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  1. Does Tochiozan have a DVT?
  2. I see that Hakuho attempted to take out another head shimpan by throwing Geek at him. He need to work on his aim!
  3. ronnie


    Thanks for the response Doitsuyama. I have to admit to making that post whilst still feeling nipped about the email. By "try to enter", I mean that I visited the ISP site several times hoping there would be a bout that I could make an entry for. It's really no big deal and I'm sorry to have taken up your time.
  4. ronnie


    Got an email this morning telling me this; Gawasukotto-zeki, It looks like you were unable to enter the ISP today prior to the deadline. We were unable to auto-pick an entry for you since you haven't created a formula. You may wish to go to and create an auto-pick formula. I wasn't unable to enter. I tried to enter several times until it got so late that I forgot about it. As regards the auto-pick, I entered a formula when I applied to play the game. ronnie
  5. ronnie

    YDC convenes after Haru 2016

    Beating yokozuna isn't a requirement. Asashoryu didn't even face a yokozuna on his tsuna run.
  6. ronnie


    Vintage Asa there, complete with taking the kensho with the left hand. Torinaoshi was correct- the kabaite was debatable. When Asa was taking the kensho with his left, he had a habit of glancing down to his right as he was doing it. I've always wondered who/what he was looking at.
  7. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    With ISP and SekiToto you can always go back to the entry page and see what selections you entered. I don't think it would hurt if you wanted to Submit them again. I dont know how Bench or TTT work. I just like to have the confirmation mail so I can prove my entries if anything goes wrong with the games. Thanks for the advice though :-)
  8. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    Mine too.
  9. ronnie

    Games Bugs

    I have made my entries for day 9 in Bench, ISP, Toto and TTT, but I haven't received any confirmation emails. Is there a problem and should I re-enter?
  10. ronnie

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Goeido's promotion to Ozeki was a bit unexpected, but Takarafuji's has come completely out of the blue!
  11. ronnie

    Trivia bits

    Haru 1989. Chiyonofuji dislocated his shoulder whilst defeating Onokuni by uwatenage. He was kyujo on senshuraku but came to the dohyo at the prizewinning ceremony to pick up the Emperors Cup one handed, having taken the yusho 14-1.
  12. ronnie

    Training camp news and pics

    Tomatoes know that some people won't eat them raw, so they disguise themselves as other types of red fruit, like say, strawberries.
  13. ronnie

    Premier Fantasy Football

    Well, after my usual poor start to the season, I managed to get my act together and started to climb the leaderboard. Managed to get inside the top 4000 in Scotland, 115,000 or so overall and within touching distance of the leader in the Sumo Lads league. Then the new year came in and my form went out. I've dropped 220,000 places in 4 weeks overall, outside the top 10, 000 in Scotland and looking like I'm gonna struggle to hold on to 2nd in the Lads. Still got a couple of chips left though and the 2nd wildcard, so I'll be looking for a strong finish to the season.
  14. ronnie

    Homasho retires

    He looked good in his suit (what we could see of it). Much better than the charity shop, off the peg numbers that's the norm.
  15. ronnie

    Kotoshogiku married

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, so the yusho was a wedding present! If the reception had been more commonly known about, we could have cobbled together a "theory".
  16. ronnie

    Left handed musicians?

    Ringo talked about being a left handed drummer with a right handed kit. I would have thought he would just rearrange the kit to suit himself, but maybe it was just an offbeat statement.
  17. ronnie

    Tipspiel Banzuke Haru 2016

    This basho I refrained from looking at the Ergebnisse page 'til Senshuraku. I'm thinking that this is gonna become a habit!
  18. Because the NSK doesn't want to see him become the weakest yokozuna among the four and have to retire him after a year or two. The NSK guys know clearly Geek's real strength.However, I wonder if the NSK can resist the pressure from the public's demanding of a Japan-born yokozuna. On what basis or evidence do you make these claims? Just look at Geek's last year's record (9, 8, 6, 8, 11 and 8 wins). He couldn't meet the minimal requirement (9-6) for an Ozeki ! At his current age of 31, do you believe he can improve? If Hakuho at 30 years' old is already going down slope, what about Geek? 8-7 every other basho is the minimal requirement for an Ozeki.
  19. I would say that Giku lost that bout as soon as he stepped on the dohyo. He took so long just getting up that it was obvious to Toyonoshima that he was going to use the same slo-mo tactic that worked against Hakuho. When Toyo didn't even wait for his bow, Giku should have been aware that he needed to change his approach. All through the pre bout routine it was the same thing; Toyo doing what had to be done and Giku looking like a robot. No plan B. No confidence that he was going to win the bout! I liked Harumafuji's response to the torinaoshi where he tried to crush the head shimpan by throwing Kise on top of him. Shame he missed.
  20. ronnie

    Games Talk Hatsu 2016

    Only one of the games I play involves Juryo. All the rest are Makuuchi, so I need to see an updated torikumi before I can make my picks. If Myogiryu now has Shodai, who is Homarefuji's aite? And obviously it will knock on to other bouts.
  21. ronnie

    Games Talk Hatsu 2016

    I was just about to ask where could I see an up to date torikumi. And will the D.S.T. bouts be rearranged?
  22. ronnie

    Games Talk Hatsu 2016

    D.S.T. is showing Myogiryu's aite as Shodai while the database has Mitakeumi. Which is correct?
  23. ronnie

    Oyakata activities

    Just like Kyokutenho?
  24. ronnie

    New recruits for Hatsu 2016

    Did something just fly past me there?