reverse indicates this and puts the date at 2 June 1909.
  25. Sasanishiki

    Both Yokozuna play golf-Sumo world angry

    Maybe he spent that day doing something else that would help him win.... OK, jokes, people!!