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  1. ronnie

    Preparations of the Y/O - January 2016

    The body of Takayasu became way too hairy recently. Well, someone has to sweep the dohyo!
  2. ronnie

    Lifes great mysteries.......

    I am fed up with readfing food labels saying "30% less fat." What do I want with food with less fat? What on earth are you eating that can have it's fat content reduced by 30%? A hibernating bear?
  3. ronnie

    Lemmy R.I.P.

    You know, the man never saw his music as "metal". He always thought of himself as the front man in a rock and roll band. He probably did what he could towards his demise with his careless attitude to his health. He knew he was diabetic but still consumed a bottle of vodka a day.
  4. ronnie

    Left handed musicians?

    This was one of the best anti war sets at Woodstock. Listen to the bombs falling and then the "Last Post". The man was a musical genius.
  5. ronnie

    Fantasy Metasumo 2016

    Bit off topic, but Scottish teams did quite well in Europe 66-67. Kilmarnock got to the semi finals of the Fairs Cities Cup, Rangers lost to Bayern in the final of the Cup Winners Cup in Nuremburg, and of course, Celtic did the business against Internazionale in Lisbon :-)
  6. ronnie

    Fantasy Metasumo 2016

    1-5 Pandaazuma, better the devil you know! 6-10 Kuroimori, excellent gamer in my opinion. 11-20 Ganzohnesushi, due for a huge comeback. 21-40 Chishafuwaku, in a great position for the new year. 41-80 Doitsuyama, gaming legend and a very nice chap. 81-120 Hana-Ichi, the Flower Girl...... just because. 121-200 Gawasukotto, Yes, me again. 200+ Umi, Top of those ranks. ronnie
  7. ronnie

    A mystery? Can you solve it?

    There is in carte-dor thats for sure,Like I said I spit out the chunks of strawberry......... Reminds me of the story of the chav and her kid at a supermarket checkout. The kid is screaming to have some chocolate off the stand at the tills. The mother finally has enough of the noise and shouts at the kid "You won't like it, it's got fruit in it!". I don't know about a shortage of strawberries. My wife makes her own strawberry yoghurts and I've had no problem getting them for her.
  8. ronnie

    Oyakata activities

    Just a little nitpick. Since it's Scotch we're talking about, it should be whisky rather than whiskey.
  9. ronnie

    Hastu 2016 "Poster" (leaflet)

    If it is a gyoji, could it be Shikimori Inosuke and he's been "brushed" out?
  10. That ran through my head too. Maybe it is too early in the morning for me, but could you please elaborate? If Yoshikaze loses, Goeido keeps his Ozeki and a Sekiwake slot is available. Now,if Goeido loses tomorrow, he grabs the Sekiwake slot, and Yoshikaze is left as a Komusubi. The last Ozeki who lost his rank and stayed on was Chiyotaikai after the Kyushu basho 2009. In that basho both the Komusubi's were MK, (ironically Goeido was one of those), with the effect that there were only 2 Sekiwake on the next banzuke. As far as I know, there is no bar on having 3 Sekiwake and I can think of no reason that a possible 9-6 Yoshikaze wouldn't be one of them.
  11. The double matta on day 8 by Gagamaru. The gyoji called it twice when Gaga didn't touch down with his left hand (the one nearest the gyoji), so on the third attempt, he changed hands. The head shimpan clearly wasn't bothered by the right hand not touching down.
  12. I think that Asashoryu and Shohozan have swapped bodies. The clincher for me is that big radiant smile Shohozan shows after a win >:-(
  13. ronnie

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Well, considering that kensho is a cheaper form of advertising and that the yokozuna bouts are on at the peak viewing times for ozumo, I wouldn't have thought that one sekitori's lack of popularity would interfere with the chance to promote a company or/and it's products. I was begining to think that perhaps Harumafuji had done something to upset corporate Japan.
  14. ronnie

    Kensho for Kyushu15

    Is there a particular reason that Harumafuji's bouts attract so little kensho?
  15. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    Yes, checked that first. I am getting mail from the mailing list, just nothing from the .de games. Probably some sort of glitch with my server I suppose.
  16. ronnie


    I love the rikishi that's standing leaning against the roof support in this still. It's like he's saying "yeah, I can do that".
  17. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    With the exception of Bench Sumo, the confirmation emails for the other .de games are not appearing in my inbox. Is it just me, or is there a problem?
  18. ronnie

    Video Stream - Availability

    UBS seem to be a bit fussy about email addresses. I tried to log in with the email address I use here, but got a message saying "bad credentials". So, I switched to my gmail and got straight in.
  19. ronnie

    Sumo Art

    Surely the verdict is hansoku!
  20. ronnie

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Aren't the demotions here based more on the number of losses rather than how many wins? Toyohibiki's 5 losses against Seiro's 1 rather than the difference of 2 wins would explain the size of the demotions. That said, I'm so crap at guessing banzukes that I quit attempting GTB, so what do I know?
  21. ronnie

    Rugby World Cup

    Japan defeat South Africa!
  22. ronnie

    Rugby World Cup

    The thistle chokes the blossom after an even first half. The Japanese just ran out of steam.
  23. ronnie

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Tochiozan could tell you that an 8-7 followed with a 10-5 from K1e doesn't get you up to Sekiwake.
  24. ronnie

    Sumotori on Duran Duran Album Cover

    Could be a latter day Barbarella!
  25. ronnie

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Does anyone happen to know if Shotenro owns a kabu? The way things are going, he's probably going to need one after this basho!